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Summer was always meant to be forbidden. I was never meant to fall in love with her. I'm twice her age and her fathers best friend. I've always had a crush on Mason, I thought it would have gone away when I got older, but it just got stronger and stronger. It didn't help that my dad made us all go on one last family holiday together to Mason's villa. Let alone I haven't seen Mason since I was 13 years old. At the age of 22, I know I should have told him who I was when he met me in the bar the first night of the holiday, but I loved the attention I was getting off of him, but things didn't just stop there, will one night ever be enough for the both of us. Book One. (CAN BE READ AS A STANDALONE!) (This book contains lots of mature contents and sex scenes) 18+ Please note that I am dyslexic, so they will be some grammar and spelling mistakes.

Erotica For over 18 only.

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Summer pov

Standing on the beach looking out at the water, wishing I could float away. I never thought this daywould come.

I can hear the footsteps walking up behind me. I know who it is before they come into view.

"I'm sorry, summer, I never meant to hurt you. I didn't think it would go this far" Yeah, because shoving your cock in me for the past five weeks wasn't going far! I don't say that to him, though, as I enjoyed it just as much as him.

"Is it true, are you going to marry her? After everything we have done together, I thought I meant something to you."

I feel his breath on my neck. His left hand comes around my waist. "Don't you think I know what your feeling? I'm feeling it too, but you knew from the day this started between us, it wasn't going to last. I'm twice your age, summer."

"Mason, are you coming to bed, baby? I need you" my stomach drops hearing her call Mason to bed. The tears in my eyes start to fall. I was never meant to fall in love with him, but here we are.

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