shianne moore

A 14 year old gets caught writing on her paper about being a lesbian and then people begain to bully her. She has a crush on someone but she tries to hide it from everyone.

LGBT+ All public.

#lesbian #pain #abuse #love
In progress - New chapter Every week
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Chapter 1

I got up as I did everyday and I walk to the mirror, I examined the bruises from yesterday and then walked to the bathroom. I slowly turned on the shower and prepared my self for the burning as I step into what feels like fire. The hot water hit every bruise and cut enough for it to burn, I wash my hair and body so I can hurry and get out of the water. I turn the water off and step out of the shower one foot at a time and wrap up in a towel. As I walk into my room I feel the carpet under my feet and I continue to walk to my closet. I begin to get dressed my mine flashed back to what happened yesterday and I felt a tear slowly escape my left eye. I quickly wipe it away as I see my bedroom door start to open, I turn to see its my grandmother coming to make sure im up for school.

After a few more minutes I was ready so I went downstairs to eat my breakfast. As I took a bite my grandmother questioned “ Are you okay?”

I looked at her strangely and asked “why wouldn’t I be”

“ I don’t know you just look upset” She said concerned

“ nah I’m fine” I smiled

“ Okay sweetie have fun at school” she laughed

“ I will have fun at work” I said then blew her kisses

She blew kisses back and then walked out to get in her car and go to work. I got up and put my plate in the sink and went upstairs to grab my stuff for school. I heard the bus so I ran downstairs and out the door making sure to lock it behind me. I got on the bus being sure not to make eye contact with the kids from yesterday. I suppose I should tell you what happened that was so bad that I did not want to make eye contact with them. Yesterday some people found out I was lesbian and they beat me up until I admitted it. It was four girls Kayla, Marylin, Katie, and Asia they are all bestfriends and the reason they beat me up is because they thought I had a crush on them.

I had a very weak and nice heart, When anyone wanted something I did my best to get it for them. Then when they broke my heart I cried for days and even after they did I still went back to them. I had a bad past and I don’t want no one to feel they way I feel I mean at times I don’t even want to get out of bed. As the bus comes to a stop Katie sat next to me.

“ Hi” I said

“ Hey lesbo why are you so fat” she laughed

I got up and walked to the front and told the bus driver and she asked me if I was okay I smiled and said “ ill be fine thanks for asking”

I sat behind the bus driver and a few moments later we were at the school. I walked off of the bus and walked to my first class and sat down. It was really early but I did not care I wanted to get this day over with.

We did not really do anything the rest of the day so they let us go home early. Once I got home I turned on the tv and began watching once upon a time. I cried as Reginas mom crushed daniels heart and I felt so bad for Regina. I related to Regina on certain levels about her mom I mean mine did not want me so think we had something somewhat similar. My mom always abused me and hated me so my life has been full of bruises and pain.

By the time I got done watching once upon a time it was eight forty seven so I was going to go ahead and lay down for bed.

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To be continued... New chapter Every week.

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