raffy Rafael Teran

The story is about an innocent young man named Alex who meets Alan, a demon known for being a womanizer and a rebel. Little by little they will become intertwined without realizing it.😍😍😍

LGBT+ All public.

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The beggining.

It all started this morning while Alex got dressed and arranged everything to leave.

Yelled Alex's mother

_ Is Alex ready? _

Alex sighed and yelled back.

_! Almost mom!

After a while Alex came down and looked at his mother. "It's time to go," Alex said with sobbing eyes.

_Quiet my heart, everything will be fine_

The mother replied with comforting words.

Shortly after, the bus that would take them to "Tanyx" arrived.

Car driver:

_ Come on guys it's time to go_

Alex looked at his mother with teary eyes.

_!Goodbye, Mother_

Yelled Alex.

Two hours later...

_! Woow how beautiful is Tanyx¡_

Whispered Alex.

Driver of the car.

_Welcome to Tanyx_

Then all the new students began to drop. As Alex walked I noticed a boy with blond hair and blue eyes who caught his attention, at that moment they interrupted_ Don't look at him, he's a forbidden target demon_ and _ ah I'm Ashly_ said the girl with a beautiful smile.

Writer_ sorry if I have some spelling horrors_ sorry.

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