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My beloved husband Dave has a unknown miniaturization disease to reduce into a tiny doll-size then been beaming by my CGI animated old pal scientist Drakken's late project superpower radioactive Ray given to him get his own superpower abilities on second adventure edition episodes

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Super Tiny Doll-size Steel Man Part Two

Previously on eighth episode pilot at my old pal Drakken's house of Burtonwood Dr. "Drakken! It's our neighbor Ms. Dionne here." His CGI animated beloved wife Shego calls her CGI animated beloved scientist husband Drakken. "Hello Dionne, you seems frown and tell me what's wrong?" He mannered. "You are so idiot to beaming my poor tiny doll-size beloved husband Dave turns into a super tiny doll-size steel man like his favorite comic book of Captain Ranger Man," Drakken! I irrational exuberance cue expressed to him. "Calm down. I think my new project superpower radioactive Ray is malfunctioning to zap your tiny doll-size husband Mr. Seville that's why it's a little accidentally." "Oh, man! Would you reverse my tiny doll-size husband Dave back to a ordinary normal?" His CGI animated remake mute best friend still standing on the doorsteps near my CGI animated old pal Drakken. "I am not sure it's not have a ordinary normal button on my project superpower radioactive Ray that I can't reverse your tiny doll-size husband Mr. Seville now," Dionne. "Oh. I have to go back to my house now. Bye," Shego. "Bye, Ms. Dionne! I told you not create your invention is dangerous," Drakken!? She is furious at her CGI animated beloved husband scientist Drakken. "I know," Shego. He nervously smiles at his CGI animated beloved newlyweds wife Shego seems disappointed with him.

Act one scene returns back in my master bedroom at 108 Burtonwood Dr. "Ha! I'm flying now," Dionne. My CGI animated tiny doll-size husband Dave Seville is flying around here while his CGI animated normal-size beloved African American mute wife sat down on her white chair recently. "I told you not fly in our house," Dave. "Okay. I understand you are upsets at your old pal Drakken seems goofy to mistake beaming at me by his superpower radioactive Ray today." His high-pitch cue voiced. "I am having a nightmare of you are turning into my superhero tiny doll-size steel husband!?" "Maybe you will make a miniaturization superhero costume with a light blue cape and white and red D letter on it." He is on my white nightstand next to me whenever I still sitting on my white chair. "All right. I have a rule for you no superpower in our house," Dave? "Definitely! I promise you that I not use my superpower abilities that I wear some eyeglasses hide my secret identity from someone who find out I was your tiny doll-size super steel husband," Dionne.

Act two scene the next day morning in his doll house on my white nightstand... "Yawning! Oh? She left a miniaturization superhero costume with a light blue cape, black bootstraps, and white and red D letter on it. Sighs. First thing I take a bath in the warm water of bowl then shave my chin finally dress my them on with my light blue shirt and black denim jeans." My CGI animated tiny doll-size husband Dave woke up and noticed that.

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oliver davis oliver davis
Kudos to the writer of this book. You did an amazing job. Why don't you try to publish your book in N o v e l S t a r? A lot of readers will love your work, judging from the book I just read.
May 04, 2021, 19:54

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