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this is about girl who want to make action to her new love or renew love relationship that have strong feeling for each other the main character is the Taurus man n the Aries woman they both r so in sink with each other but Aries woman have trouble making action to meet her long term Soulmate she wasn brave enough n try her best to go after him we have up n down but we make up n shake up spiritualy n will b ready to meet that soulmate that she after she really want meet him n finds way to have the courage to his doorstep

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New Love To New Future 1

I was at the movie theater with my cousin we watch separate movie when im done watch I went outside of hall sit on the bench waiting for my cousin to finish her movie then I saw this two cute and handsome man they were talking to each other I was looking at them in a second n look away so they won't notice me they were standing there talking to each I don't know what they talking about I was thinking make a move to choose which one should I manifest but I didn make a move I was shy I'm guessing one of them is an Earth sign and one them a fire sign they both r new love that I want to manifest but I was sitting there just looking at them then it was to long they left so I couldn do it they r both cute so I was thinking about them what should I choose then my cousin came back from her movie we went back to her car n went home then she drop me off to my parents then I went downstairs in the room chilling then I was ask my tarot question there were two man that ghosted me it could be the earth sign and fire sign I was mine my own business I didn know they ghosted me I was with some1 els then by ghosted in he was my recent old love he been with me for a long time wherever I go n he have my son safe n sound then sudden when I read my tarot reader on YouTube it say that some1 u trust for a long time will betray me I was in shock it broke my heart now I want some1 to save my son but I have no one but I had no choice I ask my ex to get my son then my son n I feel insecure I got me worry I don't know what to do I pray n hope if anyone that r very secure plz save my son anyone I was worry sick then sudden I saw my vision it some1 that I sense is very secure save my son that guy was unknown I didn manifest him but then now I manifest my new love I chose the Earth sign but there person that sudden save my son he wasn the person I manifest that guy was a mystery I don't even know what zodiac is he but I didn choose him but he did help me I thank him that then the mystery unknown give my son to an Earth sign n my son birth certificate I was relieve now I'm not worry nomore I sense the secure on the mystery guy but don't know what element is he this time when I manifest the Earth sign now he have my son I started to get to know the Earth sign we connected then we talk by air I hear his voice by talking to him we started get to know each other little by little it was before Thanksgiving I was spending time with family that came to visit us I was at my older sister I stay there till thanksgiving i ask a question on my tarot say will I meet my new love n my son on Thanksgiving day they say yes alright I can't wait I was hoping n pray if I see them again then I get to know the Earth sign more n curious to know more information about him by talking in air then I got some littl bit of information I found out he love eating tart it was his favorite desert i now know him a little bit I want to grab more information about him I don't know his name but he is an Earth sign it at peace for now my son was protected then I grab another little information he was very caring and loving I feel happy I talk to him to make sure my son n my son birth certificate is in his hand it was great relieve then we talk a little bit it sound me n him is similar to each other we been through the same thing it was very surprising he gain my trust I gain his trust we talk about each other more then I turn on a music and asking him to come dance with me by ghosting it. It was romantic I made this then I ask my tarot question he then fell in love with me I was say wow am I that charming that got him fall in love with me I sense it. I now know he was the one for me we know a bit information about ourself.

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