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Chapter 1

Minho POV:

¨Minho! Where are you? Huh you worthless piece of crap!?¨ My mother´s drunk voice came from downstairs. I was really hoping I would be able to escape I guess not. My bedroom door was banged on twice. ¨Open this door you little twerp!¨ Shakily extending my hands I open the door. A slap lands then another. A punch to the stomach and a hit on the head. Then it all goes black. The next morning I awake on the floor of my bedroom door, with alot more bruises than when I went to sleep. I wince as I get up from the floor. I grab a towel and limp to the shower. After I'm done I check the mirror. Bruises decorate my left cheek. My lip is swollen and I have a scratch going from my lip to my right ear. There are bruises on my torso and my leg. Tears escaped my eyes, my body was so fat and ugly. I opened the vanity and pulled out a box of razor blades. Rolling up my sleeves I made cut after cut. Why did I have to look like this? Grabbing my concealer I cover all the marks on my face. Layers later the marks are no longer visible. Sighing I change into oversized clothes they hide my body and I'm thankful for that. I pull on my sneakers and grab my phone. My mothers passed out on the couch. Just a few more months and Iĺl be able to move out. The job I work pays enough and as long as my mother doesn't find out about it I should be fine. As I walk to school I put on my headphones; The song Spring Day by BTS starts to play. If only I wasn't ugly maybe people would like me. As I walk into school two people wrap their arms around me. Hyunjin and Felix are the only people on this earth who for some reason like someone like me. ¨Hi Minho hyung!¨ Felix giggles. His Aussie accent comes through in his Korean. Hyunjin doesńt say a word. He usually talks the most. His cheeks are red and he's playing with his fingers. I raise my eyebrows at Felix who just shrugs. I look at Hyunjin. ¨Hey Hyunjin what happened to you? Where's the talkative llama?¨ He looks up at us and mumbles something. ¨What?¨ Felix questions. Hyunjin turns a deeper shade of red. ¨Stupid Chan Hyung said I look cute today. Then he laughed and walked away. The audacity of some people I swear just because he´s cute he thinks he can tease¨ Hyunjin looked up at us. Felix smirks. I knew who Chan was. He´s part of Han Jisung´s group, the boy I dread the most. He bullied me non stop. But I don´t have the heart to tell Hyunjin or Felix I know they´ve liked Chan and Changbin from his group. I don´t want them to forget about their long time crushes just because of a few words and punches. The bell rings and I wave to them. Mrs. Choi begins her lecture, she drones on about the Korean war and I zone out. ¨Lee Minho! You may be one of the top students but that does not mean you can daydream during my class.¨ My face turns hot. I nod and look down. For the rest of the class I mostly pay attention. Its fifth period, the last period before lunch, the period I love and the one I hate. I love it because it's right before lunch and I can be free after it. I hate it because everyone in Han Jisung´s group is in my class. I take my seat in the third row of class and look out the window. I wander through my past memories when we were a happy family, before my dad left. I continue to look out the window. Until I hear the loud voice of Mrs. Park. ¨Lee Minho! Since you think the window is more interesting than my class. You can think about my lesson in detention!¨ My eyes go wide. I can't go to detention. If my mother finds out I´ll be in so much trouble. But nonetheless I nod. I barely ever speak in class and I don´t wanna cause a scene. I hear snickers from the back of class where Han Jisung sits with his group of friends. Finally the class ends, hurriedly gathering my things I walk out of the classroom. But not before being bumped into by Jisung. Causing me to stumble forward. But I quickly collect myself and walk to my locker. When I close my locker door, the person I dread is standing there. Han Jisung. ¨Hey twerp did you miss me?¨ His tone makes me flinch. He chuckles and grabs my wrist. I wince the grip making the cuts from earlier hurt. The halls are empty and I never go to lunch with my friends. I rather spend my time in either the music room or the small dance studio our school has. So my friends don´t come looking for me, when I don´t come to lunch. Jisung drags me through the halls and to the roof. Where Changbin and Chan are waiting. He throws me to the floor and I land on bruises. I wince as Jisung bends down and grips my chin. I silently pray none of the concealer rubs off on his fingers. Something flashes in Jisungs´ eyes when I wince I can´t tell what it is though. It's gone as quickly as it comes. He looks my face over again. Before letting go and walking away with Chan and Changbin. I´m left in confusion. Usually he would curse and slap me. But he didn't. I´m not complaining though. There´s still a few minutes before this period ends so I walk to the dance studio. I change my clothes into a long sleeve oversized shirt and sweatpants. I start the song The Truth Untold by BTS and start to dance to it. The song describes my life. I dance it in freestyle, I feel eyes on me but I brush it off. Dance takes me to another world. The bell rings too soon and the euphoric feeling ends. I still feel eyes on me but I'm sure it's just my imagination

Jisung´s POV:

I don´t know why. But when he winced as I held his face I couldn't bring myself to beat him up today. I´m probably just tired, though. Yeah that's probably it. I see him walk down the hall. ¨Hey Jisung lets go.¨ Changbin says. I shake my head, ¨Go on without me. I´m gonna do something first.¨ He nods and gestures to Chan. They walk away and I'm left alone. Something compels me to walk after Minho. So I walk a few feet behind him so he can´t tell I'm there. Wow I sound like a professional stalker. He turns into the small dance studio our school has. Luckily it has a one way mirror so I can see him but all he´ll see is his reflection. Music starts to play, he moves his body to the beat. The dance holds so much sadness and pain. The song ends just as the bell rings and he walks into the locker room. I cock my head who was the dance about? Brushing it off I walk away. I take my time walking up the stairs. I have math next and I don´t really care for it. The bell rings and I'm late. I walk through the door to be greeted by an angry Mr. Kang. ¨Han Jisung finally decided to show up? You´re always late to my class. You can make up for the time lost during detention today. I roll my eyes and sit down. The class soon passes and so does the next. I meet up with Chan and Changbin in the hallway. ¨Lets go¨ Chan says. But I only shake my head. ¨I got detention with Mr. Kang might as well go otherwise my parents will get called and you know how my mom is.¨ Changbin snickers. ¨Yeah okay c´mon Chan lets go.¨ I watch there retreating backs and walk to the detention room. When I get there an already anxious Minho is sitting there. His leg bounces up and down and his eyes keep going back to the clock. Weirdo. The teacher looks at me. ¨Finally decided to show up Han?¨ My teacher asks. ¨Well I thought why not grace you with my honorable presence?¨ I smirk. The teacher glares at me before pointing to a seat, I sit down and take out my phone. I scroll through it, but Minho keeps shaking his leg and it irritates me. I move towards him and he flinches. ¨Stop moving your leg or I´ll make you stop.¨ I growl he nods and looks away. The moment the clock hits three o´clock he dashes out of the room. Weirdo I think again and start my walk home.

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