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Very identical twin Prince were born mystical by both of them coming out together at once during birth. Thus each has equal right to be king. As they grew, the quest for power, authority, riches and others got hold of them. Will Falarmar,whom have been endowed upon with powers from the gods take the lead of things? or will Lamar whom have been given a lot of authority by his father,and can break anyone's back except for his brother, come to have the kingdom of Uzar to himself?

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The birth of the strange twin

The night was darker than it used to be, as the was no moon to illuminat the sky. Thunder could be heard all over the kingdom sending flashes of light all over, as it came along with lighting, in the torrential rainfall.

Meanwhile, deep in the wall fortified and massive castle of the kingdom of Uzar, laid the queen in labour. Tension grew in the air as the queen was in too much agony. She laid on a king size bed with the three best midwives that were scanned out of Uzar by the king standing by her. King Umar stood outside behind the huge doors that closed the chamber inwhich the queen was giving birth. Clothed in his favorite dress embedded with precious stones around the chest area. It was like a robe and majestic as well , while the crown of pure gold he warn on his head, beautifuly decorated with colourful pearls and other precious stone glowed in glory below the chandelier, reflecting the bright light that came from the candles on the corridor. He was almost running out of patience.

The queen gave a loud scream which made the king burst into the room, as two baby boys came out of her at was once in unison to the awe of everyone in the room. king Uzar rushed to the head side of the queen, whom laid pale and dead and began to weep in sorrow .

The babies were cleaned by the midwives and handed to the old priestess. she had the longest hair in the kingdom it was now white and silky . She always had a staff in her hands which leaned on the bed as she held the twin babies in her arms. staring at them with her dark eyes that could look through anyone as well as make them confess their deeds, she spoke rather in a husky voice for a woman "this are the strangest twin I've ever witnessd in all my 150 years I've lived on this earth".

" they look so same, I cannot even tell a difference, even as a priestess".

" what shall we do my king"?

" for we can't just declear one the oldest because they came out at once" she said steadily.

The king then stood up , straightened his dress in mixed feelings of whether to feel sad and cry for losing his beloved wife or be happy for having his first child which he longed for Soo much. The king walked towards the priestess and took one of the extremely identical twin in his arm, with watery eyes and smile he radiated loving gaze on his babies. He then called for Charleston, a plumb short middle aged man, the head of all the servants in the palace. Charleston was very hard working, humble and very funny in all his doings. He scurried from behind the huge doors of the room that stood ajar from which other servants whom serve directly or closeup to the king and palace stood peeping at the scene that took place inside. Charleston hurried towards the king almost running with his pot belly that protruded even though he was wearing a robe of many colors.

"Bring me a red scarve " the king commandered in a bassy voice. Charleston disappeared behind the doors and reappeared with a red scarve and handed it to the king.

"This is what i shall do" said the king Uzar, turning towards the priestess.

" whiles you hold the twin, I will blindfold my self and tie this scarve in my hand randomly to any of the babies, the one whom gets the scarve tied up to his hand shall be....." ." But my king shall I not confront the Oracle first"? the priestess interrupt his speech.

" no" retorted the king

"but I fear this may result in thing we may regret" replied the priestess.

"I said no" the king said, almost in a shout. For the king feard something in his heart...

king Uzar procedered with what he said. He named them Larmar and Falamar. Making Falamar the first born since he was the one that got his hand tied to the scarve. The king loved his two sons equally and very dearly, but there was only one throne.

"Everyone come in and see my perfect twin" the king proclaimed to his high ranking servants, friends and others when he moved the twin out of the bedroom into the great large hall, beautifuly decorated with expensive and rare arts. it was splendid. It was dawn yet the king could not wait for daybreak, they started the occasion into the next day.


whiles celebration was going on with all kind of foods and drinks, the priestess drew the king into a quiet place.

"My king I want you to know that when your sons grow up knowing the truth it might result into a blood bath, since they equally have right to that throne" said the priestess in her husky voice, almost in a whisper...

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To be continued... New chapter Every week.

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