Jordan Belton

Colors sometimes mean personality, gender and are used to describe different objects. But sometimes, people use it to put it in categories. In a Weird falling world Kaden is struggling trying to find out who is as a person and a Shy boy named Bryan helps him. Colors do not define you! This book: Mentions sexual assault and bullying

Fantasy Epic For over 18 only.

#Love #LGBT
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Define color

I walk through the place I used to call freedom, home, and paradise. Only to be walking with the Reds and Grays by the side. At the same time, I walk to my death. Ipad down the street. I can't help but look at my enemy. While they took me to be hung from the willow tree, I shared my first kiss under. I walk in my gold and white suit with tears of guilt going down my face.

Commander: Keshawn Ka'den Alex Smilas, you are sentenced to be hung by your neck until death. Any last words?

Ka'den: How long will you control everyone?

Commander hits Ka'den to the ground

Commander: I need your color? For the books

Ka'den: Define Color, Sir?

Six Years Earlier

Ka'den sits in his dark bedroom and stares at the moon. At the same time, listening to music and feeling the summer breeze in his hair. His mother screams, "DINNER IS READY."

Ka'den still listens to his music, Nathan comes in the door.

Nat: Dude, can you stop staring in the damn sky for two minutes and eat. You haven't eaten all day, dude.

Kay: "Nathan, I'm not hungry." he looks back at the sky.

Nathan runs downstairs

Nathan towards his dad, "Ka'den says he is not hungry. Sooooo can I eat his food?

Johnathan: no, you may not. Girls, no phones at the table.

Jinx and suezan sit with their school clothes on with jinx braiding suezan hair.

Jinx Susan: But dad, why?

Suezan: I want to go back to my room, please.

Jinx: Mom! Dads being mean

Ele: He always means to me

Johnatten gives that bitch I will slap you look.

They sit and enjoy their meal.

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The End

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