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She was a monstrosity, literally and figuratively. Incubus and Succubus are rare, and because of that, they were only supposed to have full blooded children. Then she, and her beloved twin, were born. Half of something that should be whole. By granting wishes and taking others lust in the form of a kiss, she hopes to change her fate. (non erotic version)

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Chapter 1

Two sets of eyes roamed over her, prickling the hairs of her neck. She picked up her glass of vodka, chugging it before turning to the two who watched her. Mates, by the way their energy intertwined.

Show time. She dipped her long rimmed, pointy hat to the strangers. One was human, the other was afaun-born. They held hands, the faun hiding partially behind his mate. For a wolf Canis, he was rather timid, she grinned. She liked the timid ones. “Are you the Witch of Red?” The faun asked, yellow eyes wide as he stared at her red hat. It was the one thing that could be perceived about her, thanks to the intricate magic placed on it.

“Yes, that would be me.” She grinned at the man, who shrunk behind his partner. The human growled lowly, sounding more wolf than his Canis mate. “I assume you want a wish granted.” She leaned on the bar counter, resting her chin against her palm.

“Yes.” It was the human who spoke, he had hair the color of summer leaves, and eyes of sea foam. It looked as if he was trying to pass for Land-Born himself. A mixed Nymph perhaps? They tended to be a bit easier to impersonate then others.


She knew their wish.

“That is a heavy wish, friends.” She pressed the empty glass to her lips, before tilting her head. The energy flow between them was satisfactory, but getting between partners was always a bit awkward for her. “You do know my price, hm?” She asked, glancing at the human. He huffed, but nodded. The faun also nodded, his face turning red.

“If I cannot become a Land-Born for him, can you make him a human for me?” The human asked, glowering with each word.

Land-Born and Human relationships, despite the recent events, were still banned from marriage. Cross breeding was frowned upon, they said. They needed to preserve bloodlines, they said. Really, it was just a bunch of bigoted humans who kept the law from changing. After all, Land-Born could marry other Land-Born. It was only humans who were not allowed to intermix. A left-over prejudice from Land-Born hiding, and their recent resurgence. Recent, in human years, at least.

She did not agree with the laws against love.

“I can make it happen. I have a Vampire who owes me.” The human’s eyes widened, his jaw working. He thought she would break laws of nature for him?

No, not for anyone. Never again.

That, and, she did not have anyone lined up for species shifts. Not many wanting to become human, anymore. It was the only way she would do a species shift.

“Why a Vampire?” The human asked, sounding rather livid. The wolf Canis cowered, quickly letting go of his partner’s hand. “Aren’t you supposed to be the Witch who will grant any wish in return for lust?” The human took a step closer to her, squaring his shoulders and fists clenching.

Trying to be scary?

She laughed, pressing her hand to his broad chest. He tensed, his muscles winding, but he did not move. She got up from her seat, setting her empty glass down. Her fingertips trailing up to his neck, where her hand rested against his jugular. The human, who spoke so big before, began to blush heavily, his breath becoming short and hard.

She leaned in; lips close to his ear. “Indeed, I will take your lust for my price.” She could feel him shudder under her touch, before she pushed him backwards. He flailed, before catching himself on the counter. For someone so large, he gave in very fast. Heads turned in the bar, eyes now on them. “But for that kind of request, either you need someone willing to become human in your place, or you will need to succumb to Vampirism. Which, is a gift itself. Vampires love their children, they tend to keep them close.” She laughed when the human gripped his neck, face turning even more red. He had been lulled by her intoxication, as all who came in contact with her did. She had no control over it. It was part of her being half Succubus. That was also why, she knew, despite the many eyes on her, the only thing they all saw in common was her pointed red hat. Succubus and Incubus could control their shape, and tended to appear in the most attractive shape to their target. But, being a half-succubus, she had no control on how those who looked upon her perceived her.

A rare being, she was. Succubus and Incubus could not have children, as was laid out by the old gods. If one of their kind died, only then would a child be consummated. Since they were a rare species, it was often strategic. Mixed bloods like her offset the balance. Both her, and her twin. Her poor, dear, dead, twin.

She, who was half Witch, half Succubus, was not meant to be. That was why she, the twin who lived, was working to fix the wrong she was.

And for that- she needed to collect.

The human growled, eyes alight with anger. His Canis partner whimpered, tail between his legs.

“Give me two days, I will see if I can find someone willing, Witch.” He spat the word Witch, as if such nonsense could hurt her.

It was not like she advertised her service as Witch, she laughed, waving as the two men left. She sat down, waving to the bartender for another drink. The woman swooned, fanning herself before pouring her another glass. Another flirty wink, and the bartender sauntered away.

Two more days in this town, then she would be off to the next city.

She needed to be moving. Always moving. Lest they find her.

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