jailyn O’Donoghue

This story is about a girl named Kathleen who finds out on the news that her aunt, Kate killed many people, after Kate tried to kill her and her mother

Horror Gothic horror Not for children under 13. © This story should be non-copyright

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Kathaleen visits aunt Kate

"Kathleen, we are going to visit your aunt Kate"said Caryn Hayes

"Mom i'm scared of aunt K

"why are you scared of Aunt, Kate?"asked Caryn

"she put her dog in a microwave/oven to try to eat her"said Kathleen fearfully.

"oh no no no no no no no no, silly, I wasn't trying to eat my dog, I was just drying her"said Kate.

"Kathleen, we have to get out of here"said Caryn.

"OK, mom"said Kathleen.

after the police knocked on Kates door


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