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Sanayah Weaver

When Nayah gets an unexpected phone call from her favorite singer she is happy with excitement but soon realizes the reason that her favorite singer had called is because she is in urgent need of help. Can Nayah help out the 25 year old with a new song before it's too late?

Fantasy Urban Fantasy All public.

In progress - New chapter Everyday
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Nayah's POV

Hi. My name is Nayah. Maybe you know me? No? Okay. I'm a super big fan of Zendaya and people often make fun of me for it but I don't really care but what I did care about was the day that she called me saying she urgently needed my help...

Oct. 17, 2021, 2:27 a.m. 0 Report Embed Follow story
To be continued... New chapter Everyday.

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