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I don’t know why but I thought nothing bad would happen to my hair.

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A short story

Bablu and I were almost of the same age. We both became friends when we were young. We both had thick hair on our heads and we kept short combs in the back pocket of our pants and groomed our hair wherever we found a mirror. This work was also done from time to time without a mirror. I was not as much caring about hair as Bablu was. He used to buy special shampoos, soaps, conditioners, hair oils. I don’t know why,but I thought nothing bad would happen to my hair.

He used to use many types of toiletries for hair care. Perhaps he thought that he would not let the hair deteriorate after taking good care of him.

But we both were wrong.

Now, both of us don't have much hair on our heads. We won't say that it doesn't matter, yes,it doesn't matter too much.

Now,almost bald, when we meet, we count each other's hair and are happy to see our old pictures with thick hair.

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