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Atta Muhammad Nur

In late 2004,Atta was appointed governor of Balk province by Hamid Karzai. By installing commanders with whom he had fought in the 1980s and 1990s in local government positions ,thus turning them away from destabilizing activities, he created a loyal and disciplined local administration. As a result, he acquired a monopoly on violence,and achieved relative security and stability even in the most remote district,at the cost of authoritarian methods. The security in Balkh province permitted significant reconstruction and the development of considerable economic activity. Atta Noor is credited for maintaining political control and economic development and security for Balkh province including its largest city,Mazar-i-Sharif. Governor Atta's opium poppy eradication program between 2005 and 2007 ,advised by consultants from Adam Smith International. successfully reduced poppy cultivation in Balkh province from 7,200 hecta in 2005 to zero by 2007. Governor Atta Muhammad Noor supported Karzai main challenger,Abdullah Adbullah ,in the August 2009 presidential election. Atta Muhammad Noor, is widely recognized as the main source of political power in the province, and has exercised a high degree of control over politic in Balkh . he has use that influence to grow rich through business deals during his time in power. No meaningful business in the province is transacted without his approval and major real estate in the provincial capital, Mazar-i-Sharif is in the hand of companies Atta owns controls. he is a key player in the transport indus gtry in Afghanistan north, including the development of the rail line from Uzbekistan to Mazar-i-Sharif. having transplanted his militia into powerful position thoughtout the provincial administration he maintains a monopoly over violence as well as control over illicit activiy .Atta exercise near complete control over the security organizations and political operations of the province. Regardless of his tactics, governor Atta maintains great support by the populace. Atta is credited with bringing peace and stability to the province, where there are few police checkpoint and peopel safely walk around at night . there are also street named After Afghan airlines, which have helped fiance the city development. one of the future Mazar-i-Sharif is it smooth paved roads, unusual in Afghanistan , and representative of the progress that governor Atta has been Able to achieve. Nationally. the province's administration is well regarded. consequently,it received additional funding and positions through the civil service priority restructuring program and some payments from the ministry of counter-Narcotics throught the U.S- funded Good performance initiative. also by embarrassing certain aspects of public administration reforms and participating in domor sponsored technical assistance programs, governor Atta has an established reputation as an effective formal leader. Historically, his local political strategy has been to dominate the province using informal power , rules, and network. his reputation as a strongman who doesn't tolerate opposition in any from has made him where very influential in the area. while his power base dose not lend itself to a rule based Democracy, given Afghanistan's history of weak control power and its limited resources,the from of governance represented by governor Atta may be the best compromise at present in Afghanistan. opponents of Governor Atta view him as a corrupt power figure whose loyalty from the populace is motivated more by fear then adoration. The president appoints the country's 34 governor's, but many believed that president karzai was too weak to move governor Atta. Karzai opposition raised concerns of violence and rebellion from the populace if the central government were to attempt to regain in Atta's power . Governor Atta Muhammad Noor himself bloody assert that he will decide weather the remains governor of Balkh province, not kabul. indeed,in 2014 the current Afghan president, Ashraf Ghani, fired all 34 Afghan provincial Governor's, but Governor Atta repeatedly refused to give up the rules. As noted in the first paragraph, he was removed from the position of provincial Governor by president Ashraf Ghani in January, 2018. Although largely supported by the U.S., governor Atta has publicly spoken out against the U.S. exit strategy from Afghanistan. understandable, governor Atta is vehemently opposed to bringing the Taliban back into negotiations and opposes reconciliation with his former archenemies. Governor Atta's anxieties over the situation represant a general consensus among former Northern Alliance leaders and may complicate the U.S. exit strategy if they are unwilling to cooperate with the plan. Additionally. Governor Atta dose not support any permanent American bases in Afghanistan, and reiterates his regional loyalty. speculation exists the governor Atta's colorful rhetoric may be linked to the possibility of him running for president, or at the least seeking the leadership of his local political party.

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