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My best friend Doll man lives with his adoptive sons. He have his normal-size mute tween pal lives at the next door. They discover on comedy adventures and learns a valuable lesson from mistakes and get into trouble as spoof Spongebob Squarepants TV SHOW SERIES.

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Baby-sitting House

Pilot episode scene at the front red door of 702 Liberty Lane Seville house... “I get it, ” Alvin. My best friend Doll-Man heard someone rings the doorbell. “Good morning Dave, I favor asking you would baby-sit my house while I have to depart with my mom to Tampa, Florida in my alternative universe hometown?” His CGI ANIMATED normal-size best tween mute pal spoke to him. “Of course! I will babysit your house for you, ” Dionne. He nods his high-pitch cues were voiced. “Here’s my list of chores notepad. Don’t forget to feed my pet fish Fifi or He might be dead that I not trust you?” “Sure! No problem. Bye!” My best friend Doll-Man said and closed the front red mini door.

After his breakfast... “Oh? I put her clothes in the washer machine and pour the detergent liquid into them. Sighs. Next is washing all of the strain dishes, kitchen utensils, and glass cans? Maybe I use a mini cloth to wash on that.” My best friend Doll-Man dropped this in the washer machine is more sizable than he is a childish miniature man.

The scene in the kitchen at my pink house next to Miss Croner’s residence... “Phew! I'm exhausted of washing on this. I might take her mails out of the mailbox by using a miniature ladder.” His high-pitch cues were voiced.

Outside of the front yard near my mailbox... “Whoa! that's close. oh!? I forget to feed Dionne’s pet fish, Fifi!” My best friend Doll-Man got my mail letters from it.

Whatever funny happens scene returns back enter my pink house... “It’s too late. if my best pal Dionne sees this then she does not trust me!? Hmm... I have a great idea to replace her pet fish Fifi that she didn't know or notice that.” He looked at the fish tank of Fifi is dead and upside floating now.

Afternoon scene enters the pet store of towns... "May I help you?" The cashier mannered. "Hello! I am down." My best friend Doll-Man standing on the cashier register desk counter. “You’re so miniature like Grimm Grimm fairy tale of Tom Thumbs, ” Mini-Mr. Seville. He puzzled. “Of Course! But, I want a replacement fish that looks like Dionne’s pet Fifi, ” Mr. Auggie. His high-pitch cues were voiced. “Alright. I will take a look if I have a replacement fish from the tank. It was the cost of thirty dollars for this.” The cashier said. “Here’s thirty dollars, ” Mr. Auggie. My best friend Doll-Man picked his money from a brown wallet then gives it over to him. “Have a nice day, ” Mini-Mr. Seville. “Bye! I better go back to my best friend Dionne’s house immediately.” He left out of the front brown door.

The next day morning at the front red door of 702 Liberty Lane Seville house... “Yawn! I got it. Good morning Dionne!” His adoptive CGI animated red-clad ten years old troublemaker son chipmunk Alvin Seville heard someone rings the doorbell. “I need to talk to my best friend Doll-Man Dave now, ” Alvin. His best CGI animated mute tween pal was standing on the doorsteps and holds her pet Fifi is in the fishbowl. “Dave! it’s your best pal Dionne here.” He called his name. “Good morning Dionne! you seem disappointed and tell me what’s wrong?” “I noticed my pet seems different and tell me what’s happening to my pet Fifi, ” Dave? She seems upset about it. “I confess that I forgot to fed your pet FiFi is floating and died. I replaced this from the pet store. Don’t be mad at me please.” His high-pitch cues were voiced. “Sighs. I understand you tell a truth to me about this. Thank you for babysitting my house yesterday, ” Dave. “Welcome. bye, ” Dionne. My best friend Doll-Man smiles and mannered. “You babysat her house right, ” Dave? His CGI animated red-clad ten years old troublemaker son chipmunk Alvin Seville spoke to him. “Of course! She asked me to watch her house while my best pal Dionne and her mom departed to Tampa, Florida visit Dionne’s auntie Faye, ” Alvin. He nods his head and repeatedly. “Simon, Dave is acting so weird being a helping hand to babysat his best pal Dionne’s house yesterday.” “Maybe he is a good neighbor to support her, ” Alvin. His CGI animation blue-clad eldest brainy brother chipmunk Simon Seville standing on the flooring red stripe with a white rug in the living room.

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To be continued... New chapter Every 30 days.

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