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Viana is a newly converted vampire who still has trouble controlling her biting and blood drinking impulses. The major problem doesn't seem to be the thirst itself, but her girlfriend, Bo, who always manages to come back home wounded and dripping blood. Bo doesn't have a problem with Viana drinking from her, and does her best to tease her, until Viana cannot hold it anymore. This story is an AU for the book 'Las Alas del Reino I: Cuervo de Cuarzo' (available in Spanish only) but can be read as a stand alone short story.

LGBT+ For over 18 only.

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Drops and Wounds

Viana was lying awake in her bed waiting for Bo. Her windows and heavy curtains were wide open, letting in the sound of the falling water from the Star fountain; the only thing that would calm her when she felt uneasy and shaky. In all the years she had been alive, she had never known unrest like this. It’s not that she didn’t trust Bo, or that she thought that she was uncapable of taking care of herself; she knew perfectly well that her girlfriend was a lot tougher than she looked and that she was well armed with knives concealed almost everywhere in between her clothes. But she couldn’t help but wonder… mortals were so dainty and fragile, and she couldn’t shake the image of Bo being attacked by something she couldn’t handle and never making it back.

She sighed. She had to stop doing this to herself every night.

The door opened with the most imperceptible of creaks. Bo was silent as a snake, but Viana had a hearing sense that only the undead can possess. Besides, she had smelled her a couple minutes ago; she did not have to look to know Bo was hurt. And bleeding.

“Bo! What happened to you??” her wound was visible in the dark. The blood dripping from her ribcage glowing like a still lake under the night sky.

“Got into some trouble” she said, trying to form a smile “Mind helping me to the bed?”

Viana helped her immediately, mad at herself for not doing it as soon as she saw her enter the room. She had gotten lost in the smell and the sound of a pained throbbing heart that filled the room wall to wall.

Focus, Viana. She told herself. She’s hurt.

Bo leaned heavily on her, breathing in and out with a pained sound. She was as light as a feather, and smaller than her, but Viana felt like she wasn’t going to be able to get her to bed; the blood from Bo’s side was dripping into her night gown, touching her skin. She could feel her fangs sharpening, her mouth watering. Focus, for the Star’s sake. Viana lay her down on the white duvet and Bo let out a small cry, she pretended she didn’t hear it because she knew Bo hated to feel weak, and also because she was starting to feel dizzy.

“How the hell did you get this?” she said, taking the shredded shirt out of the wound. It seemingly came from a claw, as the flesh tore open in an ugly manner, leaving the open skin behind “Are you trying to get yourself killed?”

“Not since I met you” Bo joked, and Viana had to suppress a smile. What a dork.

“Well, be more careful then, this is ugly” Viana said, trying to remove the last pieces of cloth. She couldn’t take her eyes of her fingertips, stained with the blood that was also spreading over the embroidery in the duvet.

“Just taste it” Bo said, sitting down. Viana always found herself taken aback by how easily her girlfriend seemed to overcome pain, for a human, at least. “You’re getting your wild eyes”

“I am not” she said, but she knew she was. Her fangs were already pricking her lower lip.

“Yes you are, also I’ve said it before. I’m fine with you drinking from me once in a while” Bo continued “You don’t even have to bite me, I get wounded all the time”

“Not funny”

“Give me some credit, I’m losing a lot of blood”

“I know” She knew. She so knew. “I just don’t think it’s right”

Bo sighed. They had had this conversation multiple times and Bo still didn’t understand why Viana just didn’t drink her blood if she wanted it so bad. She knew she wasn’t going to be turned, Viana wasn’t old enough for that yet, and she didn’t mind getting bitten. It even sounded kind of exciting and even… even kind of hot, if she could let herself be honest. There was something about being in pain that Bo enjoyed, and those times when Viana let her slide her fingertips over her fangs were terrifying in the best kind of way. She wanted her to have some of that thrill, too. With some difficulty, she touched her wound with her fingertip, getting it soaked in blood. She had lost quite a lot, and she felt kind of faint, but she was also excited, and Viana was weakening, so she couldn’t let this opportunity pass.

“Say ‘ah’” she commanded. Viana was normally the one who told her what to do, but she obeyed, and Bo saw that her fangs were completely out, shiny and pointy in the dark of the room.

Bo could feel her own heart rate racing, and wondered how loud it felt to Viana, who was shaking lightly next to her in bed. She traced the outline of her teeth with her wet finger, her adrenaline levels rising to the top, and then wiped it out in her pink, pointy tongue. Viana shivered at the taste.

“Do it” Bo whispered, and Viana obliged.

The last thing Bo saw before the bite were her girlfriend’s eyes widening. And then there was pain.

Viana had bitten her wound. Bo could feel her fangs digging into her tore flesh, her girlfriend’s nails over her stomach and neck, holding her in place so she wouldn’t run. Her spine crackled when she flinched, and Viana automatically let her go, looking wild and scared, with blood smudged over her lipstick and blush.

“Fuck, that hurt” Bo said, pale as the moon.

“Oh, Stars. I’m so sorry! I know I should never- I’m so sorry, are you hurt?” she panicked “Of course you’re hurt, Stars, Bo, what have I done?”

“Calm down” Bo asked her, lying back down, over the stain of blood that already covered a third of the duvet “I said it hurt but it I’m fine, though I think we really need to bandage it now”

“Ok, sure, sure” Viana sill look kind of far away, her pupils still huge over the amber of her eyes, and her skin, goosebumps all over her.

Bo took the remains of her shirt off. Another one ruined and counting, although she had only herself to blame for that. Viana turn on a light for her sake, and she could see that the wound was ugly and wide, but also wiped of any remain of blood that was there before; her girlfriend had suck the area dry. She wasn’t fainthearted, and she blamed the lost blood for her dizziness, but the truth it that seeing her side open like that had made an impression on her.

“Are you going to tell me what happened to you?” Viana asked her while cutting the bandage “You need to take off your bra”

“You just can’t get enough, can you?” Bo asked with a smirk. Viana blushed against her will, was she always going to make her embarrassed to see her naked? They’ve been through it a thousand times.

“Never get tired of joking, do you?”

“I just don’t wanna die without seeing a smile on your face first”

“You’re not going to die, Bo” Viana said. She’s not going to die. She has lost as much blood before. You didn’t take that much.

“I don’t know what happened” Bo said at last “I was coming back already and something came out of the dark, we fought some, I kicked it, it scraped, then I got this”

“You didn’t hear it?” Viana asked, surprised. Bo was well trained, and it was odd for her to be taken off guard.

“No. I don’t know what it was but it was as silent as Eli”

“Don’t be mean” she laughed “Elián talks”

“Oh yeah, sure, he says like eight words per day”

“Let’s take this out” Viana said, unclasping Bo’s bra. “Hey, you have some scratches”

“You’re staring”

“You always stare” Viana accused her.

“Well, yeah, because you’re dead sexy”

Viana giggled, her expression calmer now than it had been a while ago. Bo was also sexy, especially when she was hurt. Viana didn’t want to admit it but she had became addicted to the scent of Bo mixed with her blood. It was all she could think about when her girlfriend was a away; cider, dirt, strawberry jam and recently poured blood. Something like that could never go unnoticed, as it was the most delicious thing she had ever smelled. Besides, she loved to look at her all roughed up. Bo wasn’t Bo without her scratches, bruises, and scars, it wasn’t her without the smell of sweat from training and the blood from the inevitable fight or accident.

“You’re alive sexy” was all she could think to say, but Bo didn’t mock her as she would usually do.

“Are you done with the bandages?” she asked instead.

“Yeah…” Viana said but couldn’t take her hands off her side.

“Then come here”

Bo grabbed her by her night gown and placed her gently over her chest. Viana leaned on the opposite side of the wound, wanting what Bo was offering but not wanting her to be in more pain than she already was. She started kissing her neck softly, letting her fangs scrape the skin over her collarbones, sucking the skin in her breasts slowly, careful of not losing control, not letting herself go.

“Do it”

“Bo, stop it. I’m not as strong as you think”

Bo sat straighter to kiss her, letting her hand go under the gown where she knew her girlfriend would be naked. She worked up her way to the breasts, and started playing with her hard button nipples, circling them with her index finger and thumb, while she breathed in Viana’s sweet flavor.

“I know” she said and did something that Viana wasn’t expecting and therefore didn’t know she needed.

Bo’s lips were dripping fat drops of blood where she had bitten herself, and under the dim light of the lamp, Viana found herself hypnotized by how the red syrup went down over her chin and to her collarbones.

“You’re crazy” Viana said, and started kissing her back, not refraining this time, letting her fangs out completely run over Bo’s tattered lips “You’re so wrong in the head” she managed between breaths.

“Best thing about me, they say” Bo laughed, but didn’t say more for she was busy having her lips sucked up, sending shivers across her girlfriend’s back every time she synced a gulp of her blood with the twisting of a nipple.

When her lips started hurting too much, Bo led Viana’s mouth down to her chin and then her chest, where blood had stained her from the rough kisses they had shared some moments before. Viana’s sharp tongue went up and down and across her skin, while Bo wet her fingers again and drew circles of blood over her own nipples.

The last thing she saw before Viana clapped the lights off were her girlfriend’s eyes widening once again.

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The End

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