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Good things take time so, move on on to the next level of life

. Nobody is even bothered who you are?

Therefore, you should be asking this question to yourself rather

than waiting for someone else to ask this question to you. And if

nobody is asking you then I'll ask " Who are you?"

A person with fears? A person with ego? A person with guilt? A

person with attitude? A person with will to do something? A

person who has lost something or someone? A person with deep

depression? or A person with tears? who are you? Just give your

life a second to think about it, Focus on the future rather than the


What do you want to be? A hunter or a prey?

I would like to be a hunter than the prey.

confidence and sadness are not bad but too much of either one

of them are enough for you to go to deep depression. I advise

you to see the future than the past.

I know it's very difficult to lose your loved ones but if you have

loosed one then remember that person forever.

Don't let that person's sacrifice take the shape of water.

but also, don't let your past interrupt in your future.

~ Indrani Choudhary

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DC Dipika Choudhary
Excellent work Keep up this effort
December 01, 2021, 08:00