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The Motown hood

I was born ,November 11,1987 in the Motown hood .Growing up here was fun ass a Kidd, but the surroundings was weird ,I went to a elementary school called steal wagon. I have 4 brothers in my house hold including MY single mother. after I started walking, and talking "i really got to understand; and get to know my surroundings. And neighborhood, and the people in it was there were tremendous parties ,street action, and ,gang violence .that at some point will influence some of the kids. People use to wear blue ,and red gang colors. roller skating was the big thing in the 90s .My parents had us, ready for church every Sunday. Kidd's went from good Motown music to gangster rap music that made it to becoming , a bad influence people started smoking marijuana, stealing cars, playing with guns ,robbing stores talking to girls to killing people me and my brother was walking to the store ,we was kids i was 7 he was 11. I just sstarted to be able to come outside. At age 7 but we was walking with one of the guys from my brother school. I guest he was a little older then us.i guest he was in the gang but some guys. Pulled up on us and, pointed the gun to strike him. But it could of got me and my brother too ass little ,and hard ass i was i walked up too the car and told them put the guns away .They did me and my brother ran home made it in told are mom. Later that day they shot they guy we went to the store with and then they dropped him off, on are grass; in front of are house. My mom gave him a towel to put on his leg he was bleeding heavy my mom was happy her Kidd's made it home. This my first summer outside they had a thing where they jump you in the gang .but this on some Kidd shit, an influence from the older guys in the hood my brother light skinned ,I'm black they tried to play with him and jump him in the gang he was the only light ,skinned in the hood look near white but I had his back i was there for the jump in. So they started it was 5 guys my brother swing so i jump in ,we Kidd's us 2 them 5 guys. I swings a lot so when I come in I'm going to blow you. they begged off me and my brother ,never fucked with us ever again , over them little bad ass Kidd's in the Motown.

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