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Yua is a newly transferred student from Aoba Johsai and experiences the the confusing part of love. She can't figure out what her heart is telling her. ☆I DON'T OWN THE CHARACTERS IN THE HAIKYUU WORLD. ☆Yua Kōri is a OC so I do own her. :) ☆Credit to the artist of cover.

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It was my first day at Karasuno and if I said I was freaking out that would be a understatement of the year. I was trying to find the office when I heard the familiar sound of volleyballs bouncing against hardwood.

I peeked inside when a short boy yelled, "Kageyama! I told you to stop trying to kill me!"

There was a distant voice that I was guessing was Kageyama the short boy was yelling at. The voice said, "Dumbass! And I told you to receive better!"

It looked intense so I started to walk away when someone yelled, "Hello! Do you normally watch our practice? My name is Shoyo Hinata! What's your name? Where are you from? I've never seen you before, do you go here? What year are you?"

I just stood there and stare because I don't enjoy being interrogated and especially by strangers. A dark haired boy, possibly the Kageyama guy, comes up behind Hinata and smacks him upside the head. And at that moment I ran out of the gym.

Angry guy glared at Hinata and says, "Look what you did stupid, you just ran another girl out of the gym and this time it wasn't even Tanaka's fault!"

Hinata counters, "Well I didn't see you trying to talk to the new girl."

Then Daichi walked in and said, "Where's Tanaka?! He's in for a world of pain! There was a girl that was having a panic attack in the hallway, again!"

Hinata hung his head and said, ''Actually that was my fault."

Just as he said that a I was being drug behind some dude. He came strutting in with his arm around me. I was trying to shrug him off. I was used to attention from my last boyfriend but being my first day of school and a complete stranger I didn't want this to happen.

With a smug smile he called, "Look at this hottie I brought in!" I elbowed him in the ribs. I was about to turn around and run but then someone said, ''I'm sorry for my teammates, Tanaka enjoy like pretty girls. And Hinata like new people so, sorry that's two strikes for you. My name is Daichi Sawamura. I'm the team captain."

I looked at the floor and said,"Um...sorry to interrupt I was looking for the office and I heard volleyballs so I could resist." I started to turn around about to sprint out when Daichi said, "Slow down! Do you know much about volleyball?"

I gave a shy smile and said, "Yeah I used to play back at Aboa Joshi, my old school, I was our team's ace."

The team stood there in shock. Daichi was the first to speak, "Well, I don't know what to say." That's when a beautiful black haired girl walked. Tanaka came running up to her and yelled and smacked him across the face.

Daichi turned to the girl and said, "Kiyoko, would you be interested in an assistant manager?" She smiled and responded, "Sure. I did find another girl that I will help with the manager position, but the more the merrier."

Daichi laughed, "Well would you even be interested in being a manager? Sorry we had that conversation like you weren't even here."

I took a deep breath and said, "Sure, why not?"

Both Daichi and Kiyoko smiled and said, "Well I guess you can start right now. First, what's your name?"

I looked down, "Yua Kōri, second year. Um before I start and everything would someone mind showing me to yet office?"

Tanaka raised his hand, "I can do that!"

Daichi gave a haunting look and said, "Be good Tanaka."

Tanaka put his hand to his heart and said, "When have I been anything but good?"

Daichi laughed and said, "Besides the point but don't do anything stupid."

He made small talk as we made our way to the office. I learned that he was a second year as well.

-time skip to office-

The receptionist gave me my schedule I was relieved when Tanaka said that we had some similar classes.

We walked back to the gym and a gray haired boy came up and shook my hand and said, "My name is Sugawara Koushi. Let me introduce you to the team. Number 1 is Daichi as you know, 2 is myself, 5 is Tanaka, 6 is Ennoshita, 7 is Kinoshita, 8 is Narita, 9 is Kageyama, 10 is Hinata, 11 is Tsukishima, last but not least 12 is Yamagucci. I'd like to welcome you to our team. "

"Well said Suga and let's get practice started the day is a watin." Daichi said.

They all said, "Yes captain!"

And with that I was officially part of the Karasuno volleyball club.


My first chapter I hoped you enjoyed I will update like once a week! Thank you for reading! (Update) lol sorry I really hated his chapter so I went back edited it a bunch stay tuned for more updates!

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