Zaynab Shabir Deva

Why to compare if everybody is same? But talents differ.

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A curse.

This is a big curse. Good to be alone instead of being compressed in a tight cone.

Chances should be fair.

I want to laugh away care.

Tired to be ignored.

Small to be showed.

Likely I am afraid.

Once I used to dare.

Chances are infinite. Just want to be at some height.

A platform to stand.

Tired to stand on land.

Wanna want to prove myself.

But still I want some help.

I don't want to be compared.

Neither I do care.

I like to concentrate.

Comparing makes me hesitate.

I am me.

Do not compare, you see.

However nothing happens.

I am lost in the word which is dense.

I don't want to be silent.

But people make me violent.

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To be continued... New chapter Every Monday.

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