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After being abounded and abused all her life she turns into the most dangerous creature ever... She tries to escape... Running.. Is all she could do.... Running from everyone and everything... ................. Her name....her name is one of the major reasons why she is being targeted by everyone and everything. She always hated that name...Kim Reo Ji... She changes her name and lives as someone else, but will she ever get caught? ................... Secret after secret, she craves to find out more about her past. She finds her self searching for answers, that could lead to her doom. After she goes into hiding, she then discovers that her whole life was just a mother freakin lie. She is something that is classified as 'non-existent'. She then finds out that she has brothers she never heard of before. Unlocking the door to a new world she never thought existed, she comes across her mate. The one and only KIM TAEHYUNG. ....................... Will such a heartless, ruthless princess accept him as her mate? Or will she reject him? Will he ever treat her the same as everyone else? Or worse? Will he run away in fear? Or will he stay? .................... ⚠️ MATURE CONTENT ⚠️ >Lots of blood >Abuse >Language >Sexual >Rape 🐻 please if it makes you uncomfortable don't read it ;) .................... What are u waiting for cupcake? Read to find out :3 Hope u guys like my book <3

Fanfiction Bands/Singers Not for children under 13.

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>>Chapter 1~

{Kim Ryeo-Ji's P.O.V}

"BITCH CAN'T YOU DO ANYTHING RIGHT??! WHY ARE YOU EVEN STILL ALIVE??!" He yelled at the top of his lungs and I just blankly stared back at him. Emotionless.

Nothing new...

The sound of skin hit skin echoed in the luxurious cold room, as his palm collided with my left cheek. He slapped me....again...

I felt a light sting but I didn't move. After a couple of seconds, I dare look at him...

"You slut! What the fuck is wrong with you?! Is it that hard to make edible food?!" She sneered...I thought that bacon and pancakes are edible. I think she's got a mental problem...

I rolled my eyes and they both snapped. Ummm...Oops? I mean should I be scared? Am I supposed to feel intimidated by them?

Cause if that's the case..then I think that there is something wrong with me. Haha, I think not...

"BITCH YOU THINK WE ARE A JOKE TO YOU??!" He yelled yet again and I slowly nodded my head. Yes...they are a joke to me.

He came towards me and I tilted my head a little bit to the side waiting for him to blow a punch or knock my head into something.

He grabbed me by my hair roughly and slammed my poor little head into the wall. *Bang*Bang*.

I felt warm sticky liquid running down my head...you guessed it right...Blood..wanna hear something funny?! Well, I don't even feel it. I only feel pain whenever I am in room 05.

"Listen here Kiddo, we don't wanna do this...so you better not push us" She said with a smirk as she knows that she is lying to me and we all know it. They both enjoy it so much. They know that I don't buy their crap anymore.

Ugh...You May wonder...Why the fuck is she not speaking or replying to them...

well, I am practically mute.....by choice...if I wanna speak I can though...but I just don't feel the need to do so..it's not necessary.

"Go before I do something I regret later! After you clean the floor come down here and make us dinner...and oh, we have guests tonight, you know what to wear" He said with an evil smirk playing on his thin lips.

Does he think that I am gonna wear clothes like the slut in front of me? Haha never again. I nodded my head anyway and left.

Making my way to my 'room', I sighed...What the fuck is going on with my life? The thing I call a 'room' is a small cell in the basement.

Barely fit in there, as it is some kind of a dog cell, or fence, or whatever you call it. I never slept comfortably after my 8th birthday...

we have a spare room upstairs which is supposed to be mine, but only when we have guests. I pretend that it is my room and do anything I want...

they don't want people getting suspicious now do they? but whenever IS suspicious, they are either killed or we move to another place.

Right now I don't feel good at all. I feel like I'm gonna throw up. I ran to the nearest bag, which happened to be for my fucking clothes and puked.

And let me tell ya, it's not food, it is Blood. I haven't eaten in a week, and don't even ask how I am still alive, because honestly, I don't even know.

Blood filling my bag and dripping through its holes, I keep thinking of why my life is such a mess...I don't even know the answer to that.

after I was done, I got up again and cleaned the mess I have caused. Speaking of Blood, I should wash the basement's walls.

It's decorated with dried blood. You know, it doesn't feel quite appealing for me to spend most of my time staring at my own blood splashed on the walls...

Haha, you thought I would say sad? depressed disappointment?... I lost all of these feelings along with happiness, joy, love, and excitement. I don't feel anything except confusion and disgust.


I have Cleaned the 1st floor, but I didn't get a chance to wash the walls of the basement yet.

I think that it would be better if I cleaned it tomorrow because right now my whole body is on fire.

We live in a mother freaking huge mansion, and we don't have any servant, that's why I feel like my back is gonna break any moment now..

I walked downstairs slowly and started making dinner as the guests will arrive shortly.

'Mom' and 'Dad' entered the kitchen, eyeing me suspiciously. Then 'Dad' gestured for me to go and get ready. I gladly went to the spare room upstairs.

I wanna anger and embarrass them as much as I could in front of the Guests. They deserve it and even more. So I wore some worn out pyjamas.

the doorbell rang indicating the arrival of our dear guests. I rolled my eyes. dear my ass. I waited for 'mom' to come knock on my door and when she did, I went downstairs after 5 minutes.

just when I arrived all of them stopped talking and gapping at me. 'Mom' cheeks turned red. I am surprised that I noticed it under all of this makeup. they are embarrassed. I don't even know why... I am just wearing my pajama. fuckers.

we all went to eat dinner, and we introduced ourselves in the process. I know where this conversation is going and I don't feel good about it. I am not agreeing.


' Mom' turned to me with a fake smile, and I starred no even giving her a smile in return.

"So Ryeo-Ji...Me and Mrs. Kwak here were thinking of marrying you off to her handsome son, Dong-Yeon" She asked and I shook my head. 'Dad' gave me a warning look and I faked a smile shrugging him off.

"Umm...Mom? I don't think we talked about this...you know... I don't want--" He said and Mrs. Kwak interrupted him mid-sentence.

"I know Honey, I'm sorry" She said with a pout, and I rolled my eyes earning a glare from 'mom'.

I usually use sign language with guests so I'm gonna use it whether they understand it or not.

I will NOT marry him I signed. they looked at me in confusion and I huffed, rolling my eyes.

"She is trying to say that she won't marry me.. Me neither." He translated and I nodded. His parents looked at him in confusion.

"Since when do you understand sign language?" His mother asked. He rolled his eyes but responded anyway.

"2 years ago? I don't know... anyway why would I marry an ugly mute freak? She came in freaking pajamas!!" He asked them angrily. I rolled my eyes at his stupidity. I mean, I know where the fuck he came from but I won't let it slid.

"Son!! watch your mouth, sorry for the inconvenience...He is having a bad day today" His father apologized and I smirked.

then why did he come? to ruin my day? I signed asking him rhetorically, and he huffed.

"Look here, princess. I didn't come here on my own will. I was literally dragged here so--" His father cut him off mid-sentence with a death glare... Haha serves him right.

"I want you guys to think rationally... If you got married it will help us a lot, our companies will grow and you guys will be happy... I t is a win-win situation." He insisted and I sighed. I will have to go the hard way then.

Why would I help you? I don't even care about any of you! and who said I will be happy? I don't even like this piece of shit! well, 2 cows pooped and BOOM he is here! I said annoyed. I know that I am in deep shit right now. today is gonna be a long night.

His mother stood up and tried to slap me, but I held her wrist and slowly twisted it...

She screamed, I smirked and pushed her to the ground. she took her things and hugged her husband..oooh she is such a wimp.

"THAT'S IT YOU SLUT I AM LEAVING! AND YOU...YOU NEVER CONTACT ME AGAIN, CAUSE I WILL CALL THE COPS!! UNDERSTOOD???!" She yelled pointing at 'mom'. 'Dad' got up and slapped her across the face. Oops, it's getting spicy...

"BITCH WATCH YOUR MOUTH WHEN SPEAKING TO MY WIFE" He shouted back. Mr. Kwak came in between and held him by the collar.

"You a$$hole, calm down and apologize to my wife!" He whispered dangerously. Me and Dong-Yeon are enjoying the scene in front of us so much... He looks like he doesn't even like his parents, and it also looked like it happened a lot.

after apologizing to each other they all left leaving me with my 'parents'. They are literally fuming... Aww, look how ADORABLE they are! note the sarcasm. I smirked. 'Dad' turned to look at me angrily.

"Room 05 A.S.A.P" He said leaving the room followed by 'mom' hot on his heels. Ok? today is gonna be a long night...

I went to my cell and changed my clothes into a thin piece of clothing, knowing that it will soon become non-existent, and went upstairs to room 05. Oh lord please help mee! this time I'm gonna get killed for sure.....





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