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He ran into an accident scene to help save life but he was complicated in a crime he knows nothing about. How will he let the world know he was not involved in the crime because every evidence pointed out that he actually committed the crime

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What I got myself into begins

Before I left my office to my car that faithful evening, I had to put a call across to my fiancée that I would be home soon, so she can prepare the delicacies and wait for me. This is her first visit after our introduction, we need this time to discuss how our wedding would look like. Meanwhile, we have made contacts to the different event planners around, and we now have their cost and packages. Having this in mind, I know that my evening would be a great one. We would have to choose from the dinning, sitting room or the bedroom for this discussion. For me, a perfect place for this discussion would have been my dinning. As I walked close to my car, I noticed that the mark of the tire on the floor appeared recent. It doesn't look like a mark of a car that was parked in the morning. I have to press the key of my car, but I met some resistance. I have been driving this Benz for two good years and have not experienced a thing like this, so I have to use the key to open the car. When I opened the car, I couldn't place what was happening. There was something strange about the car, at that point I couldn't say what it was, so I have to put on the ignition, wait for some time and moved my car out of the vicinity.

As I drove down I was listening to a music from Burna boy album twice as tall. As I was expecting a double blessing as I step into the new phase of my life.

As I drove very close to the house I met an accident scene and I stopped to ask what happened, and I was told that it looks like an accident that involved two members of National youth service Corps. I tried to find out if they were alive, but the reply I was getting was satisfactory. Initially I stopped just to know what was happening then I move to meet my queen waiting for me, but this incidence caught my attention. Is this what our society have turned into? Before now if an accident happens people come around to help, but this time around everyone was busy taking videos and pictures. In my mind I was wondering if this people were supposed to survive this, with this type of societal mess I wonder if they would. Out of that annoyance I came down from my car and made a way to reach out to the victims, behold the victims were almost swimming in the pool of their own blood.

I remembered that during one of our safety training when I was working with the Oil Company they thought us CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) I have to check the pulse rate if it was available. As God may have it, I could get the pulse rate of one of the victims. My mind was working very fast at that moment, if I do chest compression and mouth-to-mouth respiration I will achieve little with no medical aid around. I noticed that the blood was coming out from the head, so I quickly tied it up with my cloth to prevent bleeding and I carried him up and moved towards my car. People around were just looking at me as if I was acting a drama. I opened my back door and carried him inside. As I drove off I didn't have any idea of the hospital I will be going to, as I moved towards the express I remembered that there was a hospital around there, and I quickly entered the hospital. Immediately I came down I rushed into the emergency to alert the medical team and two of them came out. One was checking the pulse and the other blood pressure. The next thing I heard was bring him in the next thing I noticed was that another set of men rushed out carried the body placed it on the trolley and moved inside. A young man with a good appetite for a smile walked closer to me, and we exchanged pleasantries. " What is your relationship with the person you brought in," he asked. I have to explain to him how everything happened. He said he was impressed that they have already started treatment in other to save his life, but he will need to undergo some investigations now that will require money. I don't know how you can reach his family, so they can make a deposit. " I can actually make a deposit" and another thing we will need a police report on this incidence in case his people start looking for him, so they can easily trace him.

That wasn't a problem to do, I entered my care and was about to move out when my phone ranges. I picked it up to answer the call from my fiancée Chioma. " I have been calling you for hours now you are not picking" she said at the other end of the phone with great panic.

" Babe calm down, there's a situation on the ground I am heading to the police headquarters now I will tell you what happened when I come back just keep my food ready.

I drove to the police station. As I stepped out of the car, I met the surprise of my life. " Your hands on your head and move away from the car the police men said pointing guns of different varieties on me. " What have I done wrong," I asked myself? " You have to remain silent or what ever you do would be used against you in the court of law

I have to cooperate with them. The came close to me and handcuffed me.

Before I could say Jack Robinson I was behind bars receiving the beating of my life inside the interrogation room. One of the officers inside the room told the one sitting opposite me that I am a hardened criminal, that he knows my type, that I wouldn't open up if I don't get tortured. I have to interrupt them this time please I am not a kidnapper, I don't know what is going on here I just offered to help bring him to the hospital and report the incidence to you" Those words got me a Button on my head. The man in front of me appeared in different versions. I was able to see him properly again after some time.

" You have to tell us the truth so that we can reduce your torture and get your gang members" the officer said. The whole thing was so confusing, how else will I explain to these man that I am not a kidnapper. How else will I tell him that I have not touched a gun in my life, talk more of to trigger it. He told me that the instruction given to them about my gang was to shoot aside that we are dangerous, but he wanted to use me to get others, that kidnapping and kidnappers can no longer thrive in this state.

As I sat before him, I told him time with without number that I work with an insurance company with the office at the banking complex at the express junction and I have not committed any crime or have I been close to a crime before. I am just a good Samaritan who wanted to help. " A good Samaritan who uses same car with kidnappers, same plate number the police officer said and continued. " You better start saying the truth because you don't have much time. The order was to shoot at sight any kidnapper and I can choose to do the shooting now and nothing will happen.

At this point I can't tell how my plate number was the same with the kidnappers, I was shut of words the only thing I could say was let me speak to my fiancée even if it is the last thing I do" The police Man stood up and laughed living me alone in the interrogation room.

The tape was removed from me by a new friend I met in the room. He introduced himself as Mr EZE a motor parts dealer that he sold motor parts to a customer on credit and when he went back for his money the man arrested him and told him to his face that there's nothing he can do to him that he has the money and connection that me coming to ask for my money was insulting." That was how I found myself in the police cell this evening and look at me spending time in an unknown destination.

I told him my own story as we awaited our turn. He was happy for me, but one thing I didn't disclose from my story was what I heard from brutal. I didn't know where the confidence came from,, but I was confident that I would be free from this people.

Next it was my turn, meanwhile I was able to exchange address with Mr EZE in case any of us leaves here alive. So, I was accompanied by two heavily armed men and was brought to the gang leader they call emperor. I recognized emperor, he was the one that took me to the van. " Who are you," he asked. I have to start explaining myself. Just maybe he will have compassion on me and asked me to go. The next thing I heard paralyzed my limbs. " Stony, this one would be dangerous to allow home. Carry am go meet Honorable people" that was how I was carried by stony and two other walking in the bush with my mouth and hands tied.

We got to a point and some men jumped out of nowhere with different shades of weapons and a big bag. The bag was handed over to stony and with his cracked baritone voice he asked hope it completes the guy that handed over the money to him told him that the money is from Honorable and Honorable doesn't cheat. That was how I was handed over to this group of people who carried me to their car. They opened the booth and gave me a strong hit at the back, I didn't know what it is, but I know I fell into the booth of the car with injuries on my jaw and bleeding everywhere. They arranged me in the booth of the car and moved. God, please save me from these man of under world I prayed. I prayed more than I have ever prayed before.

Did I tell you that I was both hungry and thirsty? I was, I felt that even the hunger will kill me before I kill me finally.

What I got myself into PART 5

As I made fervent words of prayers, the vehicle moved. I was suffocating, I could feel that I wasn't getting enough air. I was weak and tired and at this point I beckoned on death. The prayers I made for survival was gone, I saw death and I begged death to take me. There was sweat all over my body and suddenly the car stopped and head collided with the rear of the booth. As the car stopped I was hearing voices, I couldn't pick the voice, but I heard footsteps coming towards the booth. One of the guys opened the booth as they discussed me. Now I could hear their voices, anyone that stops you people tell them that Honorable dimkpa chuks sent you for an arena. No vagabond will question you" the Honorable said as he comes close to examine me.

" You guys delivered a good job, take him to meet others. Baba would be ready in few minutes" he added. I was brought down and carried to a place I met twelve other guys with me thirteen. Some ladies came into the place where we were caged and removed our clothes and shaved us. When they were done they wrapped a white cloth around us and took us one after the other. When they took anyone out we will hear the person's voice screaming for mercy and after sometimes we won't hear the voice again.

The looks in our faces were terrible. Somewhere crying and singing sorrowful songs. Some prayed for their families and others were either praying for forgiveness of sin like me or praying for deliverance. But with the occurrence so far no one has been delivered and people are dying. I cried out my eyes, my wedding was in a few months. So I will not live to be a married man, I said to myself. Guess who was picked next? I was picked and as we moved along the path to the slaughterhouse, the guy who picked me called my name. He said I was his teacher in secondary school. That I was posted to their school and I impacted his life. He said that he is saving me because I am a good man, that I don't deserve to die like this. He asked me to run. " Asked run to where?" He gave me a very funny answer. For the first time in two days, I smiled and began to run into the bush. I didn't know where I was running to, but there was strength from nowhere and lightness in my body as I ran for my dear life.

In the past few days I have had a series of near-death experience. Hope I wouldn't run to my doom this time.

I was running in people's farm. There was no hope of seeing any human being or house around, and it was getting dark. As I ran I came to a point where I have to rest under a tree. As I was resting I didn't know when I fell asleep only to wake up and see two men pointing touch light into my face. I opened my eyes, they shouted in unison he is alive ". My heart jumped into my stomach and my feet jumped unto the ground as I started running in the dark, and they were running after me asking me to stop.

Finally, they got hold of me and asked me to tell them who I am and what I am doing in the bush by this time. I had to tell them I escaped from the den of ritualism. They both nodded their heads like they were aware of such happenings around that area, so they carried me to their office and there they introduced themselves as the local vigilante group. When I got to the office, I was given water to drink and bath. I was given a cloth to wear and some fruits to eat. After which I have given a place to sleep till morning.

In the morning I was told that I was in Benue State. The members of the vigilante group carried me to meet with the traditional ruler of the community where I was. After speaking with me, he gave me a phone to call my relatives. I told them I can only remember one number, so I called the number of my fiancée Chioma. She picked the call without waiting it to wring. " Hello who is this" she said, and I replied babe it's me I could sense the joy, the happiness, the feeling of excitement that flowed from that end. She was asking a million questions at a time, but I could tell her it was just to thank God for me who has delivered from the jaws of death.

I told her to come over immediately and see me as I will be going to the hospital and would spend some days. I gave the address and pleaded with her not to tell anyone we spoke.

I have to be accompanied to a hospital where I took treatment and my wound sites taken care of. What I have been through in this few days can be best described as hell on earth. Meanwhile, as I was receiving my treatment in the hospital, I made up my mind to unveil any secret of how I was implicated in a crime I know nothing about. I was also determined to come up with the secrets I discovered during my journey of horror.

I was receiving an infusion when Chioma entered my room. She rushed to me and was like what happened? What is going on? I smiled and told her it was a long story and that I got myself into a situation that would have taken my life, and before I can be able to work the street again like a free man I will need to remove myself from the danger and wanted to list the police have kept me. " Babe, please I don't understand what you are saying, you called me that I should keep food that you are on your way back home. The next call you were going to the police station and that was all till the last time you called. " I was framed up, to the best of my knowledge, as a kidnapper, and I was nearly killed the first night in a police cell as a kidnapper but that night I got a lead that would help me bring down many. " So what will happen to our wedding she asked. " Our wedding will hold, but first I have to clear up this mess I said as I held to her hands, and she bends over placing her head over my chest.

I am really grateful to God for giving me life a multiple times, I believe he gave me this opportunity to end crime in my state. Shortly after Chioma visited, the traditional ruler of the community came in. After introducing him to Chioma she left to give us privacy.

The traditional ruler told me that he will link me up with the new inspector general of police, and he would give me a secret cover as I go to uncover this crime that has involved me as the prime suspect. I was skeptical about meeting the IGP because of my experience. Most of this police officers have links to high profile criminals. Now I can see why it's difficult to fight crime in our society. If not, tell me how a police station would be attacked without resistance and would go away with inmates and nothing will happen and no investigation about them.This is my call and I promise to make it count.

Chioma left Benue State before me while I stayed back to strategies how I would move. Over the past few days I have learned to trust a little and love more.

On the faithful day I had to dress ensuring my face doesn't get notice at first look. Now let me tell you the truth, I have to change the cloth I wore out of the hospital at the park as I entered the public transport. Our vehicle moved as the expected number of passengers were complete. As we moved, just at the outskirt of the boundary, our car was stopped by some young men fully armed to the teeth. They shot guns into the air and asked us to come down one after the other. As we came down, they looked at us properly. When I came down one of the gang members said Na him be this at that I knew I was the one they came for. Who sent them to me, I don't know. I needed to think out the best thing to do, if not I might not be as lucky as I was the previous times.

The pointed their guns at me and asked me to step aside and raise my hand and I obeyed. They directed me towards their car and I entered and we drove off. In my I was thinking of how to tell Chioma that I am in the same mess I thought I had overcome. One of the guys brought out his phone and called a number. Behold it was the traditional ruler I met in Benue that they called telling him that they have gotten me. He told them I know so much, and I should be wasted. That allowing me would be putting everyone in danger. I couldn't understand why the traditional ruler wants me dead. We have discussed how to handle the situation I found myself into, and he even promised to hook me up with the IGP to ensure my safety. At a point they stopped and came down to ease themselves. I was all alone in the car. They were not too far from me. They had another car that was following behind but if I can handle the steering of the car I could get a chance to live. So I dived from the back sit to the front of the car and moved it with a high speed. They Immediately turned and fired shots at me while others were shooting and advancing towards me. I was driving into an unknown destination. My goal was just to get to where I can see people. Suddenly I started seeing people, they were still after me. I got to a busy market, I drove the car into the market, stopped the car and ran into the crowd. It was at that point I missed contact with them,, but I have to observe my environment very well and advance.

I managed to hide in one of the shops. I told the woman I has been chased by assassin's. She asked if I was a politician, I said no. She wondered why someone would want me dead just for nothing. Likewise, she said she would be helping dress me up like a lady, so I would be able to leave the market but that she is doing this just because of God, nothing else.

I was now fully dressed like a woman. She gave me directions on how to find my way and I followed her instructions. I entered a bike ride and got the express where I entered a car and continued my journey dressed up in a females attire.

Finally, I entered the town late in the evening and I went straight to my work place. I know you will be wondering what I went there to do. I should have gone home now that I am free from the dangers that wanted to take my life. Hope you remember that it only a full that celebrates halfway to success. Even I should go home and try to start my life all over again without fixing things. They will still come for me because they can't trust me with their information and loyalty.

When I got to work I entered the security room where the cameras were been monitored and no one was there, so I relaxed and searched for the videos of what happened to my car on that day of the incidence. I discovered that someone actually drove my car out and drove it in. As I zoomed the camera I could picture the guys face. He is my friend, and he works in the account department. The question that ran through my mind was how he managed to drive my car while I was with my key.

I have to quickly save the information I have in a flash I picked from the room and moved towards the gate. It was then one of the security guys saw me coming out and shouted who is that?" In my mind I responded who cares?" As I ran out of the gate, entered a bike and moved.

I became worried about how loose the security in my work place is. If I can enter the camera room and stay for hours without interruptions, that means we have no security. Another thing quickly came to my mind. " Do we even have security in this country ?" That question paralyzed me. " We have,, but they sure have their own problems. We have so much valued money in this country that people no longer care about what you do as far as the cash keeps flowing. No one holds anyone accountable, the love of money is gradually leading us to a state of anarchy.

Guess where I was heading to that night from my work place? I was going to pay Ifeanyi a visit. Okay, I didn't tell you his name earlier. That, my friend that drove my car in and out of my work place. His name is Ifeanyi, and I am going to his house now.

When I got to the house I knocked at the door he asked who it was, and I told him but met someone dressed like a woman when he opened the door. He has like this one you dress like this, immediately I have him a hard unexpected blow on his head and he landed on the floor. I turned his face to the floor and tied his hands, then moved him to a seat tied. I went back to the door, closed it properly and positioned my camera without his notice.

I brought my seat close to him. He was like Guy what's all this for? " I gave him a bright smile. " Ifeanyi, I have known you for some time now at work, and we've been hanging out I didn't know you were a member of a kidnapping gang and out of all the cars in this world why did you choose my car?" I asked. I saw the surprise in his face, he would be wondering how I managed to know. Then he gave me a surprise reply. " Honestly, I don't know what you are talking about" it was then I brought out a gun. Please calm down, yes I mean you reading this story. You are wondering how I got the gun, right? Let me explain. When I drove the car of those people that wanted to kill me. I picked up a fully loaded gun inside, this would be my first time bring it out.

" Ifeanyi, I have gone through a lot this past few days, and I am no longer the person whom you used to know and if you don't open up I will be tempted to kill you gradually and no one will trace it to me, you better start talking" I told him point the guns on his toes.

" I am sorry for everything, I didn't know you will survive this,, but it wasn't in the plan. My car was always used for operation by my gang members, and I wasn't scared of using my car because we have the backup of police and top people in government. So I had issues with my car and I met you few weeks back, and you gave me your car which I used to go for lunch, but I wasn't going for lunch I had to visit a Benz engineer who helped me with alternative access to your car without your keys that was how I got access to your car and carried it for that assignment. I am not a criminal I just drive them, that's my job" he said.

I shook my head, you are not a criminal, but you drive criminals. " Look at me pointing guns at you, something I have never done before, just because I gave out my car for you to pick something and come back. You, said you have police officers working with you. Apart from brutal, any other person?" I inquired. " You know about brutal, he replied in shock. I know a lot than you can imagine. Apart from brutal, any other person I questioned with a hard voice." We are permitted to know only those we are working directly with. We work directly with brutal, there are other police officers that helps us with guns but brutal is our contact man.

I felt like I was getting close to what I want,, but the big question is this. After getting all this information what will I do with them since I wouldn't be the one to arrest and prosecute them. Who will I even hand them over to since our police and political space have been jeopardized.

I carried Ifeanyi to a building that is still under construction and kept him there. Then I have to move to the police station where I was interrogated but didn't enter. It was evening, so I decided to ask people around about brutal, and they told me that he was around. I retrieved his number from Ifeanyis phone, so I had to call him, I told him that I am Ifeanyis girlfriend and that Ifeanyi is having issues me that he should come and pick Ifeanyi. He immediately rushed out of the station. He was looking for a bike when I gunned him down and asked him to cooperate with me if he wants to be alive. That was how I took him to the same place I kept Ifeanyi and I made him call the names of the officers involved in giving arms to the kidnappers. That night I made a live video of myself and the bunch of criminals I have on Facebook and explained what has transpired between me and the criminals and how I was almost killed so that their business would thrive. I had to do a sponsored advertisement calling on well-meaning Nigeria, NGOs and international organizations to come to my rescue. I dropped off my contact and calls upon calls started coming in, comments were coming. Not only that, but I felt like a superhero, but I didn't have confidence in what I did, but I was aware that the information would go far enough that they would be unable to cover it up in totality.

Furthermore, I got calls from highly placed people. Some encouraged me that they are solidly behind me, while others threatened that I would be dealing with me. I told to verify with my instinct and some mobile apps I have on my phone on the authenticity of the number and the persons calling me.

In the morning I gave out my direction to the IGP and also to the members of the public and the press, and before I could know what is happening the police came in and took Ifeanyi and brutal. I have to join them to the state police headquarters.

They were thrown behind bars and interrogations started immediately. They released names of the police members who were involved with the kidnappers. I was surprised to learn that even the divisional DPO was involved. The confession also implicated two pastors who would give out financial details of members for the kidnappers to go after. The issue became a national issue and was on air, I was granted press conference upon press conference. Invited to both radio and television stations for interview of how I got myself in the center of all this.

I was given some awards, and finally I was given an automatic employment to state CID as the case proceeded to court for judgement.

With this I had a certain degree of freedom to move about and plan my wedding. You my wedding now should be a celebrity wedding, but I planned a secret wedding with Chioma. Despite that we planned having a secret wedding, what happened on that day challenged our resolve in staying together for better or for worse.

The kidnappers and their sponsors were finally brought to book. Officer brutal was dismissed alongside other officers who were involved in letting out guns of different varieties to criminals. While all this was happening I have not mentioned officer freeze and his gang members because that wasn't the crime that implicated me and for now I have to finish my wedding before I will have to follow up on other cases.

On my wedding, the plans and most of the execution was done by Chioma. Although she didn't like my present job, but I have to plead with her to give me a little time to work with the CID, so I can personally fight some battles that I am faced with.

On our wedding day, I have to put everything that have happened behind me and enjoy my special day. Everyone around was in high spirits including Chioma the chief bridesmaid and my own childhood friend Okechukwu who stood at my back as my best man. The wedding was strictly on invitation and some officers were present to witness the wedding.

Security was on alert, you know I have stepped on many toes and I need to watch my back every step of the way. Even though I didn't plan for this type of life but yet it's here looking at me to my face.

We walked down the isle, and we were declared husband and wife. That was the greatest feeling of my life, especially when I look back and see the challenges I have faced prior to this day. Chioma was in tears because to her, she gave up on the relationship. She said she was almost willing to accept that I am dead, but look at us now living our dreams.

From the church we moved to royal Garden Hotels where we held our reception and entertained our guests. The gifts were so amazing, in fact I felt so loved than I have felt all my life.

After the reception, on our way driving to the place we will cool off for our honeymoon, I felt a car was following us behind. I didn't want my wife to panic, so I sent the driver an SMS, and he acknowledged that. The more we move, the more they get closer to us, at this point I have to open up to my wife. This appears to be the first temptation we would be fighting as newly-wed, but the irony was why is this happening in a night when we should be resting from all the stress associated with wedding, and it's planning.

I brought out my gun, it has been with me all through the wedding. My wife was surprised to see that, but I have to tell her to relax that she wouldn't be hurt, and we are going to win. I told the driver a location he should be been driving to. From the rare mirror I was able to observe the speed of the car. I directed the driver on what to do, and he was ready,, so he suddenly matched the car break. The car following us behind did the same I have to shoot the tier, and we moved. It was at this point they started shooting at us, the tire was punctured so what they could do was to fire into our car. Despite the instruction I gave to my wife, she was the biggest casualty of this shoot out. She sustained a gun shot injury,, so the driver drove us to hospital instead of the hotel room. Immediately I came down and carried my wife into the emergency room, her gown was drenched in the pool of her own blood. I was outside as I allowed the health team to do their job, at a point one of the doctors called me into the emergency room. As I entered I saw a lot of gadgets on her and the cardiac monitor beeping and raising an alarm. I saw an empty barrel of syringes and filled ones on the side. She was connected to an oxygen. I stood akimbo watching the whole thing play out as the doctor started by telling me all they have down. From CPR, gave this one and this one, and finally he said she couldn't make it. She said I lost my wife. How can the happiest day of my life turn out to be this sad, for the first time in a very long while tears flowed down my cheek as I tried to hold myself. The doctor said that I should take heart, that he agrees that this was a very painful experience,, but I need to handle the whole thing maturely.

To me maturity is useless, I was living a normal peaceful life before I got myself into all this shit and now Chioma is gone. I moved close to Chioma as I saw her very calm like she was sleeping, I asked her series of questions like she would give me a reply, but the truth is that Chioma is dead and nothing can be done about that.

As I stepped out the room the driver rushed me to ask how she was doing, I told him we lost Chioma.

I moved out of the hospital and drove the car, leaving the driver behind. The pain was so unbearable, I drove and parked my car around the express and cried. I was in tears for a very long time thinking of what next to do. Who and who was involved in this attack and at this point even though I worked with the government I crossed my mind that this revenge would not follow any stupid due process. I proposed to go after any criminal I know that I know from the time of my accusations till now. I have already made up my mind on what to do after the have accomplished my mission. Furthermore, I wrote out the names of those I am going after and plotted my sequence and started right away.

My first movement was to visit freeze. Yes, I visited and gave him a shocking revelation of what I know about him and his men in the presence of his wife and children. They blamed for what he did, but I interfered, I told them not worry about blaming someone who will join his ancestors now. I gave him several shots from where I was standing, making sure that the process was successful. After which I left driving away with the car.

I turned on to the news as I moved. Guess where I was going to? I was going to Benue, so I could also reason with the traditional ruler. Finally, I was face to face with him, he terrified to see me. I asked him if I was the last person he expected to see, and he replied yes.

I was like anyway, I am willing to be the last person you see on earth before you die. Immediately I shot him severally and took off as his guards came in. As I struggled to gain my way I killed innocent people who wouldn't have been involved in this, but I felt no remorse because I wasn't supposed to be accused of murder after an attempt to save a dying copper.

As I moved I ran into the bush, I was trying to locate the bush where I was taken to for rituals. After many searches I was there. I eliminated the guards, untie those who have been prepared for rituals and I shot into the shrine and I ensured that came down and none survived. As I came closer, I saw that my student who identified me and helped me escape was in the pool of his blood. I helped to arrest the bleeding, then I left the shrine into the car.

As I searched the internet and listen to the radio, I learned that a bounty has been placed on any who could give them a link to apprehend me. I knew it was possible, but it will take time, so I drove to a school entered the classroom collected a pen and paper from one of the students who identified himself as Sochi. I told him he is going to be my last friend on earth,, but he should promise me that he will send my story across the nation. Our country is gradually going and playing politics will not help. We as a people need to talk to ourselves and deal more with crime within and without.

Sorochi gave me his word and I handed over the paper to him. The paper contains the story you just read.

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