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This is a muslim story there is some parts that are ugly by ugly i mean they have to go the the hospital. But other then that its fine. hope you injoy! ~sending best regards~ Muslim Queen

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Home Alone

I was getting some snacks and then my phone rang i answered it. Whats up girl!? Hey Isabelle. So did you get the snacks? She asked. I'm already on it. i say. me and Allie are gonna be there in 5 minutes. Says isabelle. Alright! i say. I'll call you when we get there.She says. Ok. Isabelle cut the call and i got the chips,cookies, and sprit. I went and put them on the table infront of the sofa. A couple minutes later i hear the doorbell ring. i went and opend the door. HEY!! GET AWAY FROM ME AND ALLIE!!. Isabelle took off her purse and hit the guy with it. I ran up to the dude and round-house kicked him in the nuts. Then i punched him in the stomach. He fell and said alright alright! you win. WHO THE HECK ARE YOU!?! i yell. Just then he took Allie's purse and ran off. I ran after him and catched up in less then 2 minutes. I took the purse and punched him in the lips. Then i ran back to Allie and isabelle and gave Allie her purse back. Guys i think we should go in. i say all out of breath. we all went inside and frozen 2 started. Minutes later isabelle went to get more popcorn. the micerwave turned on and isabelle looked outside in the window. Guys... We've got company. She said. Me and Allie went into the kitchin and looked out in the window. Uh oh. Said Allie. Guys... Go get you gear. I say. Ok said Allie and Isabelle. They left and i looked under the sofa and got my glove. Isabelle and Allie came out and tied there hair in a ponytale. All 3 of us went outside and cracked our knuckles. Y'all getting down! said one guy. Bring it on dumbo! Said Allie.


Sorry that this chapter is short, i will try to add more details and make the next chapter longer.Don't run out of popcorn, cause things are gonna get exiting.

~sending best regards~

muslim queen

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To be continued... New chapter Every Saturday.

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