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It is a very beautiful story. I am very sure that you will not find another story of chess better than this. TRUST ME

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The Start

When this universe formed there was only one type of species found here. The undefined gender.There were just two of their kind. The black and the white. They both chose a side and goal to fight for,Evil and good. Becauseof not any records of that time,it is still a Mystery that who fights for who. They both started fighting each other. Both were equally matched in powers and both called them self the king of their goal. Their powers were literally insane including teleportation,time travling, invulnerability, immortality,super senses,psychic powers, limitless stamina,power donating and super strength and durability. However the fight ended with a limitless mass punch. The defeated one however ran away in find of another power source to help him counter his enemy.

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