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A book about romantic love in France how they loved eachother

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The change of my life

How to know when your life is going to change that you are going to change u started to walk on big steps that didn't bring you the happiness that you waited for your soul had died your dreams to but a light source gives you hope now u are about to start something new something that you don't know much u have so many questions so many insecurity and u keep thinking u felling sad your mood is changing because u don't know what to expect u don't know what you want and deep inside u a voice is telling you u are in love but afraid to be hurted — evry time u see his eyes his face and u hear his voice u feel the change u love that felling the smile that u have on your face is because of him now tell a decision to be away will stop u felling the same the answer is no u still will love him still will care for him still will miss him that fear of being Hurted is stopping you to listen your heart the day are been stolen away from us how many more days do you really want to be away from him?

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