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This is the story of Kit(Kitarina) and the werewolf king Jasper(Kai).

Fantasy For over 18 only.

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Part I

This is Part I..kinda just a trial run, if y'all could let me know what y'all think I'd greatly appreciate it.

Running as fast as I could through the forest, my lungs hurting from the cold, rain filled air filling my lungs. My breath floating past my faces in puffs of little clouds, I stopped for a moment and leaned against a tree trying to catch my breath. I didn't have long before I heard the cursing of my pack mates, and the pounding of their footsteps filling the air. Pushing off the tree, I continued to run deeper into the forest, my face hurting from the rain and the branches slapping my face. My thoughts kept traveling back to my mother, I wondered if she would even miss me..no, not with Mal there she wouldn't. She had everything she needed, she had her husband and het two stepsons..not to mention the twins she was carrying within her. Coming to another stop, I slumped against a tree trying desperately to fill my lungs with fresh air. After a moment, I slowly started moving through the tree's, listening carefully for the sounds of my pack mates. It was getting kore difficult to see as the clouds covered the moon, before I could realise my foot has slipped out from under me and I was tumbling down the cliff side. I felt a sharp pain in my chest as I felt the pack link break, marking me as a rogue..thankfully, I don't think I was in anyone else's territory. The last thing I heard were my pack mates yelling after me, cursing me into damnation and hoping I didn't survive the night..then there was silence and darkness as I felt my head hit a rock.

I apologize, let me back up and start from the beginning. My name is Kitarina Johnston, my friend's call me Kit..or rather they did before the incident that made everyone start to hate. When I was seven years old my father was called home after an assault on our pack by rogues. The only one who didn't blame me was my mother, everyone else turned their backs on me..blaming me for the death of the strongest fighter in the pack, and also the pack beta. I think that's pretty much it.. Oh! I was born to werewolves, but without a wolf my parents thought I was human..turns out the reason I don't have a wolf, is because I have a fox demon instead.

Squinting at the sunlight coming through the tree's, I pushed myself up off the ground. I sat up slowly, rubbing the back of my head and looking at my hand full of blood. I sighed as I pulled a bandana from around my neck and wiped the back of my head, doing my best to clean away the blood. Looking around I didn't notice where I was, and nothing smelled familiar anymore..I gazed up the cliff side and shuddered at gow far I had fallen. Assessing my body, I noticed a few cuts and bruises but nothing broken. I smiled at myself and started to chuckle, as I laid back against the tree I was under..I couldn't believe I was finally free.

A few hours later I managed the make my way about a mile through the thickets of bushes and tree's. Slowly making my way to a road, I followed it South bound while remaining in the treeline so not to be seen. As the sun was beginning to set, I made my way back into the forest and found a spot close to a river to fall asleep for the night. I jumped awake the next morning to the smell of a fire close by, as I blinked and cleared my vision I saw a man sitting on a rock next to the fire. My eyes widened in terror as I moved back away from, trying not to draw his attention. Without picking his head up a light chuckle escaped his throat.

"Calm down girl, I mean you no harm." he spoke softly, tossing a few more sticks into the fire.

I froze, not moving anymore..not speaking, and barely even breathing. I closed my eyes anf sniffed lightly at the aroma coming from the pot sitting over the fire. My mouth started to water as I unconsciously licked my lips, this drew another chuckle from his lips.

"Come, sit. You must be hungry little one." his voice was soft and smooth like honey.

I slowly took a few steps closer, and sat where I had originally jumped up from. Trying not to stare, I eyed the man sitting in front of me. He didn't look familiar, nor did he smell familiar, he looked to be a human. He gazed at me, his hazel eyes and scruffy beard scrunching up as he smiled softly.

"So, mind telling me what you're doing out here girl?" he asked as he went back to stirring the pot.

I bit my lip and bowed my head, then I spoke softly almost in a whisper, "I r-ran away fr-from home." I stuttered unintentionally.

He raised his head to look at me once again, then he sighed and rubbed the back of his neck. He leaned over and dug into a backpack, then a small metal cup landed at my feet.

"Take that, go to the river and get you some water. It'll help you feel better, and also help your throat." he started to dig in the bag again.

I slowly stood and made my way the river, I dipped the cup in and brought it to my lips as I sipped the cool water. I filled the cup three times, slowly sipping the cool water each time, on the fourth time I brought the cup back and handed it to the old man. He smiled and nodded his thanks, and I did the same as I took my seat again. He picked up a bowl and passed it my way, I hesitated slightly before taking the bowl. The aroma filled my nose, and my stomach made it fully aware of how hungry I was. I slowly sipped from the bowl, and I couldn't help the delighted moan that escaped from my lips. As I finished the soup, he handed me another bowl, I smiled in appreciation as he filled my first bowl and started to eat himself. After hours of sitting in silence, I stood and looked to the sky, it was noon now..a good time to start moving again.

I bowed lowly as I spoke, "Thank you for sharing your meal with me, I wont forget your kindness."

He looked at me in confusion and bowed his head in return, then picking his head up he spoke, "Where will you go?"

I froze for a moment, not having thought of that. I straightened and let a small laugh escape my lips, "I-I'm not sure.."

He nodded his head at this and slowly stood, kicking dirt on top of the fire. He packed his bowls, his cups, and his pot then he lifted the bag onto his shoulder. He looked at me and nodded his head towards behind me, "Go across the road, the forest on the other side. After three days walk you'll find yourself at a village. Tell them Mack sent you, they'll know what to do from there."

I turned to look in the direction he was speaking of, and as I turned to thank him he was gone. Thinking to myself, I wasn't sure if I should do as he said..but I figured I had nothing left to lose. So, with a deep breath and heading to follow, I started walking. Once to the road, I waited to make sure it was clear before crossing over it, I made it about seven miles into the forest on the other side before it started to get dark again. I sighed and sat under a tree, rubbing my sore legs and noticing the bruises were slowly starting to heal. I pulled my knees to my chest and wrapped my arms around then, getting as comfortable as possible, soon enough drifting off to sleep.

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