kenganzi-babra Kenganzi Babra

A poor girl who lost her parents and suffered alot but met ahandsome rich gentleman who married hee

Romance Romantic suspense For over 18 only.

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Magarena's birth

ln a remote area in Uganda, there lived a lovely couple . they loved themselves dearly that no matter what problems faced them,they stayed by each others side . Though they lived happily, they had no child and this always sometimes made them unhappy. but no matter how much sorrows they had they didn't leave each other's side.

Just because they didn't give up ,heaven had pity on them and blessed them with a child.

One brod day, Mrs. Steven suddenly felt a serious abdominal pain . she had never experienced it before so she qickly ran off to the nearest hospital for check up.

To her surprise, she was informed by the doctor that she was two weeks pregnant.

With alot joy, he hurriedly ran home to share the good news with her husband.

When she told her husband the news ,he bounced off the walls. he couldn't wait to be a father.

Nine months later , it was Mrs Steven's labour time, she was rushed to the hospital and the doctors quickly responded to her situation .

she was taken to the ward were she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. two weeks later Mrs. Steven suddenly fainted . she was rushed to the hospital but unfortunately she had already blown her last breath.

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