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'Always doing the same thing and hoping for a different outcome is the very definition of insanity." Albert Einstein In the previous sequel to "The 1999 Paradox: The Terminator Pardox, after Denison came across a mysterious" Force "that prevented him from approaching the mysterious student of the Polyvalent de Murity school, he also discovered the elucidating theory of the" Case Paradox. ". Now, in this 5th episode, the nerd Denison will face yet another important and revealing discovery, present in that reality, that will instigate him to imagine a way out for Emmanuelle. Will this new 'consequence' of one of his trips to the Past finally help Denny to save Professor Rita's daughter on 11/26/1999? Continue following The 1999 Paradox series and find out, in: "O Paradoxo do Precedente".

Thriller/Mystery For over 18 only. © All Rights Reserved © 2021 K.S.Z Oliver

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He pressed him against the wooden pillar of the porch ...

“Grrrrr! What did you do with my daughter?! He shouted at Denny, looking like a possessed.

Very surprised and frightened, Denison quickly regretted going to him.

“Arg! Arg! Calm down! Calm down! I can explain! I had nothing to do with her death! I swear!” Denny tried to convince him, terrified by his sudden and violent reaction.

“Did you not?! It was you, wasn't it?! That day, there?! Now I remember! ... I knew! I knew you from somewhere! ... Who are you?! Why has nothing changed in you?!” he asked, lifting Denny even higher, pushing him against the wooden column.

The man was a guy of about 1.80 in height and about 80 kg. So, despite being in his 60s, he was still very strong in relation to Denison's average physique.

Meanwhile, Denny tried to get out of that unforeseen and dangerous situation, trying to convince him that, besides having nothing to do with his daughter's death, he wanted to "help" her ...

“I can't explain it to you right now, but I really was there that day! But I didn't hurt her. I didn't do anything to your daughter!” Denny confessed, very surprised by the reaction of that angry man.

“And why were you seen chasing her, huh?!

“No! ... Argh! It wasn't me! ...” Denny said with difficulty, feeling the rough callus hand on his neck. You have to believe me!”

“And why should I believe you?! My daughter died because of you!” He screamed.

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