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jk-walker JK Walker

This is a story people know but don't talk about, except in low whispers like a ghost story. It all started out as just simple nightmares, then into blurred shadows, then finally into corporeal demons. One violent act...one door released a beast; the beast we all hide our face from at night. He kills those who have seen his face and he's coming!!!

Thriller/Mystery All public.

#mystery #thriller #dark #darkness #Horror #ghost #teen #demons #run #novel # #nightmares #Beast's #deadgirl #deadboy #hallways
In progress - New chapter Every 2 days
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Three black ravens soared in the dark night sky, above a pine tree at the edge of a wintery blue restless river. Being afraid, Kurt cringed at the fact that there were three crows; like the three old women of Macbeth foretelling approaching evil; evils unspoken of that were near befalling him.

He slowly began to cautiously walk across the lush-green grass that comforted his bare feet as he walked. A quick movement just caught the corner of his left emerald-green eye as he gaited towards the gnarled leafless object of a tree that seemed to be wailing as lightning forked through the black clouded night sky. It was just then when he became aware of the ominous sound of myriad voice hissing words in sough tones so that he could barely hear nor understand what they were saying.

He halted and then slowly started to look over his left shoulder; hardly breathing he took one more step forward with his right foot. The torrid wind was blowing across his face as he felt something slowly trickle down his forehead. ‘Sweat…but how can I be sweating when it’s so cold out here and the sun isn’t even up yet?’ he thought to himself raising his right hand, index finger to his forehead. After placing his hand upon his forehead he lowered it just below his nose and gasped in astonished fear. “Blood!” he cried to himself staggering backwards. He took a cautious step back and then the other foot followed behind the first. Turning around he caught sight of young girl, who was kneeling besides a recently dug grave. Her face was covered in limp sparse of dead skin; her midnight her trailed down to the dew-dropped ground; and her snow-white dress was now drenched with red blood at the front of her waist as it flowed out of a fatal wound just beneath her ribcage and her voice of an uncertain sound that sounded like the hollow sound of wailing winds.

“For every single past and present 31 winters he has stalked to kill,” she said in her whispering voice.

“Eat what?” enquired Kurt, as he kneeled besides the girl, laying a trembling right hand upon the dirt of the grave. As he lifted up his head to the gravestone his caught sight of words scratched on to the stone and took a deep breath and read out loud to himself and the walking corpse:

Colder than ice

Darker than night

Ever taking

Never giving

Continuously hurting

And never healing

“He eats everything with the spark of life. He is without mercy; for mercy he doesn’t know and he’s coming…” the dead girl replied in her shattered voice. She gently rose to her feet as if she were breaking the invisible bonds that bound her to the grave and walked off towards the edge of the forest clearing, looking to the damp turf with blood trailing behind her.

“Who is he…who is coming?” Kurt asked her looking down at the grave, but there was no answer to his long awaited question. Thinking the dead girl hadn’t heard him he asked his question again in a louder voice. “Who is coming?”

“Are you so blind?” the girl asked. “It’s right in front of your face…”

He once more lifted his face to the ivy covered gravestone.

Colder than ice

Darker than night

Ever taking

Never giving

Continuously hurting

And never healing

After quoting the riddle he kneeled in silence still pondering on who the riddle was speaking of. A moment passed and he still hadn’t figured out who the riddle was talking about. It was then when he heard the light footsteps of the approaching dead girl. “Who is it…?” the girl’s drawn voice came from behind him. He looked up to the gravestone and started to think for a moment on who the riddle was talking about.

“I-I-I don’t know,” Kurt stammered. Around him mist deepened and his blood ran cold; his lean body tremble and his hands began to shake.

“Who is it…?” the girls voice came again.

“I don’t know ok,” Kurt yelled, clenching a fist. “I DON’T know! Who is it?”

Rising to his feet and then looking over his shoulder as rains began to pour down on him. Turning around he jolted backwards and he came crashing down on his rear. As sudden as he had fallen an old steel traps clamped around his right leg. Tears of dark-red poured out of the sightless, dark empty eye sockets as she pointed at him. “It’s us!” She replied with a demonic smile. “It is us.”

“W-What are you?” asked Kurt with tears in his eyes.

The dead girl cackled. “We…we are both Death and Destruction, Hunger and Thirst. Thirsty for blood we prowl. We are roaming the night, raising the dead. Our heart is cold our song is Death.”

“No…” Kurt began. “That’s not me.”

“Yes…that’s us Kurt.”

“N-No not me,” he struggled but the words were flung back down his throat as soon as they left his mouth.

“If not…” the dead girl began.

As this was spoken, Kurt looked up he realised he was staring into an abyss mouth. Within there was nothing but increasing blackness accompanied with trickling blood. The mouth of which he gazed in was now beginning to hypnotize him.

“Us!” came the dead girl’s voice once again. “Us!” Then again so softly he wasn’t even sure if she had spoken it at all. “Us! It’s us Kurt!”

“Please…” Kurt pleaded, in what should have been a great voice but instead came out as a low gasping voice that seemed almost soundless. “Stop doing this to me!”

The girl tilted her head to the right then the left. “Let me in Kurt…and only then I can help you,” she said.

Kurt gave a little groan then looked to the ground. He moved his tongue, which now seemed swollen, but no audible words were spoken. “Let me in,” the girl insisted. “I am a part of you…you know that right? Close…close…close. I’m you.”

“Then help me…please!” he pleaded once more.

“Let me in. Just let me in and only then I can help you!”

“What do you want with me? Huh?”

“Come to me Kurt. Come.”

“I can’t…” Kurt began. “There’s a steel trap around my right leg.”

“Oh, is there? Let me take look,” spoke the dead girl strolling toward him.

“NO. I’ll try and take it off myself!” Kurt insisted.

“It runs for miles and never tires. It lies on stones and murders fires?” the dead girl said.

“Water…” Kurt relied breathlessly. “It’s water.”

“What is a body without a soul?”

“A cage.”

“What’s colder than ice, darker than night. Ever taking, never giving. It’s continuously hurting and never healing?”

Kurt looked up at the girl surprised that she would ask him the riddle again. “I don’t know…I thought that I’d already told you, I don’t know.”

“Oh, come on Kurt. Think!”

“I don’t know okay, please I don’t know.”

Just as those same words were spoken she grabbed the chain of the steel trap and begun to drag it toward her at a slow pace.

“Death…” he whispered deliberately. “Death. It’s death!” But still the girl just continued to drag the chain yet now in a faster pace. Kurt began to scream tossing left then right. “Stop…stop you’re hurting me. AHHHHH!”

Suddenly he flung his eyes wide open and he was now not in a forest but in his own bedroom. The white dreary walls greeted him as he was resurrected from his haunting reverie. Was it all just a horrifying dream or did it really happen? He was wasn’t sure. With the girls words still ringing over and over in his head laid his head down on his silken pillow and fell asleep once again.

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To be continued... New chapter Every 2 days.

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JK Walker Hi I'm JK Walker and I'm 16 years old. I'm from Canada and I want to become an author. I love writing horror, mystery, thriller, romance and drama. I hope you enjoy reading my stories... looking forward to hearing from you all in your comments and please follow me

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