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Fake people with Fake smile..


In 2025, there was an highly developing marketing company called "BLUE MOON".. newly hiring people's because their employees got dwindled...

It was such an huge opportunity for people's who are unemployed, cause this company was said to be one of the dream company for people's especially female employees..

Another reason why people's are crazy about this company is because of "CITY NIGHT'S" a famous boy band who are the representatives of BLUE MOON...

The boy band has totally 5 members

1- *Benjamin* - The leader of the crew who is A KING of Social Distancing..

2- *Roy* - A matured guy who knows how to behave in public places also called the father of the crew..

3- *Jason* - A Tough guy who doesn't know how to express his feelings also called cold hearted guy but isn't..

4- *Neon* - Cute guy who stoles girl's heart easily also the naughtiest one in the crew..

5- *Win* - A silent guy who likes to isolate himself and doesn't talk to strangers easily..

The boy band went to abroad for their concert and was on their way to come back..when they arrived at the airport they saw their fans were waiting for them in the entrance so they rushed there..

While reaching the Entrance they saw a girl with black Hoodies running towards them and realized one rottweiler and one labrador was chasing her..

In a glance they thought this looks suspicious and that's why these dogs are chasing her..When She crossed them Win's bag blocked her leg and all of sudden she fell down...

In a fraction of second those two dogs just jumped on her..they got scared that they might do something to her..

But They didn't harm her instead started licking her...she got up, padded the head of those dogs and told "I lost again"..

So these boys got to know that they were just playing and they left to their room..

They were really tired..So They just Slept..after sometimes Benjamin got a phone call.. suddenly he shouted like "Whattt...???" .....

By hearing him shouting other's got up and asked what happened...

He cut the call and told...??

what could it be...??

who could it be...??

will see in the next episode...hang in there...🥰

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To be continued... New chapter Every week.

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