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Chapter 1 the worst day at school

once a pond a time there was a kingdom far away a little girl name Ellie Smith was born with a strong powers but she didn't realize she has powers so one day the warlock wasn't out a invited to the palace the palace messager passed out invited to everyone that was invited everyone else was invited to the celebration for Ellie Smith the warlock appeared out of no where then ask the queen and king"where is my invitation why wasn't I invited he's voice sounded very creepy as he spoken"what are you doing here "the king ask"my son is going to marry your daughter your reckless!!! my daughter will never marry your son she's just a baby then warlock eyes turn red because of he's anger guards arrest him "the next bloody moon he said we will see what you said then" she disappear with a blue moon smoke after the disappeared the king ordered the guards to hunt him down and his wife with her child "yes sir" the guard turns then leaves the king turn around saying to the queen we have to find some where safe for our daughter. the queen said I know one play but without magic the king ask where is the place my sister the lived on earth do you then she will be safe there the queen said yes we don't have any chose left the king said we will sent her in the portal after they they dear daughter take this Christal and remember us as we remember you the queen gave her daughter same necklace as the king and queen necklaces then they kiss her forehead and sent her earth. 17 days later in foster home the mother went in her room and ask her to wake up and get out of her bed but she said six more minutes mother "the mother yells now" your going to be late for school "I'm up I'm up ellie justice yells"please get dress for high school yes Madam she put on a half way cut jeans color gray and a long sleeve shirt and flannels around her pants the walk out to her mother no miss Ellie you are wearing your uniform but mother the boys are stare at me in a creepy way when I wear my uniform idk put on or your going to be late for school I'm not taking you unless you wear your uniform sigh fine whisper underneath her breath mother cross her arms and said what did you say Missy nother mother she smiles as she leaves the room"she followed her mother into the kitchen" then into her room to get her uniform on then eat a bagel for breakfast and left for school.skyla "girl where have you been I was look everywhere for you" oh you know mother making me late again wait again? walk backwards talk to her best friend Skylar as she bumped into a new boy knock the books everywhere Justin James look at her and Said watch where you going she look into his eyes and notice he's adorable hazelnut yes much as her own eyes he bows down and say sorry and help him up and pick his books up when the hand touch "she felt something she never felt before could it be love?" I believe you drop this he look in her eyes and said you have a beautiful eyes she got blushing and run to the science room what a weirdo he said to her room and she nodded her head and ran off after she ran off he said both of them are weirdo the continue to walk to science class the teacher announcement that we a a new student name justin as she look up and stand there was a same boy she meet this morning he ask her to move over so he could sit down beside her she moves away not saying a word but her heart is beating faster then before "he ask" yes here you go thank you as he start writing essays Jessica walk up to the boy saying wow new person you don't want to sit next to her because she was bullying me excuse me I wasn't you are a damn liar the teaher turn around and saw Jessica sit you butt down in the chair now and don't say a word or you go to the detention fine whatever old man excuse me old men go to the detention right now she got up and Push her off the chair she look at her and said as she laughing at her I'll deal with you later on bye for now the boy help her up as the bells ring "ding ding" she quitly and quickly runs out of the room embarrassed the boy followed behind her run and run until she saw a portal open up as she fell through through with the boy behind her into another word then dust thereself out and look around then ask where the freak are we i don't know what are you doing here i follow no kidding what dumbo follow me then I saw a sword stuck into a state what in the world is that "she said while look at him" he look at her and shrugs his shoulder as she went to pull the sword up easily it came right out of the princess state the Justin caught before she she fell down on the ground are you alright as she had a flashback about a queen and king rule this world she didn't know who they was "she woke up out of the flashback what happened where am I?" do you remember anything "he ask me" no sorry she went and attack the boys without knowing who he is.

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