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Dragon magic

a dragon is powful like creatureand powerful very mystical ther way life is very peaceful but if pisstoff the will destroy you ther quite magic and mystical there way life is mostly being guardiens to knights it was they gave strength from the dragon spirt. if you could befreind a dragon you would be gifted with a great gift nystcal magic dragons life was by there knight to protect and serv them and give them energy aid them when troulble arise life was alway quint and quit well resting but dragon way was show tuere masters owner and wisdum and protection there link with them gain them great power they alwas protectvthere master and freins and they flew and purturb they would breeth fire and destroy the town or who ness them or there jnight it would go down in history for dragons to be very mystical powful and freinds to there knights always to protect there life the. end dragons show magic and wisdum in saving lifes and beging a freind hero to there master there mystical and stealthy freinds to there king or knight show great oower and protect theew there lifes the fire breathing fights whencangored thought there master kay be incdanger words off thecgreatctrollbmysticaly cme to pass heed the dragons words donr seperate the mystical egg with ot the egg you may nit power or reverance over the dragan thingscwith dragons and j and the kingdun somtimes come at a great nystart who knows why dragons maglicaly were ling to the knights or kingdom some thing a great wizard was cast a spell and made a mistake some just ponder on it try not to thing about it there smallvand giant mystalcal dragans who are scatterdcthrew out thevlands like thecgreat forges and wiszatds there once was wizard who was able to haraness all the power of the dragans engery that wizard was grave dark and bad he drew from the dragans power in order tovtake a trollskingdom but unforceen did this wizard see is that the land was cursed with dark engery that covered the land. whn the wizard enteredcthe kindom to claim it thunder lighting and great orb of light struckbhim oeople think he was banshided to shadow land of souls people say ever night shadow covers the land and formatian of dragon fly unboutbofctge realms of that time is the wizardxdoomed iever returns we wilk know but untill then dragans steer away fromvthe kingdom of trolls dragans depict engery wisdom knowledge and truth theey brewtged life into the kindoms for centreys does life dragon come is no it fill with heroism and. fear ofcloos there life butvtl they were devoted to protect the kingdoms there was such plays called the kingdoms of dragans it was suppose to a greatchall witch housed the orgianal dragans withe enfery fire water air and eatch said once year they could open portals to the after kingdom of the great knights. the golden dragan was the main harranse of all kingdoms and dragans if a knight or a kingdom could master a golden sragan hed be unstopable. fearce and strong but those forbin dragans havent been seen in havanet been seen incages thecday of star dragan may come agein but do they anymore no ony the relm and othere mstical dragabs one day mystcal magic will upon the cursed land house thecwazard maybe just maybe thevorb will create one out of star dust and thats dragans and there mystical life the end? or is it.

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To be continued...

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