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Part 1

Shiro Kawashima was a 20 year-old college student who was your avrege student, he got mainly B's but few A's as well. He had black hair brushed to the right with blue eyes. He wore a black college with white sleeves. He was at a party with a large group of other college students. He was drinking beer from a redrty cup when he felt strange, his body grew cold and numb as he hit the floor of the mid-side room blacking out....

CHAPTER 1 A New Life

Shiro heard mumniling around him as the man awoke in a small house away from the city near the forest. "My lord, my lord are you ok?" The young male took in a deep breath as his eyes slowly opened.

"Good morning lord Xanthus! Are you alright? We found you lying here for hours until you just now awakened!"

"Xanthus? Who's that?" (Ugh i feel drained, i remeber drinking a cup of beer before it suddenley all went black. Did i die? Maybe i've somehow been reborn into a new body)

He looked down to see he wore a black coat with gray fur on the colat and end of his sleeves. Also he wore black pants and shoes.

"Are you feeling ok my lord? You don't seem like yourself today" Shiro sat up to see a beautiful wonan standing before him. She wore silver knight armor without a helmet reveling her long blonde hair with green eyes.

"My name is Luna Thronheart, I'm so happy you're ok master!"

"I'm your master?" He responed slowly getting to his feet. She nodded. "Yes! You're lord Damien Xanthus don't you remeber?" Before he could anwser, a mob of infected humans came charging from the forest.

"Shit, why are there zombies!?" He was shaking in fear when Luna dashed in between him and the coming horde. She put her hands together in the shape of a triangle. "Force of gravity!" Suddenly all the infected were sent staggering backwards hitting and landing in the trees. They let out growls as they got back up advancing towards them once more.

Shiro aimed his palm toward the horde telling Luna to move out of the way. "...Force of gravity?" Just then a far great blast of power fired from his hand, not only sending the monsters back, but ripping sevreal trees from their roots in the process.

"Way to go my lord! Only sir Xanthus could use that much power at once" Shiro was shocked, staring at his hand. "See you are our lord! You may not remeber, but you have an infinite power within you. As you come to get used to your powers, your power will grow to god-like heights!"

Just then the ground began to shake, both turned to see a large buff infected with bloody pink skin as if it were melted. It had black empty eyes as it roared revealing it's broken sharp teeth. The man was still a little frightened but not as much. He made a flicking motion with his fingers in hopes the force would push the creature back. However, the mutated monster's skin just shook while the creature itself remained planted on the ground.

"Master!" Luna watched as the gross mutated threw it's fat arm towards him with it's sharp black claws. Shiro felt his body abrupply move on it's own, evading the coming strike. He clinched his fist jumping up into the air towards their attacker. Luna watched as the bloated buff monster threw a punch right back with a loud roar. The force of Kawashima's blow making contact with the monster's fist caused the arm to break and sevar to the ground.

The powerful man felt a little dizzy, unuse to dishing out such power. But he prepared for one last attack. Focusing all the power he could, he unleashed a devastating blow utterly wipping out the mutated and any infected with 100 km of them. He looked ahead to see an endless trail of deatruction cutting through the forest.

The moment he took a second to relax, he passed out once more...

He awoke inside what seemed to be a royal bedroom. "Good late morning my lord, so glad to see you've regained what power you've had left. My appologies for not introducing myself since we know you lost your memory, my name is Aleon Vondrak, a demon severant and one of the six assigned to protect you. We should go to the courtyard and introduce you to the other four servents so get ready lord"

Shiro looked at his servent, he had pale blue skin, red eyes and long black hair. Kawashima nodded telling him he'll have Luna escort him there once he's ready. With a nod as well, Aleon ledt tye room. Shiro, AKA Damien slowly got out of his king-sized bed. His bed had a thick red blanket, purple pillows and a black wooden bedframe.

"Are you feeling better my lord? Not suprised you passed out since you're not used to using a body with such power. Anyway, i laid your clothes in the bathroom for you"

"Thank you Luna i apprecate your help" She blushed looking down trying to hide it. He stood up on the soft red carpeted floor. The room was about 20x20 which was much bigger than your normal master bedroom. Shiro in his life before lived in a run down appartment with rooms so small they nearey felt like closets.

He had his bed in the top center of the room with a fancy nightstand on the right side. A window on either side with purple curtains blocking the bright sunlight. And at the bottom middle next to the door was his closet. He made his way out into the hall where he saw a balcony a few feet from the door with stairs on the left side.

He found the bathroom which was right next door to him. He turnned on the shower stepping in. As the warm water ran down his thin musculer body, he felt someone's hands washing his body with soap. He blushed looking behind him to see a tall woman with long black hair and hazel eyes washing his body. He held in a scream as the woman gave him a smile.

"Hehe, hello my lord, don't be scared, it's normal for one of the maids to wash your body for you. You set we cleaned you alot better than you trying to get your blind spots"

"Is-is that so?" He decided to let her finish washing him even though he wasn't used to getting washed by someone. After his shower he put on a black shirt and jeans stepping out into the hall. (So, this man Damien has girls wash his body for him? I know i should feel lucky but i feel more uncomfterble. Maybe cause it feels more lile slavery than loyalty. Than again, no one's forcing them to stay and serve me, they're doing this of their own free will)

With a sigh he looked up to see Luna waiting for him she gave him a smile replying: Did you enjoy your shower?" Once more he turned red and said: "y-yes, let 's head over to the courtyard to meet my other guards" She bowed leading him down the stairs into the royal lobby which like most rooms had the soft red carpet. The only thing in the lobby was another bathroom, a kitchen and a painting of him on the wall just below the balcony.

They made their way out into the courtyard where a fancy water fountain was in the center and large bushes surounting the walls of the mantion. He saw four pepole waiting for him by the fountain. He took a seat on a stone bench as the four got down on one knee.

"We are greatful for your gracest return my lord, have you regained your powers yet?" One of them asked. He saw an elf with white hair, blue eyes dressed in a black mage robe. Before he could answer Luna answered for him: "Sadly he's only retained his imense stregnth and an ounce of his speed. Aside from that his powers are gone"

Just then the elf aimed his black staff with a blue sphere on thr top towards their lord. All were suprised by the caster's out burst. "I will not serve an jnfereror being such as you. You don't deserve to be called our lord! Obliteration!" The others gasped as a fierce ball of fire shot towards the warrior. Shiro aimed his bare palm out towards the coming attack The servants watched as the fireball came to a halt, it's incredible power shaking the entire field.

"Impossible, that spell is supposed to completely vaporize anything it makes contact with!" A smirk grew across Shiro's face as his black hair blew in the force of the attack as his hand began to glow purple. As the sphere of flame began shrinking, growing smaller and smaller until it was the size of a mere tennis ball.

"So then...this was your best attack?" Kawashima launched the ball right back at the servant. The elf put up a barrier as his own attack struck his magical barrier. It shattered, sending him flying towards the gate, smashing into it before hitting the concreate yard. He looked up to see their lord standing over him with a serious look on his face.

"Anything else you'd like to say?" Shiro put his foot down on the mage's head. "I'm your lord now, if you treat me with disrespect and hostility, don't think I won't return with great force. I may be far weaker than my original self, but my body adapts to new powers and damage quickly. The more things I'm met with, the more immune to them I'll be"

Luna smiled seeing him getting more used to the role as their lord. "I would finally like to be introduced to you all now if there are no more interruptions" The other three lined up in front of him.

"Hello, my name is Nebula at your serice my lord. I work with stealth missions and gathering data for us"

"Glad to me you Nebula, I'm sure you'll make me proud as an elite guard. He saw she had long black hair, red eyes and was dressed in a black battle suit with a katana at her side. Next was an undead skeleton dressed in a black mage outfit with a hood.

"Hello my lord, my name Minomi, I like that elf am a magic user. However, I deal in dark magic and necromancing to give us an edge against enemies that also have this type of magic. I'm also the front-line of our offensive in case we need to attack and or defend against a coming assailant" He bowed before him before standing back in line.

The last one was guy dressed in a white and blue robe with long black hair in a ponytail. "Hello lord Xanthus, my name is Sasuke, I'm a well skilled martial artist as well as many other types of melee combat. I'm her to train anyone we recruit that isn't as strong as us elite guards. We're glad you're back lord"

Shiro smiled. Alright my dear servants, let us see just how far I can push myself and how strong each of you are!" Luna and Nebula were surprised asking: 'y-you want to fight all of us?" He nodded. Luna clapped her hands together as a magical symbol made of blue light formed under all of them before they were transported to a massive underground arena.

"Here we are sir, we use this for training purposes"

"Alright then, show me what you all got, show me why I call you elite protectors!" Luna and Nebula advanced toward him pulling out their swords. The others watched as their leader caught their blades simultaneously. Luna on his left and Nebula on his right. He sent them staggering back using force of gravity. Nebula hit the wall with her feet, pushing off for another attack. While Luna hit the ground quickly getting up.

"Dozen slash of light!" Nebula unleashed a barrage of slash attacks toward him at near instant speed. Kawashima moved his hand to block each coming strike. They could see the man's sleeve torn to shreds bleeding when his wounds quickly healed.

"Impressive, but with each moment an attack I get more used to using this body, you'll all have to step in at some point. Just then a colossal undead rose up from the ground, wrapping it's huge hands around it's target keeping him in place. "Nice try, but a buff undead monster isn't enough to hold me" Elbowing the monster in it's abdomen, the undead went flying across the arena, smashing into the thick rock wall behind him.

Shiro turned as Minomi used a blood magic attack to paralyze him. "Aleon now!" Just then the demonic warrior emerged in a blaze of flames holding a sword made of hell fire. The demon flew right up to him preparing for the finishing blow. As the sword came down, an invisible force stopped the blade mere inches before it made contact with Shiro's skull. With a smirk their lord used all his strength to make a flicking motion toward Damien. It was half as strong but managed to catch him off guard, causing him to go staggering bac and drop his hell fire sword.

Catching it the warrior threw it sideways, causing it to spiral out of control. Minomi dodged the blade as it impaled the wall. "Heh, come now everyone, surely you have a move you've been saving for a last resort"

Luna nodded and five of the six elite members transferred their power into Sasuke. His body glowed with many different color auras. "Ah, so this is why he didn't fight, you were saving him for this"

"With all our power transferring to him, he might have enough power to go head-to-head with you at your current state" Luna commented.

"Get ready lord Xanthus, here I come!" Sasuke dashed right for him at far greater speed than anything Shiro had ever seen. He was throwing punches at super-sonic speed striking blows to his abdomen 20 times with in a mere moment. With a strong blow, the martial artist struck Kawashima across the arena, impacting the stone wall shaking the massive cave.

He cracked his neck jumping off the hole he had made hitting it. "Wow, you are strong, but how much longer can you hold the advantage?" The warrior advanced forward getting ready to attack. Sasuke threw a punch but missed by a mere moment. However, their fits clashed when Shiro tried to punch the fighter. Their battle grew more intense as their lord began to get faster and more accurate with each attack he took and gave.

At this point most of the guards couldn't even see their movements any longer. Finally, Kawashima found an opening, sending a fierce blow into the fighter's gut, sending him flying backwards before stopping himself. All watched as the aura faded and he collapsed out of breath. Shiro was also out of breath but remained standing.

"Wow, to think my body is learning so fast! Who knows just how heigh my limit can reach!" Just then when they returned, one of their maids cried out that an army of the infected and mutated were headed towards them.

"Don't worry my loyal servants, I shall protect what's mine. Minomi, summon undead to guard the court yard. The rest of you choose a direction to protect. Luna, since the rest are protecting the mansion. You're with me on the head-on attack"

"Y-yes sir!" Using his immense strength, he leapt far into the sky toward the direction of the coming army. He soared across the sky, the sight of a near endless army of the infected and mutated. He landed a few miles north and could hear the army not far. He took a deep breath clinching his fist. (A 40% power punch!) He struck the ground in front of him as a devastating eruption shook the entire forest while sending a shockwave across the entire forest.

He took let out a sigh as his stamina slowly recovered from such an attack. Luna looked to see a narrow abyss out in front of them for a mile! (Wow, he created that big of a hole without using his full power at his current state? His powers must be returning even faster than I thought!) They watched as the endless legion came into view, many falling into the abyss while others either went around or were already on the other sides of it.

"Get ready Luna! Obliteration!" He lifted his hand up as a small version of his mage's fire attack formed in his hand the size of a baseball. "Heads up monsters!" Shiro threw it like a baseball player as the ball of flames made contact with the first row of infected. The sphere engulfed hundreds of the creatures in a dome of scorching flames filling the area in blinding light.

Kawashida saw dozens of dead infected lying around. But seconds later more came in his direction. Luna dashed right into the horde, slashing them at an incredible rate. Body parts went flying all of the place. Just then they piled on top of her in a giant stack of groaning undead.

"Luna!" He aimed his finger toward the pile. (60%!) He unleashed a shot of force that scattered the entire pile in different directions. Luna gripped her sword up toward the sky. "Call of lightning!" A fierce bolt of lightning came down striking her sword before flowing through her entire body. She spun around and fired a strike of lightning toward the relentless monsters. Any monsters within two feet of each other transferred the strike of lightning as thousands were affected by the one attack.

"Nice work, you got more than me in one move. Let's see what this body can do now that it's witnessed such a technique. Call of lightning!" A fierce bolt struck his body filling him with power as well. Since his body could hold 50 times as much power as his partner, the electricity within him was far more intense. He aimed his fingers toward the army, firing off a strike of lighting from each of his fingers to get a farther range of affect.

The strike traveled miles, reaching thousands of the infected. He lowered his hand following to one knee. "Phew, seems that ability uses more stamina than I expected it to" Just then a figure came into view. They saw a man with long dark-red hair with one big strand going across his face. He was dressed in a white coat, pants and black shoes. He stopped just 20 feet away from them. Shiro could feel a dark essence emanating from the man.

"Just who are you?" The man closed his eyes with a smirk. "I have no need to tell you my name, you've done my work for me and will now die along with these infected trash"

"Don't kid yourself, you can't imagine the power I possess and it will continue to rise with each fight and attack I endure" Just then purple energy began to flow from all the dead infected into the man's body. "Don't worry, I'll be sure to give you a quick death" Shiro dashed right up to his new opponent, throwing a punch at 50% power. He watched in surprise as the man caught his punch, shaking the entire area from the sheer force of their clash.

"Allow me to know your name before I kill you"

"Hmph, I'm Damien Xanthus" Luna could only watch as the assailant struck her lord across the face, sending him smashing through several trees before hitting the ground. He could feel himself healing but not as fast. "Damn, how could absorbing power from mere infected improve someone so far?! He looked at the dead around him and sighed. He closed his eyes opening his arms out in both directions aimed at the grass as he concentrated, trying to mimic the ability the man used. "Come on, my body's been able to copy each attack I've visual seen or experienced. He began to feel power slowly flow in to him That's when Luna let out a cry.

'Luna no!" He moved at 100% power right up to his foe throwing a punch right for his face. The tyrant held the armored servant by the throat while stopping the coming strike once more.

"Hmph, you need to give up, since you want to die that badly, I'll kill you first" He threw the girl away, sending her flying across the forest before Aleon caught her. "That was a close one. Good think I can easily sense dark energy. I've had all the guards come aid the both of you in the fight. "It's blasphemous to feel a power that near exceeds that of our lord"

Meanwhile Damien was using 100% of his power along with getting bits of power from the move he copied from his foe.

"Hehe, even if you copy my move, you're only getting small amounts from the undead, especially with me absorbing their power at an even faster rate and farther radius" The hero continued his super-sonic punches but were deflected each time by the over-powered target. Just then Damien began to get faster, a multi-colored aura surging around his body.

"What is this?" The man looked up still evading the attacks to see all six servants lending their power to their lord. "150%!!" Even the villain was surprised by how much his power had risen as he landed a blow across his face. The target went staggering up into space before stopping right before leaving the atmosphere. "No! No one can surpass me, I'm the all-powerful Xenisis!" Damien launched himself up into the sky with Xenisis flying right back at him. Their fists clashed, warping the clouds around them shaking miles of land.

"You can't win, with the combined power of my allies you're through!"

"Stop bluffing! I'm nowhere close to done!" Their blows moved at near light speed with shockwaves erupting with each punch. Minomi put up a barrier around their fight to keep them from tearing the entire country apart. Damien didn't let up, his body tightened as his face turned red and his stamina was beginning to deplete but that didn't stop him from staying on the offensive.

Finally, he got an opening, striking the villain in the gut with godly-power. The sheer force of his blow sent a wave of force through his back, shattering the mage's barrier and traveling hundreds of miles away. Blood gushed out from his enemy's mouth as he fell to the ground. With his entire body in great pain, Damien fell from the sky towards the destroyed forest. Luna quickly ascended up into the air, catching her lord before he hit the ground.

Xandthus was unresponsive and laid in her arms. Meanwhile Aleon walked over to the near dead foe turning his hand into a blade. "You threatened our lord, prepare to meet your death" He threw his hand down as blood splashed everywhere...

CHAPTER 2 A Coming Tournament

Damien laid in his king bed, his body badly hurt from pushing himself so far. Luna watched over him while the others took care of watching over the castle and gathering resources for foot once their lord awoke. It was two days until his body began to recover at a faster rate but not it's usual instant regeneration rate. He awoke with Luna asleep in her chair. Damien tried to get out of bed but fail to the ground. He looked behind him to make sure she hadn't woken up. He couldn't seem to stand so he used what lit ounce of power he had to form a cane-shaped material of his own power to help him walk.

He carefully made his way down the stairs when Minomi spotted him. "My lord where are you going? You're in no condition to go anywhere. Please, get back in bed"

"I'm ok Minomi, I'm just a little sore. If you're that worried for me, then I will allow you to accompany me to the city. I wish to see what it's like. I'm sure if anyone try harming me you'll deal with them"

"Yes sir, it would be a great honor to show you the city. But wait lord, shall we awake Luna and have her join us. She'd be worried sick to awake and see you gone"

"Fair enough, go get her and I'll wait here" Damien walked over to a chair in the corner of the room while Minomi went upstairs to go get Luna. The weak man sat in the chair as his energy cane vanished. He held his hand out trying to conjure the obliteration sphere but as it formed the size of a pea, even at that size he had trouble maintaining it. Letting out a cough the sphere vanished and he was out of breath with sweat running down his face.

"D-damn it, even with all my remaining power I can't seem to keep my attack stable" Just then he heard Luna cry out: "Master! I'm so happy you've recovered! She jumped onto him hugging him tight her breasts pushing against his face. He blushed but just let it happen seen he needed to spare as much power as he could.

"My dear lord Xandathus! How are you feeling?" She stepped back as Damien rose to his feet forming the energy cane. She gasped putting her hands to her mouth as she saw her powerful master now barley able to stand. "My lord! Are you sure you're ok!?"

He nodded telling her his body was healing just not nearly as fast as it used to. "Let us make our way to the city both of you. It'd be nice to see a new place for once" She was hesitant but didn't stop him. They made their way outside with Aleon leading them while his armored servant walked by his side. He noticed Minomi's once skelleton face was now a human man's face for some reason and asked: 'Minomi, why do you look different?"

"Sorry my lord, the people of Caladan don't take kindly to undead, demons and other races seen as evil. I've changed my appearance to seem more human lord"

"Hmm, is that so?" After about 30 minutes of walking, they finally came to the gates of Caladan. "Halt! who are you!?" A guard dressed in complete armor wearing a helmet shouted standing in front of the left door with another standing in front of the right.

"My name is Shiro Kawashida, I would like entry into the city" Both guards looked at him then at his allies. "Hmm, very well, but we'll have our eye on you" The large steel doors slowly opened as the city came into view, an endless path with stores and inns on both sides with a straight path leading far into the city. Now in the city, Damien decided to take the lead with his guards beside him.

He looked around, he saw a woman hanging up clothes, kids running around playing by chasing one another. (Hmm, just as I expected, this world is like your usual fantasy, medieval world. But then why are their zombie-like creatures here? Usually that's in the far future not the past. Hmph, this is a strange but unique world)

As they adventured further into the city with the large gate doors closing behind them, they saw many different stories: Weapons, armor, black smith etc... Basically, the kind you'd see in video games. That's when their master spotted a large group of people over by a massive fighting arena. He waited in line until finally making his way up to an armored man with blonde hair with glasses.

"Hello, have you come to sign up for the fighting tournament?" That's when he saw the man barley standing with the help of the cane. "Oh, you should just go home! We don't need a runt like you getting killed in the fight!"

"How dare you call our lord a wimp! He's far stronger than anyone in this tournament! He's just worn out from fighting an army of infected and he's still recovering after using so much power"

"Hmph, if you are telling the truth, then why not prove it? Anyone willing to fight this man! The winner will get 50 gold from me!" Just then a slim man wearing red royal clothing walked up. He had white hair with green eyes.

"Hmph, you must be joking, if all it takes to get 50 gold is to beat this crippled fool then so be it. I'll K.O him in one strike"

"My lord, are you sure you want to this? You're nowhere near recovered from your damages"

"It's fine Luna, I don't need my full power to beat him. Even in this state I can sense his power" A crowd circled around them with just enough space for them to fight.

"I'll let you have the first move" The man responded with a plain disinterested expression on his face. Shiro stopped focusing on his cane and advanced toward his target at a decent speed. He threw a punch when it was suddenly blocked by the target's katana he had pulled out at the last moment.

"Surprising, even in your weakened state you move swift on your feet. However, it's my turn to attack. Say good bye" He moved his blade at such speed only blue lines could be seen. Luckily Damien evaded the attack by jumping over it while side-spinning in mid-air. He threw a punch as fast as he could, sending a fierce blow to the swordsmen's gut, causing him to stagger back landing on his back.

Luna stood behind Minomi secretly sending a healing spell to her master in hopes of speeding up his healing process. Even though he was in pain, Xandthus could feel it get better bit by bit each minute.

"How dare you strike me you fool! I'm the great Kenon, air to the Sumikoda throne. I won't let you defeat me here, I must show my family I'm the rightful heir to the throne! Full-on strike!" A violet aura outlined his blade as he stood gripping it at his side. In a sudden moved he advanced his opponent with far greater speed and precision than before. Damien fell to one knee out of breath. Other gasped as the others gasped.

"Hehe, looks like we know who's won this fight" That's when Xandthus let out a slight laugh. "You might want to take a look at your sword Kenon" The noble looked down at the blade in his hand as it suddenly broke apart, hitting the ground with only the handle still within his grasp.

"No, my family's royal blade of Purity. How dare you! If I wasn't so worried about the tournament and ascending the throne, I'd kill you where you stand! But for now, just wait...I'll deal with you in the finals. That is...if you make it past the preliminaries" With that the man walked off through the crowd as they cheered while the desk attendant stood there surprised.

"Hmph, very well I promised the winner 50 gold so here you are" The annoyed man dropped the coins in Damien's hand and he told Minomi to watch over the money. "Now than, I'd like to register my friends into the tournament.

"It's uncustomary for others to sign up a participant without them being here but so be it, but fine, if they don't show up it won't really affect anything. He wrote down five of his six Guardian's names except the martial artist so he'd have protestation in case he was still weak by the tournament.

"Thank you" He made his way back to the house once he knew when the tournament was taking place which was in two days. He was sure he'd be healed enough to fight but decided this was a chance to see how well his elite guards could fight against other warriors.

He spent the first day relaxing around the house. He went down in the basement where they had a large library. He spent time down there looking for a book on his former self. That's when he found a diary in a drawer of a desk in the far back of the library. He read through some, the man talked about how boring it was being the strongest warrior in the world and that he wished he could fight someone as strong as he was. The rest was just him talking about how he grew up in the very castle, his father told him something about passing on a god-like power and to one day pass it on to someone they thought deserved such a gift...

On the 2nd day he had the five guards train to prepare themselves for the coming challnge...

The Day Of The Tournament

He went back to the city with all his servants following close by. "I'm excited to see how you all do in the tournament. I hope you will all do your best and make me proud"

"Yes!" They said as they made their way up to the registration desk to sign in letting the man know they had arrived. "Hmm, seems all your participants have arrived, I'm hoping they do well in the paramilitaries and possibly the finals"

Damien sat in the seats surrounding the arena with his guard while the other five stood on the arena as a woman dressed in white and gold with long black hair stood on a balcony above the arena. "Welcome warriors, let get ride into the preliminaries, you'll be transported to Zelvador, the most infested part with many kinds of infected and mutated. Whoever lasts 24 hours within the area will move on to the real battles. I'm sure there's plenty of you who probably can't handle such a task and for those I'll kindly ask you to leave"

A small group left but there were still a good portion of participants left. "Alright then, I wish you all luck, see you in 24 hours" She clapped her hands together, using immense magic to create a portal big enough to teleport every single one of them to Zelvador. The guardians were sent in random parts of the large wasteland. Minomi found himself standing in front of a massive city that sat in ruins, a black mist covering it with scorch marks all over the ground.

"The scent of death is strong here" He walked thtough the city with a large undead golem behind him. They passed many destroyed buldings when Minomi sensed something, just then a man dressed in a black mercanary outfit came flying down with a sword. The golem let out an echoing cry, knocking the attacker away from the disguised undead mage before he could strike.

"If it wasn't for my golem you probbly would've got me. However, even if your attack had hit me, i doubt it woule've done much damage. Time to show you a real attack. Spikes of insanity" The dark-brown haired swordsmen lokked around the area when spikes suddenly impaled both sides of his waist while at the same time trapping him.

"Aaagghh!" He cried out in pain. Minomi had his golem stay where he while the human form minomi walked up to the trapped and wounded target. Just then infected could be heard nearby.

"Don't worry, i intenually avoided vital areas of your body so you won't die of blood lose. Though with the scent of your freash blood must've attracted the infected to our location and if this is concidered one of the most infected areas, i'm sure i'm in for a fight"

Finally hundreds of infected came racing towards them. Minomi relased his target from the inpaling spikes telling him to either run or forfit the prolimanaries. "I'd be disqualified if i killed you, but nothing's stopping these monsters from doing it"

His golem charhed the stampeed of creatures, swinging it's large fist right for a group of them. The wounded particapent watched as many infected were knocked off their feet getting sent flying as their groans could be heard echoing through the city.

"E-earth eruption!" The injured swordsmen aimed his palm toward the crowd of undead, the earth benith them rose up shaped like a flat platform when He clinched his fist, the flat surface warped into a massive ball of rock. "Exsplode!" The city lit up with blinding light as the blimp-size ball of rock burst sending hundreds of undead falling in random directions.

"Well, seems you're stronger than i gave you credit for" Just than a mutated began devouring all the courpses of the infected. It grew to 20 feet. It had dark fleash, red eyes and eminated a black essence.

"This could be trouble, never seen a mutated actually eat infected. But it seems as if devouring infected actually make it stronger" His golem charged the strong foe, throwing a fist right at it's leg. The golem struck the tall musculer monster but had no effect. Minomi watched as his summoned monster was back-handed by the boosted mutated.

"Wow, he knocked the golem back easiley"

"You're right, hmm, do you have enough power to use another one of your earth move?" His temporary partner clapped his hands together as the earth around the monster rose up, trapping the monster inside a large dome. Minomi aimed his hand in the direction of the massive moutain of rock. The moment the mutated broke through a part of the wall, creating a large gaping hole.

"Dark lightning!" A fierce shot of purple lightning launched from his hand, striking the monster inside. It let out a deep bellow of agony before breaking out of the rocks.

It leapted into the air, going right for the disguised skelloten with it's sharp bloody claws. Minomi pulled out a small want with a purple gem on the tip of it. He aimed it right toward the coming monster. "Full-power push!" Unleashing an immense wave of force, the collosal beat was launched up into the clouds as the necromancer prepared for a finishing attack. "Yard of a thousand spikes!"

Dozens of spikes shot out from the ground, piercing the giant mutated repeatedley as blood gushed out with each strike. Just before impact he jumped back, avoiding the giant as it impacted the ground in an echoing boom. "Finally that's over with, wasted a great deal of time with that monster when i could've been searching for the other elite servants to regroup and get this done faster"

"What about me? With this injurey i won't be able to do much!"

"If i recall, you attacked me first, you'll have to find somewhere to hide than if you think you can't defend yourself" He took off into the darkness leaving the man alone...

Meanwhile Nebula was moving swiftly in the dark, seeing nothing but ruins. That's when she spotted a man walking alone. She pulled out a small dagger, throwing it right for his back. In an abrupt move he spun around, deflecting it with his katana.

"Good effort, but it's going to take more then a mere dagger to take me out. You might as well face me, you've already given away your location. She remained behind a bulding with only two floors remaing, the rest of it in a pile of cemeant beside it.

"You won't come out? Very well, behold my power as a noble" He aimed his blade toward the bulding, firing a wave of lightning right for her. She jumped out of the way, this time throwing a diffrent kind of dagger. Her target just barley evaded the coming atack as it slit the side of his face. The dagger hit the wall of a store, errupting in a fierce exsploting right behind him. His hair blowing from the burst.

"Not bad, i sense great stratagy from you. However, A noble such as my self can't be seen losing to someone like you. Feel the dragon's might!" Lifting his blade up she watched as Keonon was struck with lightning, only this time the electricity surging around him transformed into a long thin dragon. "Come!" Nebula watched as the dragon-shaped lightning charged toward her letting out an echoing roar.

She side-step at the moment of attack, dodging the creature's attack just in time. It struck the dirt shaking the ground below her. She pulled her sword out advancing towards Kenon. The dragon fired two blasts of lightning from it's eyes right for her. She Aimed her blade behind her, deflecting the projectiles in random directions she slashed her blade right for the noble. He frowned stopping her coming strike with a new sword. It surged with a dark-red aura.

"I may've lost to your master, but I should manage to defeat you!"

"Heh, you think so? The elite guards are far stronger than most warriors and you lost against our lord in his weakened state. What makes you think you have any chance in defeating me?" The dragon once more released a blast of electricity right for her. She evaded the coming attack as the attack struck Keon. (He let himself get hit by his own attack!?)

She looked to see the man surging with power once more. "Seems my dragon attack isn't going to work on you. Seems I'll have to fight you head on" He dashed right for her as they sent blows back and forth at super-human speed. (He's very strong for a mere human, but the gap between me and him is still moderately apart) She kicked the sword out of his hands as it spiraled up into the night sky. She attempted to send her blade right through his chest, but he managed to stop it with both hands gripping the blade.

It began to pour down as blood dripped from his pierced fingers from gripping such a sharp weapon. (Strange...if this is the most infested area, where are all the infected? Could someone be drawing their attention somewhere else, with enough blood that would draw them to one specific area)

"Accept you're lost this fight, if you continue to struggle, I might have to put more force into my blade"

"You're all bluff, you don't have the will to go through with such a move" He started her dead in the eyes as they both stood soaked in the rain. Still Kenon holding the blade back now inches from his abdomen. Right as she thought about sending the blade right through his torso, she heard something, she turned to see a group of infected running towards them. They let out screams as their hands were out attempting to grab them.

Nebula head-butted the man before jumping back landing on a damaged house barley intact. Kenon hit the ground landing on his back as the horde went for him first. "No, no, nooo!!!" She wasn't sure whether to save him or not, but after realizing how he had disrespected their lord, she went off into the rain as the infected killed him.

"I'm not one for massacres, but there was no sense in saving that tyrant" She swiftly drifted through the rain when she suddenly she sensed a familiar power. "This power...Luna!?" She used all her power to ascend into the sky to sense her ally's power just a few miles away.

Meanwhile Luna was surrounded by a large group of infected. "Damn, why did I have to be found by all these creeps" She threw her blade right for a group of undead as it went right through their heads.


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