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anaghapili Anagha Pilikoor

Experience the scary dream which a girl got

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Neela's dream

Neela opened the door of haunted house. It was dark inside and vision was not clearly visible. Suddenly she heard a wicked laughter. It was poltergeist. Neela heard footsteps from back. She turned back. It was a scary spine-chilling figure.

In the spooky house, cries of spirits, out of the house it was uncanny atmosphere. Neela heard chain-ratling sound from top of the house. slowly and creepily the figure came near Neela. She turned back. she saw a girls hair raising. She could feel blood curdling sensation. Aaaaaaa....... Neela woke up with a start, relived that it was only a nightmare

April 16, 2021, 2:20 p.m. 0 Report Embed Follow story
To be continued...

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