Kaytlyn Marie Ernst

Dustpelt is sitting on a bench in the alleyway and he is forced to pick a fight with his best friend and the cops show up and he goes to prison

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The fight

hey dustpelt. bramblclaw what do you want, brackenfur why are you with him. doesn't matter. we want to play truth or dare with you. ok let's play. truth or dare. dare. a minute later. oh no. dustpelt you are under arrest for beating up a innocent teenager. officer it's my fault I dared him to do it. he still did it. after they they left. we need to warn his brother and get him out. your right. thornclaw. brackenfur, bramblclaw what is it. we were playing truth or dare. a minute later. guys do you see a problem, my dad is the sheriff but we will get him out.

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