Ace Of Spades

Landon was the youngest brother in the royal family. he was only 15 while his brother Christian is 19 and Ace being 17. Landon got along well with his brothers. He also had a great Relationship with his Father. It was His mother who he was having trouble with. The reason for this was because when Landon was born... He was born differently form the others. Landon had a curse. at least that's what he and everyone in the kingdom called it.

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Chapter 1

My name is Landon. Landon Kylo. I am the youngest son of King Peter And Queen Mera Kylo. I am 15 years old. My two older brothers Christian who is 19 and Ace who is 17 are pretty much my only friends.

I know right. Its lame.

Since I was four, I was always made fun of and teases because of the Black marks that appeared on my Wrist. I still never understood what they meant. Due to being teases and bullied I just decided it was best to stay locked up in the castle. I never really left except to go on a walk or something.

Getting older the mark started to grow. when I was seven the marked had grown all the way to my shoulder. I weird part is I never felt anything. I would just wake up one day and they were just their. When I had turned ten the mark grew up to my chest. Now being fifteen, the mark was starting to crawl up my neck.

When my mark showed up my mom stopped taking care of me I guess. I never really understood why though. I mean aren't mothers supposed to love their children no matter what they looked like? I guess not.

Since my mom didn't really feel like taking care of me, my two older brothers did. They took me out to parks, made me food, help me sleep if I was having a bad dream. I really have the best brothers anyone could ask for.

I didn't realize I was just laying in bed looking at the ceiling until a knock came to my door. I slowly got up out of my very comfortable bed and walked to the door. When I opened it a guard was just stood their.

"Yes?" I asked. Wondering why he needed me.

"Sorry to bother you sir, but your father has called you down to the Dinning hall. He said it was urgent." The guard said not breaking his stance.

"Right. I will be in a second. I just need to change." I said not wanting to go down there wearing joggers and a dark green short sleeved shirt. I changed to something where my marks wouldn't show.

I got done changing. I was now wearing black jeans with a gray shirt and a jacket on top. I slid my white tennis shoes then the my room. It didn't take me long to get there due to my room only being a floor above where my dad wanted to see me. Once I reached the dinning hall my dad was standing there with my mom by his side and my two brothers in front of them talking.

"Ah welcome Landon" My dad said.

"Hi, Sorry I was a tad late I had to change." I said honestly. Walking over to my brothers standing by Christian.

"That's quite alright my boy." My dad smiled and Christian ruffled my hair. I looked up at him with a 'your annoying' face but he just smirked.

"Alright boys. The reason I called you here is because we are going to have guest later tonight." I gave a confused face. Dad usually tells us about a couple days in advance when someone was coming by. I wonder why not this time.

"I expect you guys to be on your best behavior." He said looking straight at the two older boys. Christian and Ace loved pulling pranks. They have done it since they were little. In my case I always got the prank pulled on.

"Who is coming?" Ace asked. Me and Christian nod obviously wondering the same question.

"My best friend of course"

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