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These are poems for different sides of emotional stages of us, human beings.

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2 sides of me

It's just a rainy day

He made you cry again

I'm watching through my window

You look like you like it

It looks like he likes it

I wish these feelings could go

For I'm standing at my door

Being afraid there's no floor

We can get lost in the stars

Filling the emptiness of the universe

Forgetting about our scars

And trying to write one last beautiful verse

The sun has come out again

Clouds are starting to disappear

So I wish I had a plane

I wanna take him, take your fears

Once we're down in hell

I'd gladly burn watching up

Feeling every step

Of every lover on Earth

I can get lost in your eyes

And try to take all your tears out

And keep your happiness mine

I made you cry, but can't get out

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