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'The Truth sometimes hurts. But it's just a club. ” Paradoxes, a complex and thought-provoking topic that always arouses our curiosity and promises to knot our brains ... Previously, shortly after being able to figure out how to activate the time-jumping mechanisms on the mysterious device, Denny was faced with a technical-logistical obstacle. Obstacle that prevented him from having more time on 11/26/99 to approach and warn Emmanuelle of the danger that it was around that date. Before that, he ended up clarifying two mysteries that crossed his path during the 1st “trip” to the Polyvalent school.h The, after meeting a scientist on the internet and having contact with a divergent theory, Denison had a brilliant idea to improve the performance of his Temporal Displacement System. And in the desperate attempt to obtain help from Minhoca to carry out this procedure, he had to take an abrupt initiative ... Continue to follow the series “The 1999 Paradox ” and find out in: “The Terminator Paradox." KSZ OLIVER

Thriller/Mystery For over 18 only. © Copyright © 2021 K.S.Z Oliver All Rights Reserved

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They were next to a recess in the wall, a gap that gave access to an empty room. Denny suspended her, making her wrap her legs behind his waist.

“Yeah! Ahhh! ...” she reacted by biting his lips and looked at him provocatively. The young man, moved by the lust, took her another hidden place, holding and palpating her buttocks.

Leaning her against the wall, he kissed her hard, making her remove the uncomfortable shoes, letting them fall. As soon as she came down and stood up again, he pulled her white right thigh up and pushed it aside, opening it a little, leaving it almost totally exposed due to the split dress. While kissing with lust, he pressed his body against hers too ...

“Smack! Ahhh! Ah! I know you want me too! I feel your ‘dick’ throbbing in my hand!”

His heart pounded and her breath hitched as she caressed the girl's swollen intimate part.

“Feel it, feel my pussy all wet! ...” she spoke almost whispering, while alternating in sucking his lips and kissing his face, looking very excited, wanting to involve him in her seduction. “I know you love it when my pussy is wet, like this! ...”

“Hmmm!... Ah! Come come! Fuck me, Denny!” she asked desperately, feeling Denny's fingers caressing the inside walls of her vagina, causing waves of pleasure.

“You want me to fuck you here, do you?! ...” Denny said almost in a trance of desire in her ear, when he saw her begging him to penetrate her.

“I want. I want to ... Fuck me like that only you know!” She confessed holding his penis inside his pants. “I want to feel your hot cock inside me again! I want to feel you sucking me again!” declared the very beautiful and desirable girl also in his ear, almost leading him to delirium, by making him imagine himself between her legs once again, ‘feeling the bittersweet smell and taste of that beautiful and fleshy pink pussy in her mouth ...’

Extremely excited, Denison found himself almost hopelessly trapped in the clutches of the one he thought he no longer loved — and for whom he even said he felt sorry ...

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