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lionheart he's perfecthat should we name him. dustpelt. that's a perfect name. dustpelt giggled. you can go home tomorrow. ok. hey dustpelt. you are going to have a beautiful life.

the next day. well we're home. inside. I'll take him you go rest. ok.

5 years later. catch me if you can. I'm going to get you, got you. dustpelt it's nap time. ok. 2 minutes later. time to wake up dustpelt. dustpelt got into a lot of trouble.

10 years later.

dustpelt time for school. ok. at school. we'll pick you up at noon. why. do you want to go to the hotel. yes. ok then now go and and give your teacher the note.

in class. dustpelt your the first one today. my mommy told me to give you this. ok thanks. dustpelt. Firestar. you exited for the trip to the hotel. yeah are you. yeah I am, I'm going to give the note to our teacher. thanks Firestar.

at noon. dustpelt, Firestar get your stuff your parents are going to be here to pick you up. come on guys let's go.

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