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A father who losses his true love but gains a son spends his life raising his child, until one day everything changes. A visitor comes to town and takes his son; Since the day his son vanished he has never stopped looking.

Thriller/Mystery All public. © ©jasondunn2021

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The Birth

Story by Jason Dunn


Far beyond our imagination in the depth of the dark realm, There are more sinister forces at work that we can't opera hand.

In this world, anything is possible, even in the underworld that lurks through the darkness.

Beyond the other side waits an evil that lurks

I am waiting for its prey, Not any prey but the one that it craves.

Humans. It feeds on the fear of people searching Hunting for fresh blood to survive in this modern-day world,

Night Of The Vampire

Chapter 1

(The Birth)

In a small country town called Jasmine Falls, a young married couple name Ally carter, 31 years old, and Raymond Carter, 35 years old, lived a beautiful home near the river covered in an extraordinary landscape, enjoying a peaceful life.

Trying a few times, Ally finally fell pregnant. Ally fell pregnant with their first child.

Married to her high school sweetheart.'

Her boyfriend and husband Raymond hills

We have been together since school,

Growing up together, falling in love, they got married.

Getting married near the lake from their property, It was on this day when everything changed for the both of them when Raymond arrived home from work one night entering the front door Ally stood waiting until he entered the door Greeting Raymond with a smile.

Walking through the door, Raymond walked in, noticing Ally standing there as he smiled back at her, Approaching Ally reaching out as Raymond grabbed her hands, giving her a gentle kiss on her lips' How's your day, my love? It was good. I have good news; oh! What is that with a deep smile? We are having a baby; Raymond was shocked. What! We are having a baby, Raymond reacted. That's excellent news, kissing Alley again. We should celebrate, Ally agreed as she shook her head and said We should go out for dinner, Yes we should; let's get dressed and go out, OK Ally replied.

They went upstairs and got ready, preparing a night out for celebrations,

Later in the night, at dinner, Raymond and Ally were at the Cheers restaurant Sitting at the table next to the window with a view over the golf course.

Eating and drinking wine as they celebrate a good night out.

Days went quick and days turn into weeks Weeks turn into months,

As time went by.

It's been nine months since Ally fell pregnant Allys stomach was huge,

At home sitting on the bed, Ally told Raymond to come to bed, But something was bothering Raymond, pacing up, and down the room, he was making Ally concern, Please dear come to bed, I'm not tired; so what's wrong, I don't know what it is, but I feel something is going to happen, Like what, I don't know Raymond replied.

It's just nerves; everything will be fine,

At that exact moment, Ally's water broke. Oh dear, What? I think my water just broke. Did it Raymond turn to see. Oh my, did you wet the bed? Of course not. It's water; oh boy, you're having the baby, OK, don't panic. Let's get your stuff and get to the hospital.

Raymond drove Ally to the hospital,

On arrival, they parked outside the main entry. Raymond ran inside and grabbed a nurse' My wife has a baby. Her water has broken; OK Sir, Don't worry; the nurse brought a wheelchair to the passenger side, Opening the Door; Raymond helped Ally in the wheelchair. OK, Gentle, That's it.

The nurse said. What's your name mam, The Nurse asked, Ally my name is Ally,

Hello Ally, I'm nurse Patty; let's take you inside.

It was at that time Ally, and Raymond was in the labour ward.

Taking her to the delivery room, Ally laid down on the bed as Raymond held her hand beside her.

Nurse Patty asks Ally to breathe and try to relax; Raymond stared down at Ally as she stared back. The tractions were getting stronger as the pain got more intense.

The nurse prepared when Raymond watched and looked around. Amy squeezes Raymond's hand as she squeezes it tighter each time.

The pain was getting aggressive, and Amy started to cry and tried to say to Raymond, there's something wrong,

It hurts, keep breathing, Baby Raymond replied. Patty told Ally it was just normal everything will be fine keep breathing,

Nurse Patty checked to see if the baby was ready, and she had seen that Blood had come out of Ally. Nurse Jane, can you come here - Nurse Jane walked over, noticing the problem straight away. Go and get the Doctor, Patty said.

Something was wrong with the labour' Ally struggled with breathing and pain, Holding hands with Raymond. He told her to try to take deep breaths, baby, Breathing in and out, taking deep breaths. Raymond supports her by doing the actions with her.

Raymond stares worried concern, When he asked is everything alright, Staring at Raymond with a concerned look, The nurse asked Raymond to wait outside But is everything OK, He said.

Alley is having problems. She's losing too much blood, and she needs the doctor. I have to ask you to step outside - Please wait outside, and we will let you know. She is going to be alright,

Walking outside, the nurse followed and told him, wait here, OK; on arrival, the doctor wandered inside. Raymond stared with worry when the doctor arrived with the nurse,

Staring at Ally, The doctor and the nurses noticed the problem and worked on the delivery and to help Ally; Screams came from outside when Raymond starts to panic. A cold shiver came down his spine as he can hear the cries and pain from Ally.

Finally retrieved the baby, but Ally had complications while giving birth,

Ally had lost too much blood giving birth.

walking up and down the hallway feeling uneasy and worried, Raymond was a concern for Ally,

But Unfortunately, it was too late Ally had passed the nurses couldn't save her.

The doctor and nurses tried their best to save Ally, but it was too late.

One of the nurses came outside and told Raymond the bad news,

Raymond nervously asked Is she alright - What going on, The nurse looked at Raymond with a tear in her eye. What's wrong - Is she OK, asking again.

I'm sorry we couldn't save her - She had lost too much blood, No! No, I have to see her. Raymond pushed past the nurse when the nurse called out Raymond, Walking into the room, noticing the doctor and the nurse standing at the base of the bed.

Ally Raymond called out, Walking around grabbing her hand as he stared down at her Noticing she had past Raymond broke down crying as he grabbed her and held her.

The Doctor stepped forward and paid his respects. I'm sorry for your loss Raymond; we tried to save her; standing up, Raymond wiped his eyes when he turned to the doctor and said, I know - You did what you could -

Thank you, the doctor nodded his head

I will leave you to grieve and to say goodbye; what about the baby - What happened to the baby is? The baby is fine. He's in intensive care. You can see him soon. Did you say he, Yes you have a baby boy,

Raymond smirked with a grin, but we will sort that out soon. Take your time, The Doctor replied.

The Doctor left the room with a nurse as the other stayed near the door. Raymond reached to grab Ally's hand as he bent down to kiss her on the forehead, with a tear running down his cheek " Goodbye, my love,

Raymond replied. Looking over to the nurse, Raymond nodded his head as she made her way through, covering Ally with the sheet.

Goodbye, Raymond replied.

I want to see my Son, Yes of course, please come outside, and I'll bring your baby to you. I was walking out, Raymond Glance back to Ally before leaving the room.

Would you please wait here? I'll be back ok,

OK, Waiting in the hallway, Raymond was trying to put himself together when the nurse went to arrange o bring his son, arrived with the son, Raymond meet your son, The nurse replied.

Reaching out, Raymond took hold of his son. The nurse smiles and asks, What are you calling him? Staring down at his son as he starts to cry, tears run down Mike Carter but Mikey for short - after my wife’s dads name, She would've wanted that, To call him that,

The nurse smiled and replied, that sounds great, Raymond,

Staring at Mikey, Raymond starts to cry, speaking to his son, telling Mikey, "I will look after you, my son, handing Mikey back to the nurse tears runs down his face when he couldn't hold his emotions.

Sorry, give me a second, sure Take your time, the nurse replies. I'll wait for you when you're ready; then we can talk,

The nurse took Mikey away, placing him back in the delivery room lowing him in a crib. The nurse stood smiling down at Mikey.

To be continued.


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The End

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