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It is made up.Hope you like it.It is my first book. Please leave a good review if you like it and if you don't then please suggest me some topics. I will try my best to finish them ☺️.

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Horror Peace in New York

Two friends were enjoying themselves on a subway but suddenly a man fired a bullet at one friend and he died at the spot. The police gave up on the case after a week but next day there is an unexpected knock on door and when you open it there is parcel.You bring it inside the wondering what could it be and when you open it you find the head of the killer with a message on its forehead :




He was a little happy but mostly shocked that who could have done this.He knew he can't catch the man who did this so he forget about it but who knew that whoever did this called himself a Superhero

From that day whenever someone broke a law ended up getting a broken body part. The police were as they should be not pleased with it and started a search operation but of no use.

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