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valeria ordiΓ±ana

es una historia en Ingles de drama hare mas capitulos mΓ‘s adelante

Drama All public.

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What a day

It was Friday night. I was just watching a movie, a normal one, until...

Well, you know that we can't start from the middle of a story, right? So, lets get right to it.

It was a normal day, I was just studying in school and my best friend Annie told me she was going to a club and she wanted me to go,
no but's. So I had no option that going with her, she told me to wear something sexy but as always I ignored her. So I just put some sweats on and that was all the effort I put into that.When I arrived at the club she was a little annoyed at me because I had my sweats on but did I really care? No. She went whining because I didn't drink alcohol or dance because I'm really not that kind of girl but as always she dragged me with her. A few hours past and it was midnight before I realize I was on the floor I closed my eyes and when I opened my eyes again I was in a hospital bed. Annie was looking was at me really sad, then the doctor told me everything that happend. He said 'You were drunk because you drank a lot of margarita's so you fell to the floor and you're friend called the ambulance. So I didn't know how to react to feel good or bad .but now I'm going to go to my house and sleep in my comfy little bed that I love.

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To be continued...

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