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"The element of a person that enables them to be aware of the world and their experiences, to think, and to feel; the faculty of consciousness and thought." That's the definition of the mind, but people have different definitions for the same words. My definition of mind is way different then everyone else's. ! These are not my characters ! I only made up different scenarios

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Catch Up

No, no. This cannot be happening. You cannot die on me!

That was two years ago. If you're wondering what happened, let me tell you. And let me also introduce myself.

My name is Casey and I am the daughter of Killian Jones and Emma Swan. Mother is the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming. Father doesn't talk about his parents much, but I wouldn't stress about it. My life is, what would you call it, insane, crazy.

My parents hated each other when they first met, so did my granparents. I wonder if it runs in the family. When Snow White had Mother, the Evil Queen put a curse on the land and sent everyone to another world. Before she did, Snow sent my baby mother through a magic wardrobe that sent her to another world as well. The world my mom went to was one with magic. Though, the one my grandparents went to was one without magic. It was the same world, but my grandparents lived in a town and only the town didnt have magic.

The Evil Queen casted a curse on the town. She was jealous of my grandparents getting married, so she made it so that no one in Storybrooke knew each other from their past lives. Storybrooke was the genius name she made up for the town. Now onto Mother and Father.

They met in the enchanted Forest when Mother and Gran got stuck there by a magic hat. Anyways, they told me they met when Mother took father "hostage" and then they climbed up a beanstalk where they met a giant and a house full of gold. Then Mother, like the badass she is, left Father handcuffed with the giant and left him for dead. They also told me they met some girls there named Milan and Aurora, but I have no clue who they are.

Alast, Father. Killian Jones. Feircest pirate known to man, aka, Captain Hook. That is why I am always proud to have his accent. When I was younger, Father and I always used to sword fight with wooden swords. Now that i'm older, we use real ones. If you can't tell, i'm a daddy's girl. At least that's what my mother tells me.

My step-brother, Henry, is the most annoying boy on this planet. He is such a mommy's boy. All he wants to do is homework, do right by the world, and follow the rules. Me in the other hand, I believe rules are made to be broken.

"Casey, come down for dinner!" Mother yelled me down for dinner. "Come on, Casey! Let's go!" Henry, annoyingly, called for me, too. He always does that for no apparent reason. "Shut it, Henry! I'm coming!" Sorry, I have to go. Now I have to change into my dinner clothes. Ever since we moved back into the Enchanting Forest, things have been a little... different. Father isn't aware of how to dress like a prince. Gran's corrination is tomorrow and he is going to need a LOT of help.

"There you are, darling. What took you so long? I'm ready to eat." As I walk into the great hall, I sent next to Father and across from Henry. We had a little staring contest, but I was really just death staring him. "Sorry Father, I had to finish writing today." Mother was always supportive about my books. "Casey, can I speak with you for a second?" Henry stood up and walked into the hallway. I was confused and I hesitated, but I followed him.

"Listen, i'm sorry I have been such a jerk to you all these years. It's just that whoever my mom, Regina, left, I became this person that I never wanted to be. I was always this person that was kind to people and never rude to them." Henry started to tear up, but I didn't. I don't know why, but I never cry. Maybe because i'm so badass. I have never seen this side of him. He was all emotional and gross."I have never, in my whole entire life, thought I would say this, but your are maybe the smartest, funniest, dorkiest step brother. I have always just 'hated' you because you never gave me a reason not to." By then tears were rolling down Henry's cheeks left and right. "Brother. Not step-brother. Just brother." As he corrected me, I leaned in and hugged him tightly.

As we walked back to dinner, they all looked at us as if we were bloody ghosts or something. "What?" We both just stood there. Henry was wiping his tears away while they all stared at us. "Nothing, oh nothing." they all said, "Nothing," and went back to what they were doing. We walked back overt to they table and had dinner. "Dinner was ravishing, thank you, Jace." Jace was never in the cursed world; he was always the royal chef. For dinner, we had turkey, ham, green beans, and some other things. It was a lot like Thanksgiving from Storybrooke.

After dinner we walked into the main room and sat on the couch. We would always go in there after dinner to talk about our day and what we would do tomorrow. Once everyone sat down and started talking, I heard something. And according to everyone's faces, I was the only one.

It came from the basement. I told everyone i heard something, but everyone just looked at me concerned. "It's fine, don't worry. I'll be back in a sec." I grabbed a sword off of one of the unnecessary armor stands and slowly walked downstairs. As I turned the corner, I only hear one voice. One laugh. "Reveal yourself!" I heard the laughing, but I couldn't see who was doing it. "Careful, dearie, don't want to alarm the others." Someone magically appeared, sitting on the box in the corner. "The Dark One. What are you doing here?" I've never really liked Rumple, but he was always a part of my family. And just because he is part of my family, doesn't mean I have to lower my sword whenever he is near.

Everyone came downstairs screaming. "Casey! Casey!" I turn around and they're all holding swords and getting their magic ready. "Grandpa?" Henry pushed through them looking at Rumple. Father speed walks up to Rumple and puts his hook to Rumples throat. "How dare you show up at our home!" I pull Father off of Rumple only because I thought he was going to kill Rumple and I couldn't let that happen to Henry. Just as I turn my back to Rumple, to look Father in the eye and tell him it's alright, he grabs me. Rumplestiltskin grabs me by the back of my neck and put a dagger to my throat.

"Rumple, what are you doing?" Rumple's skin turned back into the scaly skin it was when he was the Dark One. "Henry, get back!" Mother grabbed Henry and pulled him behind her. "Father!" I scream for Father as Rumple chokes me. Father attempts to run after Rumple to kill him, but Rumple freezes him with magic. "He froze him," I thought to myself, "he froze them all." They're standing there, frozen in front of me, while i'm fighting to breathe. I see everyone starting to cry, including Father.

Suddenly, I loose consciousness. "Ah, there we go." Just as Rumple said that, he poofed away. Taking me with him. Once we left, everyone unfroze. "No no no no no no!" Father starts freaking out. Everybody thought he was having a bloody panic attack, which, in fact, he was. "Killian, we have to get her back! Guys we have to get her back!" I'm pretty sure Mother was too. "Emma! Calm down and breathe. We will get her back. You too, Killian, both of you breathe." David and Mary Margret were both trying to get them to calm down. But there was one thing no one noticed. "Wait, where's Henry?"

Everyone ran upstairs to look for Henry, but nobody could find him. "Send a search party! He couldn't have gotten far!" David told the guards to look for him. They looked for hours, but absolutely nobody could find him. If I was there I could've found him instantly, because I would've known exactly where he was.

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