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La familia DelBien se muda a una ciudad llamada Blueville, el hijo mayor, Norman descubre que hay criaturas magicas y una maligna entidad que a destruit todo, podra Norman salvar a su familia de las fuerzas del mal? EN: The DelBien family moves to a city called Blueville, the eldest son, Norman discovers that there are magical creatures and an evil entity that wants to destroy everything, can Norman save his family from the forces of evil?

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Chapter 1: A New Life Begins Part 1.

(It all starts in an unknown place, filled with a blue fog, everything is quiet until there’s a sound, the sound of weapons clashing into each other, then we see two figures fighting with each other, they stop and breath heavily, we can’t see them due to the fog, we can only see their shadows)

Future Sonwy: I must admit, you’re the only person who can make me sweat, but you’re still below me in every possible way.

Future Norman: I’m going to save the ones I love from you & your master.

Future Sonwy (Scoffs): We’ll see about that!

(It all goes white as Norman wakes up, he looks around and sees that he’s in his living room.)

Norman: A dream.

[New Jersey, USA. July 30th, 2025.]

(We see the DelBien kids eating their breakfast, while Rosie is talking on her phone)

Rosie: No! You listen! We’re going to move away and we’re going to be glad we won’t see your putrid face and disgusting offspring anymore! I told you to tell your kid many times to leave my boy alone, but she didn’t listen!

Jay: Oh! This should be good.

Rosie: And another thing! Your husband’s been flirting with other women! Have a good day!

(Rosie hangs up the phone and Norman looks at her with a worried look)

Norman: Mom, don’t you think you went too far?

Jay: They deserve it! Hey…Where’s dad?

Rosie: Packing our stuff. Hope he doesn’t break anything while doing so.

(Someone knocks the door, Rosie opens it and sees a middle-aged man)

Rosie: Hector Consuelo! What brings you here?

Hector: Here. For your kids.

(Hector gives Rosie two presents)

Jay: Oh, Mr. Consuelo! You shouldn’t have!

Hector: Yeah, well…Things are going to be boring without you 4.

(The kids open the presents, Jay received a book titled “The Pumpkin Princess” while Norman received a book but with blank pages)

Norman: It’s blank.

Hector: It’s a diary. I heard it’s popular around boys your age. Of course, I can—

Norman (Grateful): No! It’s perfect! Thank you.

(The next scene cuts to the DelBien family in the car, a black Jeep, and as they ride, Norman begins to write in his diary)

Norman (Thinking): July 30th, 2025. Name’s Norman DelBien, I’m 12 years old and I’ll be a 6th grade student. I love brownies, I’m a cat lover and I’ve Heterochromia. Today, I’m going to move away with my family from New Jersey to a city in California that’s not in any map.

Jay: What time is it?

Nehuén: 10:30 AM

Jay: Grea-I mean okay, thanks!

Norman (Whispering): What did you do?

Jay (Whispering): I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Norman: You know what I’m talking about.

Jay: Norman, do you remember the reasons of why we’re moving, right?

Norman: Yeah! Mom got a raise and was transferred to California, and dad got a job there.

Jay: And! Because of what happened a week ago, you saw Iris Hazelburn & her gang, stealing from the teacher’s purse and they threatened you if you spilled the beans. You did the right thing and told the teacher what happened. They got detention, but later chased you and nearly beat you up.

Norman: All because I was stupid.

Jay: Nonsense! Because you did the right thing! Others would’ve let the bad guys do the crime! But you didn’t! You’re a hero in my eyes!

Rosie: And mine!

Nehuén: And mine!

Norman: Thanks, you guys! That means so much to me.

Jay (Muttering): Besides, karma’s gonna strike those thugs very soon.

Norman (Whispering): Seriously! What did you do?!

(Jay smugly smirks and the next scene cuts to the school, everyone is running, they’re all covered in cockroaches)

Boy #1: Get them off me! Get them off!

{All of a sudden, a bunch of birds enter from the window, they start attacking a group of students, they start running}

Boy #2: Iris! Do you think it was—

Iris: Yes! When I get my hands on the brat! She—

{Iris trips, she sees it’s a trap, then all the students are covered in some white powder, they’re screaming in agony}

(We’re back with the DelBien’s in the car, with Jay still smirking)

Jay (Casually): Nothing.

Rosie: Honey, yesterday’s dinner was a little tasteless.

Nehuén: Sorry, I couldn’t find the garlic powder.

(Jay snickers at this and Norman looks at her with a questioning look)

Norman (Thinking): My little sister, Jazmine “Jay” DelBien, age 7. She likes animals, reading, and watching horror movies, she’s very sweet and kind, but when someone gets on her bad side…let’s say bad stuff happens.

Nehuén: Who wants some tunes?

Jay: Me! Me! Me!

Nehuén: Okay! The Ghostbusters—

All of them: Boo!

Nehuén: C’mon! The Ghostbusters’ theme song is the best!

Norman (Thinking): My dad, Nehuén DelBien, age: 30, his job…Monster Hunter. No, really! You might’ve heard of a paranormal investigator but my dad hunts monsters, to be honest the only monsters he caught were pranksters and punks.

Nehuén: Since I’m the one driving—

Norman: Not that excuse!

(They all hear a phone ringing, Rosie sees it’s her phone)

Rosie: Quiet, everyone. It’s my boss…or ex-boss? Since, you know…

Nehuén: Does this mean I still get to play music while you’re talking?

(Rosie looks at Nehuén with an exasperated look)

Nehuén: Kidding! Kidding!

(Rosie sighs and answers the call)

Rosie: Hello? General? How are you today, sir!

Norman (Thinking): My mom, Rosie DelBien, age 29. I’m not supposed to say this but…she’s a secret agent, but unlike any agents, instead of using guns or blasters, she uses a scythe that dad built for her. She’s the breadwinner of the house.

Rosie: Okay, I’m done. Now, honey.

(Nehuén puts a song, there’s a montage where the DelBien family go from New Jersey to California. This includes Jay taking photos of their trip, Nehuén & Norman making a stop to the bathroom only to immediately exit)

Norman: Nope!

Nehuén: Nuh-uh.

(The montage continues with the family eating pancakes, Norman tucking Jay with a blanket and finally arriving to California)


Norman: AAHH!! WHAT?!

(Norman sees a sign that says “Welcome to Blueville”)

Norman: Blueville?

Jay: It almost sound like the bird Bluebill.

Nehuén: Yep! This city was founded in 1564, the founder’s name was Herbert Blue.

Jay: How come it isn’t in any map?

Rosie: We don’t know.

Norman: You don’t know?

Rosie: No! No one knows. I don’t think no one outside this town knows about Blueville’s existence!

Jay: Wait! If nobody knows about this city, then…what about the economy?

(The adults pause and look at Jay, then look at each other)

Jay: Does this city has a bank? Does this city has money? What about the agriculture, exportations & importations? Can we call from—

Nehuén: Look! We’re here!

(The DelBien arrived at a house, we see Dan waving at them, the kids get out of the car and hug the man)

Norman & Jay: GRANDPA!

Dan: Kids! I’m glad that you’re here!

Rosie: Papa!

Nehuén: Hey dad—

Dan: Don’t ever call me that.

Norman: This is my grandpa, Dan Santiago, age: 50 years old, he’s a retired wrestler, an awful driver and cooker but otherwise the best grandpa in the world. If you wanna ask about my grandma, she died when mom was 10. We’re moving to his house to live with him, but between us, grandpa’s very stubborn and difficult, like there was this one time we—

Dan: Norman, stop your internal monologue. It’s creeping me out.

Norman (Confused): Uh-Wha?

(They see a middle-aged man with glasses coming at them, he looks angry)

Dan: Henry—

Henry: Santiago!

Dan: What are you doing here?

Henry: I came here to let you know what you did! This… atrocity!

(He holds a can of soda while the rest of them look at him weirdly)

Dan: And that’s—

Henry: A can of soda that you put in my trash bin instead of your own!

Jay: Hey!

(Jay scares the man, then shakes his hand in a roughly and rapidly)

Jay: I’m Jay! Pleasure to meet you!

Dan: Everyone this is Henry Retah-Retsnom. He moved here in 5 years ago and he’s your new neighbor. Henry this is my family. My daughter Rosie, her… husband Nehuén and my grandkids Norman and Jay.

Henry: You’re… his-Dan’s family?

Rosie: Yes, we’re the DelBien’s! Nice to meet you!

Henry (Deadpan): Nice to meet you too. I’m Henry Retah-Retsnom, I work as a banker… now what’re you going to do about the soda in my bin?

Dan: Nothing?

Henry: What?!

Dan: Because—

Norman: Okay! We’ll be entering the house now. Thank you Mr. Resa-Resom!

Henry: It’s—

Norman: But we really need to unpack our things now.

(The family enter the house and Norman, Nehuén & Rosie sigh in relief)

Jay: What a cute house you’ve grandpa.

Dan: Thanks. Now, y’all realize that you didn’t carry yer stuff to the house, right?

(Dan points out at the door, Norman sees through the window, he sees their stuff still in the car, and sees Mr. Retah-Retsnom trying to dump his trash on Dan’s bin, when he sees Norman, he smiles sheepishly and walks away)

Norman: He’s gone. We’re safe.

Rosie: We’ll bring the stuff here, kids you can go upstairs and choose the room you like!

Jay: Wait! This mean, we won’t share a room? Yes!

Norman: Hey!

Jay: Ups. Sorry bro, but big girl room!

(Norman rolls his eyes and then the siblings go upstairs)

Jay: Dibs on the door near the bathroom!

(Norman then takes the room that’s near the stairs but not too near, he opens the door and seems the room is empty)

Norman: Now that I think about it, if no one knows where Blueville is, there’s a chance that when a disaster occurs no one will come to save us.

(Norman sees a window and opens it, he sees Mr. Retah-Retsnom trying to do the same thing he tried to do before)

Norman: Imma call the police!

(With that the neighbor runs away while carrying his trash, Norman snickers and when he’s about to close the window, he sees a bright light)

Norman: What the—?

(Then a flaming bird passes through the wall of Norman’s room, and they stare at each other)


(Norman stares at nothing and Jay comes to his new room)

Jay: I heard screams! Are you okay?

Norman: Did you see that?!

Jay: See what?

Norman: T-t-there was a bird!

Jay: What kind of bird? A dove?

Norman: ¡NO! ¡Era un ave en llamas! ¡Estaba ardiendo y paso por la muralla como un fantasma!

Jay: A flaming bird passed through the wall like a ghost?

Norman: Yeah! And he stared at me!

Jay: Bro, aren’t you just nervous?

Norman: Nervous? Why would I be nervous?

Jay: Because we’re moving to a new place and that for you is difficult? Or maybe it’s the hormones? What I’m trying to say is you should just chill.

Norman: But the bird looked really—

Jay: You’re the rational guy that always tries to find a logical explanation for everything. Also new city, new possibilities, new start!

Norman: You know what? You are right. Maybe it was just my imagination. Thanks Jay.

(Norman kisses Jay in the forehead and carries her in his shoulders)

Norman: How about we explore the house a little bit?

Jay: Yes! To the basement! Or the attic! Anywhere!

Norman: Okay! But I don’t wanna hear any whining if we find any ghost!

Jay: I don’t whine! Now to the basement!

Norman: You’re the boss.

[August 3rd, 2025. Blueville, California. 13:00 AM]

(The next scene cuts to nighttime; we see Norman entering his room)

Norman (Yawns): No more pastrami sandwiches before going to bed.

(Before going to bed, Norman sees a strange light coming from the window)

Norman: Huh?

(Norman sees many weird luminescent creatures; he gasps and rubs his eyes and pinches himself and sees it’s not a dream. Then sees the same flaming bird)

Norman (Mutters): It’s the same bird!

{He then sees another figure, one that he can’t see, but the shadowy figure appears to capture the bird, the bird evades it and shoots fire at the shadowy creature, while also burning Mr. Retah-Retsnom’s lawn and flies away}

Norman (Mutters): Oh my god!!!

(He then sees the other creatures going away to and one of them crashes through the window, breaking it a little, and Norman faints. The next scene cuts to daytime with Norman waking up seeing Jay)

Jay: Rise and shine! Brother! Did you fall off the bed? Cause—

Norman: J-J-Jay! T-The bird! I saw it again!

Jay: What—?

Norman: I saw the bird! It was outside and it burned Mr. Forgot-his-name’s lawn! And another creature appeared, and it broke the window!

(Jay goes to the window and sees it’s not broken)

Jay: Well, the neighbor’s lawn is burned.

Henry (Off-Screen): AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Jay: But the window is not broken, you sure it wasn’t a dream?

(Norman sees the window it’s not broken)

Norman: Huh... Maybe it was a dream.

Jay: Come on! Let’s get some breakfast!

(The next scene cuts to the DelBien family having breakfast)

Norman: It was so real!

Dan: Dreams are dream—

Nehuén: No! If Norman says he saw weird creatures, then it means this city has monsters, and I believe him!

Norman: And I saw a flaming bird that shoot fire at—

Nehuén: Phoenix.

Norman: Huh?

Nehuén: I think what you saw was a Phoenix, an immortal fire bird, they incinerate and regenerate themselves. And they can shoot fire.

Norman: Yeah! That explains Mr. Rattan-Rebound’s burned lawn!

Rosie: Burn-dad! What did you do?!

Dan: Why’d you think it was me?!

Rosie: Cause you crashed our old neighbor’s car when I was 13.

Dan: He deserved it for insulting your mother! Rest In Peace.

Norman (Thinking): Now I see where Jay gets it from.

(Someone knocks the door, Jay gets up and opens the door, it’s a brown-haired woman with an angry face)

Jay: Hey! I’m Jay! Your new—

Sandra (Annoyed): Neighbor. And Dan’s granddaughter. I’m Henry’s wife, Sandra Retah-Retsnom, I’m here for our burned lawn. Dan?

(Dan & Norman come to the door and face Sandra)

Dan: I didn’t do anything!

Norman: That’s right he didn’t do anything! It was a Phoenix that did that! I saw it with my own eyes!

Sandra: I’m sorry? A Phoenix? You expect me to believe that?! No! I expect for your grandpa to pay for our lawn!

Norman: My grandpa didn’t do it!

Sandra: Then who did it?

Jay: Not wanna meddle but…there’s a chance your husband might’ve made a mistake and bought herbicide or something.

Sandra: How dare you! My husband’s crying because of your grandpa’s actions! And I—

Rosie: Enough! Hello, Rosie DelBien. Such a pleasure to meet you.

Sandra (Deadpan): Me too. As I said—

Rosie: Sorry to interrupt but… do you have any proof?

Sandra: What?

Rosie: Do you have any proof my father did this? Because all you’re doing right now is yelling at him and accusing him without any solid proof.

Sandra: I’ve proof!

Rosie: Really? What kind of proof? Footage? Or…

Sandra: No, but… Ugh! Whatever. I’m going to console my crying husband.

(Sandra leaves and closes the door, Norman and Rosie do a fist bump)

Rosie: BA-BOOM!

Dan: Norman, thanks for defending me but no one would believe a Phoenix did that.

Rosie: Which reminds me!

Dan: I didn’t do it! I don’t have a flamethrower nor herbicide!

Rosie: But you do have matches and gasoline.

Dan: Rosie! I’m not a pyromaniac! Kids, help me here?

Norman: Um…Do we have fire extinguishers?

Dan: Boy…I’ve an idea!

Rosie: Apologize to the neighbors for what you did?

Dan: For the last time! I didn’t-UGH! I was thinking of giving the kids a tour of the city. I’m sure they’re gonna love it.

Jay: That sounds like a great idea.

Nehuén: I’d love to go but I’m gonna go to the attic! I heard some weird noises there. I think there some ghost in there?

Dan: Don’t be ridiculous! That’s probably some raccoons. I’ll—

Nehuén: I’ll be the one doing it!

Dan: Fine! Say hey to the attic ghost girl for me.

(Norman sees the same Phoenix flying pass by and Norman gasps)

Jay: Something wrong?

Norman (Thinking): Oh man, if I say it’s the same bird then they’ll think I’m going crazy. This is something I need to plan with—

Dan: Norman! Stop your internal monologue! You’ll get stuck.

Norman: Oh-I-uh…I’ll come with you, I’m just going to check on something and I’ll be ready. Ha-ha.

(The next scene cuts to Norman grabbing a flashlight and tranquilizer gun, he sees some burnt grass traces that leads to the garage.)

Norman: I don’t believe in magic, I’m a rational guy and... Why do I feel like I’m copying a scene from a movie?

(Norman opens the garage door and turns on the flashlight, he sees there’s nothing there, except for a tiny orange glow, he approaches and sees the bird eating an apple and screams)

{The bird tries to fly away but Norman shoots it in one of its wings, making it fall down}

Norman: Oh my god! I killed an animal! N-no! you didn’t kill it! You just shoot it, which is… actually worst. Oh, idea! I’ll just free him somewhere!

(We see Norman putting the bird in his backpack and goes to his family and gets in the car)

Jay: Oh, you’re bring your backpack?

Norman: Yep! Which place are we going visiting first?

Rosie: To Amity Square.

Norman: Great. Just great.

(The next scenes cuts to the 4 arriving to Amity Square, a square filled with many concrete statues that almost look like modern art sculptures)

Norman: Are those modern art sculptures?

Dan: No. They’re statues built in 1660.

Jay: They were built in 1660? Then why do they look like modern art creations? The technique of modern art appeared in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Dan: It’s one of the mysteries of Blueville.

Norman: Look! A parking spot!

(Before Rosie can park the car, someone takes the spot)

Rosie: Did someone just—

Dan: That mother—HEY YOU!

(Dan gets out of the car while the others look at him)

Rosie: Oh boy, kids wait in here. Imma stop your grandpa from being sent to jail for attacking a civilian…again.

(All of a sudden Norman’s backpack is starting to move, the sound gets Rosie & Jay’s attention and look at Norman)

Norman: Oh no…

Jay: What?

Norman: Nothing! (Thinking) I need a plan and pronto!

(Norman looks for his surroundings and sees a public bathroom)

Norman: Wait! I need to go to the bathroom.

Jay: What? You didn’t go before leaving?

Norman: It’s an emergency. Must be grandpa’s food. Look public toilets!

(Norman points at the public bathrooms, Rosie searches in her pockets and gives Norman a bottle of disinfectant)

Rosie: Here! Those bathrooms are filled with germs! Be careful.

(Norman then opens the door and enters to the public bathroom, he makes sure no one is looking, then gets the bird out of his backpack)

Norman: There. Now—AHH!!!

(The Phoenix wakes up and angrily crawls at him)

Norman (Fearfully): N-N-Nice birdie?

{The Phoenix flies away and Norman tries to run, but one of the straps are in the bird’s beak, like a leash, the Phoenix flies away, going through the bathroom walls, then sees Norman is flying with him screaming}


{The Phoenix and Norman fly through Blueville, some people see them passing by, a civilian takes a picture but when he checks it out, all he sees it’s a blurry image, then we see Norman trying not to fall by grabbing on the leashes of his backpack}

Norman: BIRD!... PLEASE!... STOP!... THIS!

(The Phoenix flies to the forest but due to the extra weight, they both end crashing into some bushes, Norman groans and sees the bird trapped in the bushes; he comes to help it but the bird crawls)

Norman: Sorry I shoot you and everything else, but I want to help you.

(Norman frees the Phoenix and then the bird is free and caress him)

Norman: Friendly, aren’t we? Now, please tell me there’s a logical explanation for this? Cause this has to be a dream right? Right?!

(The Phoenix looks at Norman, very confused & worried, before any of them can understand what’s happening, they sense the ground shaking)

Norman: Earthquake!

(The bird grabs Norman’s shirt with his beak and hides both of them in the bushes, before Norman can speak, the Phoenix puts his wing in the boy’s mouth, not burning his lips at all, and they see the thing that is causing the commotion, it’s a Golem)

Fly (Off-Screen): Keep searching! That freaking bird must be here!

(We see a giant, purple insect monster with holes in his body, flying and looking for someone or something)

Fly: I know the Phoenix is here and Imma about to find where’s it hiding!

{Fly then uses his Infrared vision and sees Norman and the Phoenix in the bushes, he motions the Golem and the creature grabs Norman and the bird}


Fly: Find you, Phoenix!

(The Phoenix crawls angrily while Norman stills screaming)

Fly: Stop screaming! Wait! A human?! You’re a human?!

Norman: What-What are you?!

Fly: An Insectoid.

Norman: A what?

Fly: Whatever. (To the Golem) Squash the human, we can’t risk him telling everyone he saw a monster!

Norman: WHAT?!?!

{Before the Golem can crush Norman with his giant thumb, the Phoenix uses Intangibility to free himself, then shoots fire via his wings and uses it to cut the Golem’s hand, making Norman fall, the bird saves him before he can touch the ground}

Norman: OH! Thank you! Thank you! Although I still do have questions—

Fly: Let me answer ’em! With a punch!

Norman: Oh dear lord, no…

(The Phoenix opens a portal and throws Norman into it and the two enter the portal, then everything turns black. The next scene cuts to Jay still in the car, she looks at her butterfly necklace and then at the public bathroom)

Jay: Where’s that boy?

(Jay sees her mom open the door of the car)

Rosie: Norman’s still in the bathroom?

Jay: Yep.

Rosie: I knew it was a bad idea let your grandpa cook us breakfast. I’ll wait for him, you go where your grandpa is.

(Rosie points out to Dan who’s sitting on a bench, Jay nods at this and goes to where her grandpa is, but crashes with a black kid with Vitiligo, Jay gets up and helps the kid stand up)

Jay: Oh my god! Sorry! Are you okay?

(The boy looks at her, he only nods)

Jay: Okay…Well, bye!

(Jay sees his grandpa buying hot dogs)

Jay: Grandpa, how many hot dogs can you eat?

Dan: So many. Where’s Norman?

Jay: Bathroom. So, what happened to the one that took our spot?

Dan: I scared him! Ha-ha!

Jay (Laughs): Oh! Grandpa, you’re terrible! Can we see the sculptures?

(Dan gives Jay a thumbs up and they go see the sculptures, Jay then sees the statue of a warrior woman with a spear)

Jay: Wow! Look at this! The art is so amazing!

(The boy that Jay crashed into some moments ago, sees her, the boy inhales and breathes, then he tries to approach Jay, he tries to poke her, but Jay grabs his hand)

Jay: Who—! Oh. It’s you. Sorry about that. I thought you were a bad guy. I’m Jay! And this is my grandpa!

Dan: Dan Santiago, nice to meet you.

Jay: What’s your name?

Connor: Connor O’Brian. Are you new here, Jay?

Jay: Yep! I’m from New Jersey.

Connor: Well then, welcome to Blueville! Where nothing exciting happens.

Jay: You were born here?

Connor: Yep!

Jay: Then…Can you tell me about this stature?

Connor: That’s “The Rogue Valkeryie”! There’s nothing much to tell, except it was built by an unknown sculptor.

Jay: Does it have a story?

Connor: A story?

Jay: Yeah, every piece of art has an origin & a story. From the name, I’d say that this warrior rebelled against other Valkyries or the Nordic gods.

Connor: Oh, right. Valkyries choose those who may die in battle and those who may live. And judging by the position of the sculpture…

Jay: She might’ve been a bloodthirsty murderer.

(Connor looks at her, he awkwardly laughs and clears his throat)

Connor: Um…Where are you gonna study.

Jay: My dad told me that my bro and I, are gonna go to Blueville Elementary School. I’ll be in 2nd Grade!

Connor: I’m in 2nd Grade too! We’re gonna be classmates!

Jay: Really?! Cool!

Dan: Hey, you two wanna see more sculptures?

Jay & Connor: Yeah!

Jay: C’mon!

(The next scene cuts to Norman waking up, he looks at his surroundings and sees the Phoenix, Norman gets up and points his finger at the bird)

Norman: You! I don’t know why you…you…

(Norman looks at his surroundings and sees that he’s not in a normal forest, as the trees are broad, thick, and robust; the leaves are fuchsia and some trees have red & green moss, to top that, there are faces in the wood, as if they were carved)

Norman: Where are we?! This forest! The environment looks autumnal! It’s supposed to be summer! But since the Global warming, among other things, has affected the climate & seasonal changes I’m not surprised.

(The Phoenix crawls and tries to comfort Norman but he stops the bird)

Norman: Look. At. This. Forest! It almost looks like a fantasy forest setting! And the faces in the trees? They’re carved, right? They must be carved! In fact, I’m gonna touch one right now!

(Norman touches a sad face in one of the tree, the sad face turns into a frowny one)

Tree #1: Hey! Didn’t anyone tell you that’s very rude!

(Norman screams and falls back, then he sees that the faces in the trees are looking at him, Norman gets scared and runs away)

Norman: AAHHH!!! This isn’t real! This isn’t real! THIS. ISN’T. REAL! There has to be a logical explanation for this, right?! I got it! This is all a dream! Yes, all a dream!

{Of all sudden, Norman falls from a cliff, the Phoenix appears and tries to catch him, but he’s late as a tree branch appears and saves Norman, getting him back to safety, Norman does the Catholic sign cross on himself}

Norman: Dios Mio.

(Then he sees the bird and glares at it)

Norman (Hyperventilating): Look… bird…you…you…I think…I need a-oh…

(Norman falls to the ground and finally relaxes)

Norman: Okay! I get it, I am not in my world, I’m in a weird place I don’t know. And all of this is because of you! Sorry. It’s just that…I’m a rational—

{Someone throws a net at the bird; we see it’s the same monster that attacked Norman earlier}

Fly: Find you, you little pest!

Norman (Thinking): Oh man! The Phoenix might have got me into this, although it was also my fault… but whatever. What that guy’s doing… I can’t stand it!

{Norman sees a rock and throws it at Fly, the Insectoid sees the guy who threw him a rock}

Norman: Leave him alone.

Fly: You? Ugh! I don’t have time for this!

{Fly flies at Norman at maximum speed, he stops and shoves the boy, sending flying somewhere, then he goes where the Phoenix is, grabs him and carries him like a sack}

Fly: Humans are SO fragile! I’m not gonna be surprised if he’s dead by now!

(The Insectoid flies away, but what he doesn’t know is that Norman is alive, it’s revealed that the trees caught him with their branches)

Norman: Oh my god! Thank you! I thought I was a goner! But, uh... Where am I? And who are you?

Tree #2: We should be the ones asking questions! What is a human like you, doing here? Where did you come from? How did you get here?

Norman: Oh…I’m from Blueville. I’m here thanks to the Phoenix and it seems he…saved me from being crushed by a giant Golem.

Tree #1: You sound sincere. Okay, I trust you. I’m Qrow with a Q! You’re in the forest of the Monster World.

Norman: The… what now?

Tree #2: Hey! Heey! Diane, nice to meet you…

Norman: Norman. Norman DelBien.

Diane: Norman. I must tell you that you’re not in your world.

Norman (Deadpan): Really? I didn’t notice!

Diane: I can sense sarcasm. Whatever, you’re in the Monster World! A dimension created by the great mage, Merlin!

Norman: Merlin was real?

Qrow: Of course he was real, idiot! He created this dimension so monsters could escape the cruelty of humans! No offense.

Norman: None taken.

Tree #3: Hey! I’m Trevor! Imma continue this story, okay… This place is known for the diverse kinds of monsters and teachings of magic! Also the atmosphere here can make same-sex couples have babies.

Norman: Wow, the last thing is only seen in fanfiction.

Trevor: Fan-what now?

Norman: Forget it, do you know who was that guy?

Diane: He’s probably a lackey of Lord Vampire.

Norman: Who?

Qrow: Kid, let me tell you a story…

{A fog fills the forest, then Norman sees a shadowy figure, then it all plays like a shadow theater}

Qrow: It starts in an unknown time, where two greater forces appeared. Achaean, a powerful mage, he could perform any type of magic! He wanted to save both dimensions from the hands of his greatest enemy… Lord Vampire! A malevolent creature that wanted to conquer the Human & Monster World! They were enemies and enemies have battles, their final fight ended with Achaean almost defeating him!... But Lord Vampire’s second-in-command helped him by impaling Achaean in the heart. Before he died, Achaean transferred his powers into his weapon and transported it into an unknown place! He said that an “immortal fire will guide a person worthy of having my weapon.”

Norman: And since Phoenixes are immortal creatures of fire, they’re the only ones capable of guiding the way!

Qrow: Correct. But ever since Achaean died, Lord Vampire ordered his lackeys to capture every Phoenix. The Phoenix decided to hide and never show their beaks to anyone.

Norman: That’s awful.

Qrow: It is.

Diane: Lil’ boy! This world is dangerous for a human! Since we’re not able to move… we’re very useless.

Norman: Hey! You’re telling me the important stuff! You’re not useless.

Diane: Aww, thanks…but seriously, the Monster World is filled with creatures that have magic! There are monsters that can create portals to the Human World, while some use a magic pencil. We can extend our branches and carry you to Arpeggio City. We know someone there, their name’s Planet and they’re the owner of the most famous restaurant, Hades’ Gulch, they’ve the ability to open portals and their cooking’s top notch!

Trevor: But what’s gonna happen with the Phoenix?

Qrow: What’s going to happen is that if the poor creature doesn’t obey that lackey’s orders he’s going to be killed.

Norman: Killed? But Phoenix are immortal! Also that Phoenix has Intangibility, & open portals! Phoenixes don’t have that kind of power!

Diane: They didn’t have those powers, until Achaean grant them those abilities to make them more powerful. Phoenixes also have Lava Breath.

Norman: Still, with those powers it could’ve escaped from a simple net!

Qrow: That wasn’t any normal net, Norman. That was an Inferno Water Net.

Norman: Inferno Water Net?

Qrow: Phoenixes are immortal, but they found a way to kill ’em and weaken ’em. Phoenixes are fire, sacred creatures, the opposite of that is…cursed water. Lord Vampire’s ordered his lackeys to create weapons that could kill a Phoenix and they done it.

Norman: Phoenixes can guide him to the weapon, why build stuff that could kill them?

Diane: Let’s just say Lord V. HATES when someone doesn’t obey him.

Norman (Worried): Oh no...

Trevor: Um…not wanting to meddle but… it’s clear that you worry for the bird, are you planning to save him?

(Norman looks at Trevor, there’s a pause and then shook his head)

Norman: No! I won’t be involved in this! I’m gonna find a way home! But that poor bird…NO! Why should I get involved! Nobody’s expecting me to save it! So, why should I go save it?!

(Norman pauses and stares at the sky)

Norman (Sighs): Because it’s the right thing to do. Change of plans! I’m going to save that Phoenix!...

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