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Cynthia is a smart and beautiful girl who lives in Australia. But one day, in the middle of nowhere, her parents decide for her to not live in the same house anymore. They rented her a small apartment in the middle of Canada. Cynthia is curious about why she has to move in a whole other continent and why so fast...

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The Beginning

Sitting quietly on a chair is my big sister Sophie - sweet-faced as an angel, but don't get fooled. She is more bitter than anything else in the world.

I walk without saying hello and pray she doesn't see me. But she does, and I don't think I'm lucky enough to just get a quick hello today. ''Why are you in the library?'' She asks, suspicious. I don't know what to say. ''I wanted to find a good book to read and I decided this was the best place to find a um.. book'', I lie quickly. Too quick. ''I thought you said you don't read. The last time I remember seeing you touch a book is when you were forced to read a sentence. In kindergarten.'' She points out. And she is not lying. So I end up walking away without checking my best friend Avery's computer data.

She always uses the library computers because she doesn't have a computer. Anyways, the reason I want to see her data is, that she is making an entry for Homecoming River High Queen. Our rules are really different with other high schools. Like, calling it homecoming. It's a kind of prom, let's say. But the competition is huge, so I wanna see what she put in her profile pic. I know it's not a big deal, but I am always curious. Like Daddy says, ''too'' curious

I dial her number and she picks up on the fourth ring. ''What is this supposed to be about?'' she asks me with an edge in her voice. ''Well, you know, I just wanted tell you good luck with everything.'' ''Thanks. This means a lot'' She says kinda sarcastically and hungs up.

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