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My beloved newlyweds husband Dave Seville been contaminated by radioactive waste goo causes him to shrink down into a miniaturization size and help solve problems and discovers on his third edition adventure episode season.

Science Fiction Futuristic All public.

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Mad At Alvin

Third season pilot scene afternoon at the red front door of 702 Liberty Lane Seville house... "I am home," Mom! My adoptive red-clad ten years old troublemaker son chipmunk Alvin Seville comes in and wears sunglasses on. "why are you wearing a sunglasses," Alvin? His adoptive human African American mute stepmother Dionne Seville stops to sweep the broomstick on the flooring red stripes and white rug carpet behind of the white couch. "Just protect my eyes from sun. I have to go the upstairs and doing my homework," Mom. He replies. "Hold on... Let me take your sunglasses. Oh my god! What's happening to your own black eye," Alvin?! "When I was giving my apple to my best friend Kevin, but a new student Bullethead grabs it from me, but he punches my eye," Mom. My CGI animated adoptive red-clad ten years old troublemaker son chipmunk Alvin Seville explains to his adoptive African American mute stepmother Dionne Seville. "Oh. Come to sit down on the leather tan red stripes footstool near the white table counterpart in the kitchen. "Sure," Mom. "Dionne! I'm home. Huh? What's happening to our son Alvin's eye?" My CGI animated incredible shrinking husband Dave Seville opens the miniaturization front red door of the normal-size front door and enters in. "Our son Alvin been bullied by a new student name is Bullethead steals his lunch apple then he punches our son Alvin's eye seems black swollen," Dave. His normal-size beloved newlyweds African American mute wife explains to him. "Sighs. I will talk over Bullethead's parents now," Dionne. He walks out of the miniaturization front red door head over the next door.

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