Andria Rodrigues

This story is based on four fairies in the Wonder Island who shows heroic bravery by protecting its Island from the destruction and saves the Island and the world

Fantasy Epic All public. © Copyright is the colour and the weakness of the book

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This story is about Four heroic girls who are good friends, living in the kingdom of Sapphire who is ruled by Queen Zophine. They fight to protect the phoenix stone which is a powerful stone and is found on the mountain in a sacred den . It was known only by the people of the kingdom. The villain of the story was Evil witch Urchina with her Evil dragon Nuka, who was good-in heart at first because of her selfish motive tries to kill King Benedict, who was the father of Prince Clive. By marrying the prince, she wanted to conquer the throne and rule the kingdom. After the first battle, King Benedict becomes ill and dies, in which Prince loses his father. Prince Clive marries Princess Zophine, of the Crystal kingdom and becomes the King. Later, Queen gives birth to a daughter whom they named as Mariposa. When Urchina heard this, she came in the palace and challenged King Clive for another battle in which they won again by the powers of the Phoenix stone. But afterwards, the king dies due to illness and Mariposa loses her father at the age of five. But Urchina doesn’t leaves planning and starts to think how to conquer the phoenix stone.

These four girls meet for the first time in the Little magician school, in which the fairies had to go at a certain age. They were Mariposa, Felicia, Daisy and Patsy . There were prince brothers in their school who were bullies and their names were Mistler, Oliver, Foller and Adler. They always bullied girls and boys. Soon, these four brothers and the four friends becomes good friends and soon they start to have feelings for each other. Soon, Urchina planned for another battle on the kingdom, but these four girls with their bravery and their powers save the phoenix stone and the world from destruction. After two years , these brothers and the girls gets married and they live happily ever after.

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