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Love, lust, lies.

love can kill but love can heal

-ocean eyes-

his eyes so beautifully blue like the sky ir the ocean when I looked into them it was like a magic potion. caused me so many emotions. his touch oh what a commotion it led . now I'm lost in his ocean he's like my new addiction. love takes alot of devotion. and I was ready and willing. . you see those same beautiful blue eyes tell a story of a painful past , and screams of passion and sadly heartache with his tender touch, I could feel the loved he craved from her. I could fell his fear of being forsaken, yet I was determined to show him the love he deserved those beautiful blue eyes of his had me hypnotized one glance in them I was stuck in a trance.i had Made up my mind I'd give this romance a chance. but those beautiful blue eyes that matched the sky that had given me so many butterflies , somehow had me demoralized....

-wish ya the best-

u cross my mind daily. My mental state is a lil hazy, u got me feeling crazy. Your being pretty shady and a wee bit flaky lately. Why? and please don't lie. I have tried to keep my cool, but I feel as though your playing me as a fool. That's not cool this isn't playschool. Where adults, this is almost an insult. Like really explain Urself cause from my side your being pretty selfish. Am I expected to sit around and wait while Ur in debate?Hate to tell u but I'm not gonna sit here and wonder and somewhat suffer, cause I wanted to be your lover. I won't wait around forever, while u plunder the idea of us. You are a rush and this is tough but I think I've had enough of waitin for Ur call or text and being a pest. I tried my best and now all I can say is I wish u the best.

-never mine-

I'm debating and sorta reminiscing, thinking about the last 7 months, after thinkng of all those real conversations, those late night talks and those all-nighters, with silly laughter, the snuggles. All those wonderful touches, and those moments where I felt our souls combine, and our bodies Intertwined. the way u made me blush and feel so sexy. your smile and ur eyes, the way I felt safe in ur arms, oh let's not forget your charm, your strength and wisdom. After thinking about the all those little things that made me fall in love with u so quickly. Then Reality slaps me in the face. Reminds me that you were never mine to love. that hurts I felt like somerhing was caught in my throat like I was choking on a dream. I felt my heart break, the old famailer ache and the taste of my sorta salty tears hit my lips. I mumble there's no way that was fake. I don't want u to be just another mistake. My head is telling me to forget u and and move on but my heart says to slap some sense into u and to grab u and.pull u close hold u tighter and not to let u go. I've come to the conclusion that ur heart is a tangled mess and ur lost in all the stupid knots of past lies from ex lovers and heartache. All I want to do is sit down cross legged and take how ever long it takes to untie your knots and bring u closer to me. Make you mine to love..


Once again I'm standing alone. A shattered soul, continuously losing, way past bruising. I'm completely broken. It's more then abrasion, all the accumulation of unfortunate events. To many dents to much discontent. No matter my actions or extractions I still end up in a situation with to much aggravation. My mental health is at stake. I have once again been forsaken by a dirty snake. This time it was like an earthquake, shook me senseless, left me breathless. I screamed words but they came out scrambled so it made no sense. People think I'm crazy but have no idea what runs threw my head daily. I know I always seem so blue, you don't have clue what I have been through. You would seem erratic like an addict to.

-Your tune-

I'm falling hard for the tune Your playing. Your words like lyrics, it's music to my thoughts. A rhythm my body has never heard. My heart beating like the tempo of a drum. Darling your pulling on my heart strings like a guitar making them hum. I fear just like all my favorite songs this one has to end. So I'm going to enjoy ur beat and dance along. knowing this will be a bittersweet ending.


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The End

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