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Esther has two beautiful girls;Omotara Stephenie and Omolola Sofia Johnson.Tara is the beautiful ,Friendly,Talented and Bold one .Lola is the Very Bold,Sometimes arrogant,adorable and Mischievous one .Omotara is Sixteen,and Omolola is Thirteen. Follow the journey if these two sisters in ~•Tara and Lola•~ |•|Rennie|•|

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Chapter one ~New school here we come

"Ugh,Lola come out of the bathroom jor".Omotara let out a frustrated groan as her younger sister continues to hum to the song ~Me~ by Taylor swift while dancing under the shower.

"seriously Lola.We're supposed to be at our new school by Seven thirty. i will break down this door oh".She said in a threatening voice at the same time Esther walked into their bedroom with their new school bags and Note books.

"what's going on?".She asked dropping the things in her hand on Tara's bed,A pink Medium sized bed with Ocean blue Bed spread and many pillows .Lola's bed is also pink with Green bed sheet and fluffy pillows with many teddy bears surrounding it .She never seemed to tidy up after Herself.THAT GIRL.

"—Lola isn't coming out of the bathroom.Why must she always waste time in the bathroom?.I swear next time,I'm getting into the shower first".Tara said crossing her arms over her free breasts with a huff .

"omolola come out of that bathroom right now.What is it sef,are you giving birth in there?.With that your small body you are still spending over one hour to bathe it ?".Esther said and moments later Lola walked out with her signature Innocent look ,Her hair dripping wet and her Chestnut brown towel wrapped around her smallish body.

"You'll use Ten hours to take your bathe,and you know you two are supposed to be attending your new school'Elites College' today".Esther said to her daughter.

"I was just bathing na.I didn't do it intentionally.This One was now shouting anyhow".Lola addressed it to her sister who only Hisses walking past her entering the bathroom closing the door behind her .

[Translation: I was just bathing.I didn't do it intentionally.She was Shouting for no valid reason]....

"Oya Get dressed so i can comb your hair for you and pack it any style you like.Wear the pair of blue jeans i bought for you last week,and any top you want to match with it".She said before leaving their room.Lola Went over to her side of the wardrobe bringing out the blue skinny jeans Esther bought for her last week-apparently they get new clothes every week,Mostly Lola who easily gets bored of her clothes collection- She then picked out a bright yellow Blouse that has beautiful embroidery and Rhinestones on them and 'Girl Rock' Written on it .Then she dried her body with the towel Using the Nivea Body cream Her and Tara used applying it on her brown skin ,wearing a pair of her panties and Bra top as she just started developing,She wore her clothes and looked for her comb and some rubber band leaving the room to her mother's so she could style her hair for her .Her hair was just as beautiful as Tara's ,it was natural though,unlike Tara's which has been Relaxed so many times,Straight and damn long,she could even pack it in pony tail (Most Nigerians have very short hair,but these two sisters inherited their mother's long hair,Both Esther's hair isn't as long as her daughter's ,just brown and Long-ish?).Lola's hair was curly and Fully Natural,She never enjoyed going to the salon,nor did she like other people touching her hair,She always styled her hair with pins and ribbons or just packed it Donut style.

Not too long after Tara got dressed wearing a pair of her favorite Jumpsuit,Peach color,Off shoulders,and Free .She wore a pair of Her Many Sneakers,Packed her hair by standing in front of their mirror,She Packed it into two buns using her Hair pins to hold 'em and Letting two portions of her hair at her front (Forehead area) ,and Applied Her plum Lip gloss that made her plumpy Red lips look very kissable and attractive,Wore her tear drop earrings,Matching Neck lace,Silver wrist watch,Put her Gionee cell phone into her school bag in case her mother would want to reach to her in school or let her know if she would be the one taking them home or them going home themselves.She walked out of her and her sister's bedroom carrying her bag in her hands heading to the dining table muttering one thing to herself......

"new school here we come".


Till next time folks.

next chapter coming in soon.

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To be continued... New chapter Every week.

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