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Takes place in a mythological world where Fables and Mortals live. The tale is about a young man who is a Demon who goes on a journey to find his Orgin Of Creation, while adventures to save his world from ruin.

Fantasy Dark Fantasy Not for children under 13.

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The Opening Of A Tale

Fables, something that is created, created by ink. Born from words, thoughts, emotions and history. Through the ages of time, Fables are painted into canvases, written in countless scrolls and archived, spoken in languages remembered or forgotten, heard from many winds and songs, even animals that have a voice to tell.

This land, this world, this place of many Tales formed in a space that no one know not when and why.

Everything has a past, present and future. These words spoken in the old and the new. Time comes and goes here. Seasons change in every cycle, frost melted on the grass and flowers, the Sun and Moon rise and fall, animals and humans come by birth and die of old age without impurities. O, what a life to be. Yes.... everything has a past, present and future. This saying only belongs to the Mortals.

Us? When were we ever born from natural affection? Did we ever grow? Did our appearance change as we age? Do we die from natural death? Heh, no. We don't.

Time leaves us ever since we are painted. We don't have a past, we are given a past. We don't live experience, we are given a history. We were never given a chance to chose who we are as a "person" nor what type of "person" we would like to be. Yes, such a fate never existed to began with.

So, I have a question.

What is the reason we Fables existed for? Have we were ever given a chose of having a will?

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