peter-gunn Peter Gunn

An elderly explorer tells a story to his son on his deathbed about a hidden society of giant women living deep in the Amazon jungle that he had discovered in his youth. His last dying wish is for his son to go back and personally deliver a letter to their Queen. When he finally arrives he is thrust into civil unrest and a possible war brewing between the Amazons the human race. (written in lyrical poetry)

Fantasy Historic Fantasy For over 18 only.

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A Queen or a dream?


We have all seen ladies gently take their beau's hand and understand their place in society.

But why do they allow themselves to be tamed when their heart is being eaten away with desire? An internal fire to breakaway from what society requires.

There once was a time when women ruled the land and men were just used for occasional pleasures.

Discarded and regarded as usless men, were used solely for induction into Amazonian reproduction.

Hidden in a place so secluded they were excluded from modern life.

Forgotten and misbegotten they did blossom into their own unique culture

A nation created by women fated by the Gods of olde with bold spirit and inherent strength ten-fold from the human mold.

I was once told by an explorer 'twas 105 years old about this fabled tribe of women who existed in complete obsecurity.

Their purity of spirit was unbound

Deep in the Amazon they did abound unchained by society

He was part of an expedition that was on a mapping mission

It was his job to chart the way from depart to weigh if legends of ancient Amazon gold did hold truth for the British crown to hold

As his story was told I could not withhold how my curiosity was peaked as it did unfold But I will let you be the judge to take you back to the day my life did change in a very "giant" way


~One day in 1806 we came ashore on the coast of Lima Peru in a vessel named the Endeavour

With 200 personnel we did boast a giant party the most for its time

Hearty supplies abound for our members there for our wares no expense was spared

On a May day we set out got underway to unlock the mysteries that lay before us

Into the rainforest we did walk miles of untrodden bush to push an explore like never before

But within first night of a fortnight the rainforest warrented to fight back with an attack

Carnivorous beasts of wild pigs make did thrust their tusks into our hired carriers

Piercing flesh with such might there wasn't much they could do to fight but get trampled

These were wild boars of lore easily three times the size of those known to humankind

The crew tried to battle through this plight but their numbers were too great they laid waste to anything placed in their path nothing could outlast their masses. I cannot relay the dismay felt for the fallen we just knelt and prayed for their souls and continued on our way

After the war with the abhorrent boars

Our numbers did dwindle even more forcing every single man to be less nimble overloaded by burden

Progress then slowed to a halt when we now got caught by anacona the length of a main sail

Our heaviest-laden were taken and strangled into obscurity Silently they did prowl, and wrung men out like a wet towel Though bereft now, we could not disavow their loss at such great cost Not a crumb was left after the monsters had their fill not even the bill of a pith helmit

Further down our treck we started to relent our journeys intent

Mosquitos then did come to hastily lay waste to our surviving brothers

With malaria run amok men could not defend and were struck down in numbers without amend no recompend would these assaults ever end?

Every other one sickened our pace couldn't quicken and slowed down to a halt

In camp we made way and watched men die everyday

With numbers less than one-half our original mass We regrouped from the jungles' rebuke stayed aloof and counted our losses

Decisions were made to dwindle the parties size after soo many tries and decided it would be wise to carry the rest back to ferry

A small faction would go alone to press further into the unknown

Twas August when our much reduced group came round a massive impass For the astute

a cliff without deny so big to the eye that to forsee its climb would boggle one's mind

From horizon to horizon it did lie hundreds of miles it seemed to give no reprive

That night we did camp by cliffs side abide

Our hide next to an outcrop with hieroglyphs inscribed Embossed in an ancient form they were supposed to be a warn but for what left us forlorned

Odd bugs showed with illuminous glow flew around our troupe casting odd shadows askew on campfire lit walls

Into a group the insects intermingled and did dwindle into a small opening within the cliff next to the glyphs

Upon further investigation our illation coincided on our side for once as we spied a hidden cavern inside

Onto its door we did knock with pick axe and chisel

The rocks they did give way to reveal our passage our "mayday?"

With the torches lit we were soon on our way

We walked what seemed like miles past piles of human bone It was then we knew then we were not alone When quite an impassable hole broke our path a stone was thrown in but no echo was heard back

A bottomless pit it would seem but we still deemed to pass it

Rope was cast to cross its vast and we cautiously massed our weight onto the rigging

As our party reached the other side one by one the rope came undone from its mount too many to count fell to their deaths in seconds

No reverberation was heard after their screams to death elapsed just dead silence

We looked at eachother in dred not a word was said you could see it written on our faces

With the rope gone the need could have been conceded but, we deemed to don courage and proceeded

Leagues deep with much intrigue we came upon an enormous chasm

Stalagmites and stalactites strewn accross our path so tight we had to crawl between them

Enormous vampire bats the size of children make draped from the ceiling sat at wait for our late arrivial

Into their house we did crawl quietly to prevent our inevitable maul by the bats awakened fall

A misplaced step prepped our host to our presence

They awoke and proceeded to evoke their furial which we knew meant our burial

With an ear piercing screech they started to dive squealing as they flew down from the ceiling to sink their teeth into our meat

Onto our necks they attempted to attach their fangs to feast

We fought them off as best we could but their numbers were too great and only few of us as of late escaped their hording

We few spied a scissure in the North wall and made way to escape the inevitable maul

Our numbers dwindled down to five to be left alive crawling to safety

It was down to me Jenasee, our Geologist Nelson, the rather large Linguist Lynch and native carriers Jafari and Kwame nothing could have stopped us to escape the nightnarish toll the bats had taken we had forsaken the cries of our doomed allies just to make it this far

The passage got more narrow as we proceeded we should have heeded the remnants of dead bodies strewn in our path but we had no other recourse to amass

Eventually as we crawled the roof met the floor we could go no more

As we lied there in despair Kwame said he could hear running water neath the stone drone from the honed feldspar walls

It was true we could hear it too but how to get through?

Nelson pointed out the quartz in our cage and with little regard for safety to our excite placed a fire to ignite it

The water the crystals contained therein boiled then exploded into shards Causing our cave to collapse like house of cards But, just then the water made unwelcomed greeting inside

It quickly filled every gap every void and before long it filled our lungs we couldn't avoid

We pushed through the steady stream outside to see the gleam of the sun

Only to be handed the extreme when seen a 300 foot drop without stop we all started falling into a lake

Make no mistake despite our aches our disorientation was quite overwhelming

Icy cold water leached our bodily stores

We hauled our battered bodies onto the beach

while we crawled onto white sandy shore our minds were yelling "no more!"

When hazed vision cleared A beautiful paradise sprawled out before us we were amazed to see what appeared to be a lush forest

Coconut trees abound intermingled around bannana, camu, and maracuya abound round a clear blue lake

After consuming the bounty we felt a question looming

The lush surround could not be found on the map We were bound to be the first to discover this hidden cover

But, our celebratory cries were quickly denied as we eyed a giant woman

Our mouths agape at least 9 foot 8 overbound with striated muscles

Her herculian stance left nothing to chance it was obvious she wasn't happy

Lynch was grabbed by the scruff of his neck and lifted like a kitten

His cries to "put me down" fell on ears that were deafened

Her threatened glance to inspect this new happenstance made us know she was now running the show

She sniffed and tossed Lynch around then threw him down impacting into the bushes

It spoke a strange language its syllables arranged in an odd range but in luck Lynch recognized it a new form of Ancient Greek derived from 700 BC

Christ himself would have struggled to understand such muddle but it was amazing to hear a giant speak so we were enticed to listen to it's prepositions

It appeared that we were the butt of her jokes and with a wave of her massive hand we could loosely understand that she wanted us to heed

A grim stare on her brow let us know of her displeasure of our intrusion but without further confusion we proceeded to follow

Her footfalls thundered as we traveled intoe sundering full grown trees gavelled into pieces while we battled to keep up with her frequent pace increases

A expansive city appeared on the horizon Its Concentric walls inserted with aqueduct stalls fed by the falls we just arrived in revealed an advanced society

We were repremanded by our host and warned to post closely by her side once inside the city center

Every resident stopped to gawk at our odd procession the expression on their faces left no question they were familiar with humans

Their manner of dress was quite becoming

Their emerald threads and quilting reflected light greater than polished armor no bluffing

The size of everything was gargantuan even the smallest drinking vessle we'd have to wrestle to tip its contents for consumption

Our marching came to cession at arching doors of a fortress soo large

Too high for our eyes to focus it would be hopeless to even attempt ascension without question

A nod to the guards and the squad opened the drawbridge whose boards seemed to be hundreds of yards across at center

We were shown into a beautiful throne room Polished bloodstone floors honed to perfection caught every reflection like a mirror projection

Ivory was wisely placed into every cornice to

interlace gold accented mouldings complexioned into every corner and dormer

Our chaperone stopped and pointed direction

We dwelt at the base of the throne and knelt before a svelte female giant At around 10 foot 3 with eyes of blue hue

Her name was Queen Ivy

She spoke "who are you to invade our peace at least without inventation into our nation?"

I said "Our delegation's causation is of peace and exploration" "The duration of our trip has been wrought with damnation our elation cannot be held back for our liberation from the wilds" "Our numbers have since dwindled to us five left alive we are at your grace's mercy"

Queen Ivy contemplated and debated with her advisors

She then dictated we were to be brought to quarters until the make of their minds can be founded

The next morning when I awakened I was shaken by warring outside my window

The Amazon's were adorned all in armor armed to the tooth even the smallest youth was engaged in battle

War cries were yelled and they impelled their weapons with suicidial intentions into models

Just practice but for real because they were all intent on defending their honor

My door was thrown open just as conch horn was blown to cease the ouside battle

We were shown back to Ivy's throne at her majesties feet we knelt and felt uneasy silence

"My decree is that you reside with us until your death" "We cannot risk a mis and letting your people know of our exist."

All of us knew getting back to England alive was nothing less than suicide so for now we would abide our majesty's decide but if the opportunity was presented with no relent we would attempt escape in the future

The next morn we were warrned to wake up early In the stables we were stuck to muck up after their horses These steeds were not of a normal breed no mislead their size was bred to be increased at least 3 times a normal stallion to carry the weight of their possessors

It was there in the livery where we could see the rivers departure past the farmer's fields and we realized it was our best chance to escape our capture

We then realized that others gazing eyes were staring at us their captives Our guard said "some of them have never seen a human male and are curious about mating" "We only need to mate as of late once every 200 years because we age so much slower" "The last male that was here died over 300 years ago so it is quite advantageous you were courageous to make your way here" " Most men we had to take by force but once they are here we have ways to keep them happy of course" We shared a passing glance about the circumstance she disclosed and we disposed our days work promptly

At nightfall we met with fret in secret we lep into the cellars for an escape plan to take shape

It was discussed that the East river would be the giver of our freedom We would go one at a time at night to escape their warcrime intentions

Lynch asked "But what if we are caught?" "Won't the others be mistreated?" I assured him naught it was with great risk we do anything amiss to negate their impressions

Later that night I was awaken from slumber given a robe and lumbered to the queen's chambers by her personal rangers

Not a clue did I have until her majesty showed wearing nothing except her gold crown which was promptly removed and placed on her vanity

She lay naked astride and with pride told me to service her

"I will require your seed to not impede my lineages progression."

A more perfect body a woman could not want

Ample perfectly rounded breast against her chest the size of a large amphorae

Abdominal muscles so define they sat if the twine of a tightly strung instrument

Her striated thighs buttressed out well past her sides as if sculpted from marble

As her hips slowly rotated her posterior became clearer it seemed to defy gravity craftily shaped to fibonacci's contemplation

Her rock hard perception was quite lessened by the face of a graced angel

Bright blue eyes mocked that skies that bore them

Glowing red hair I dare was breath of a dragon

Canopied with sepia skin of flawless conplexion

Her grace was blessed such beauty I must admit my desire for her did not lessen

Without question I dropped my robe and stolled over to her highness

It started with a kiss and with much bliss i started grasping her bosom

She took liberty and clutched my phallus

Onto her back she did ballast and insist I insert into her chalice

Intertwined our souls did urge

Merdged into one

My gun thrusting ever deeper into her ire with purpose

Desire growing deeper with every parry cast

I did not relent her any request that night

It would last till dawns first light and our reserves were depleated

That morn's chores weren't such a strain with what had happened night's past still running through my brain a smile laid fixed on my person

Jafari said "Why are you smiling!" "We have 2 tons of hay to bail today with no aide from our gargantuan wardens" It was pointless to tell them I had just lain with royalty and joyfully completed our tasking

Weeks later back in the cellar Kwami suggested we make a raft out of twig and dig a hole to to conceal it Lynch chimed in to much chagrin "would it hold my weight I dare not put my fate cut rate contraptions?"

Nelson stated "Perhaps put down your plate if you are worried about Kwami's contraptions." "We've been here working for half a year and your girth still grows despite it."

All clowning aside at Lynch's gaffe we were astounded how he hadn't lost weight despite our toils as of late

"It's hereditary!" Lynch cried and walked away denied an answer while we all laughed at his quandary

To the best of our knowledge

As of late the Amazons didn't acknowledge Lynch as worthy to mate

While the rest of us had more than our fill they showed no good will and were quite chill when addressing him

Perhaps it was his size they couldn't abide having offspring of a "healthier" denier

Jafari then spoke of a plan a way to use their horses to provide cover

If we forced the steeds to take heed and walk slowly to East river

We would stroll so closely aside their stride the Amazon's couldn't see us beside them

The next day Kwami and I were the first to try this hide while stowing the handmade raft beside with us

Once we were there we set it in the river Kwami turned and leaned in to see an Amazon had seen us

He jumped on our ride for quick escape and spooked it

Its giant heel kicked back astride and knocked me close to my eyes in the temple

The thunderous impact sent me flying

Into the raft for which i layed unconscious and heavily bleeding

My weight broke its moors letting the current take it from shore

I started to float downstream quite in a dream barely hearing my name being shouted "Jack come back!" "Are you alive?"

It must have been weeks when i finally wakened

Weak with a pounding headache

I couldn't make what i was spying or where I was lying

A nurse seemed to be applying a poiltice to my wound I barely noticed

I asked her "Where am I?" She stepped back shocked that I had awakened

"Oh my you are awake your breaks were quite severe"

"We had lost hope you would ever return to the living"

"Your broken temporalis cause paralsis" "You are lucky to be alive my dear"

"You are home at St. Barts in the Intensive Care Unit"

"Saint Bartholomew's?" "England!" "But how can this be?" I was just in the Amazon

"More details would be nice we know nothing of your strife just that you had been left on our doorstep forsaken"

"With an injury soo severe we took you in knowing your chances were slim from your grimm headwound"

Was amnesia leading me astray how did I get away from the jungle, the giants, the river?

After i was well enough to stand on my own two I found some of the crew of the Endeavor

They shouted "You are alive!" "God must have been by your side" "How did you make it out alive?" "We tried to go back but the jungle wouldn't take us"

At risk of sounding insane I refrained from giving them exact details

I just told that I floated back on the East river with a quiver of arrows for fishing

But I had myself to ask if they didn't bring me back who did?

A year had past and I was quite healed and made a miraculous recovery

Though, I couldn't cast the thoughts of Ivy from my psyche

Was this love? I attempted to shove it to repressed and carry on to my next endeavour to measure low pressure weather coming in from the heather on the coast

While I was sitting in my study the post box bell rung which was odd for it to be sung on a Sunday I reached in and found an unmarked wrapping I discontinued my mapping and set it on my lap and as I opened it its contents left me gasping

It was a loch of my own and queen Ivy's hair tied together in a bow

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